#instantbird log on 08 01 2010

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10:09:15 <not_tymerkaev> Morian: kick thebot
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10:21:06 <skeledrew> where'd so many bots come from? did instantbot multiply?
10:41:39 <tymerkaev> stupid bot
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12:46:34 <skeledrew> aren't bots supposed to be seen and not heard till needed? i consider this channel spamming
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13:54:36 <Mic> Exactly the thing I wanted to know..
13:57:05 <tymerkaev> kick bots
14:28:11 <Mic> Even, Morian: can you do something about these bots? It doesn't look like information that is really needed here?
14:29:33 <tymerkaev> stop it
14:30:40 <tymerkaev> instantbot: stop it
14:30:41 * instantbot I can't stop it, sorry.
14:39:09 <tymerkaev> thebot: Shut up
14:39:11 <thebot> tymerkaev: I wasn't talking to you.
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16:23:27 <skeledrew> hmm. how would platform dependent addons (eg. firetray, MinTrayR) be resolved in a single shared profile in a multi-platform environment?
16:29:58 <skeledrew> Mic: loving the protocol/status icon combo :)
16:32:08 <Mic> skeledrew: thanks :)
16:32:27 <Mic> I think they won't btw, using profiles cross-platform was always an issue
16:32:40 <skeledrew> np. looking to the next update :)
16:32:43 <Mic> I think they even have absolute path names in some config files
16:32:52 <skeledrew> k
16:34:10 <skeledrew> there'd have to be a way to enable/disable addons based on the platform
16:39:01 <skeledrew> goonna need an addon to block messages based on sender if this keeps up...
16:39:33 <Mic> clokep, clokep_work: maybe you should change the Vertical Tabs screenshot against one taken on a widescreen
16:40:48 <Mic> This one for exmaple only shows that there is pretty little space left for actual conversations: https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/images/p/791/1280199483 ;)
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17:21:33 <vegar> Hi guys. Any ideas why the scandinavian letters, æ, ø and å don't display?
17:22:25 <vegar> I don't know if they display correctly for you, but when people type them to me, all I see is ?, ? and ?
17:33:06 <Mic> vegar: hello
17:33:25 <Mic> I nearly missed your message between all this bot-spam
17:33:36 <vegar> hehe
17:33:39 <vegar> no sweat
17:33:57 <Mic> You have a problem with æ, ø and å?
17:34:10 <vegar> jeah
17:34:14 <vegar> well, not here
17:34:24 <vegar> but in my EFnet-connection
17:34:25 <Mic> hehe, that's what I wanted to know ;)
17:34:34 <vegar> right
17:34:38 <vegar> any clues? :)
17:34:55 <vegar> I just tried to switch to "auto-detect incoming UTF-8"
17:35:00 <vegar> should that help?
17:35:00 <Mic> There are also problem with the german umlauts ä,ö and ü ... (do you see them?) with some clients
17:35:10 <vegar> no problem seeing them either
17:35:23 <Mic> Maybe it is a problem with the other clients sending a wrong encoding
17:35:24 <vegar> at least not here
17:35:28 <vegar> hm probably
17:35:33 <vegar> it works fine in mIRC
17:35:47 <vegar> should I set another encoding?
17:35:54 <vegar> like ANSI or sumth'n .. ?
17:36:36 <vegar> and also, if I change that property, do I need to reconnect IRC?
17:37:02 <Mic> I'm not sure if you can set another encoding
17:39:21 <Mic> skeledrew: having the protocol icon + a 16x16 px "new message" icon overlayed is quite fancy too (if the user has no buddy icon set) for notification on new messages :)
17:39:47 <Mic> vegar: let me see if we have something on this in our bugtracking system
17:40:15 <Morian> thebot: status
17:40:17 <thebot> Morian: I've been up 100 days.
17:40:19 <thebot> Morian: I have 108652 factoids in my database and 3 bot friends to help me answer questions. Since the last reload, I've been asked 2 questions, performed 85 edits, and spoken with other bots 0 times.
17:40:20 <vegar> :)
17:40:24 <Morian> O_o
17:40:30 <Morian> is this my bot ?
17:40:35 <Morian> I don't think so ...
17:41:14 <Morian> this is not my bot
17:41:38 <Morian> we already have one.
17:41:41 <Mic> Take care of firebot and sumobot as well while you're at it?
17:41:43 <skeledrew> Mic: yeah. pretty sweet :)
17:42:27 <skeledrew> where'd these bots come from anyway?
17:42:53 <skeledrew> flo goes for a week and bots start to take over...
17:43:54 <skeledrew> hmm. :D
17:44:01 <skeledrew> thebot: go away
17:44:21 <skeledrew> ?
17:44:43 <skeledrew> thebot: owner
17:44:55 <skeledrew> ...
17:45:03 <skeledrew> guess i'm not good at this
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17:48:42 <Mic> hmm, too late
17:48:58 <Mic> well: "we don't have a bug on this yet"
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17:49:22 <Mic> vegar: we don't have a bug on this yet
17:49:29 <vegar> okey
17:49:33 <vegar> any ideas then?
17:49:35 <Mic> Do you know how to file a bug on Bugzilla?
17:49:39 <vegar> nix
17:50:18 <Mic> that is 'no'? ;)
17:50:29 <vegar> hehe, yeah thats a "no"
17:50:42 <vegar> but anyway.I can always figure that ouy
17:50:44 <vegar> out*
17:50:58 <vegar> but you don't see any instant solution to it? :)
17:51:06 <vegar> or at least something I can try..
17:51:17 <Mic> where is it happening again?
17:51:27 <vegar> on EFnet
17:51:30 <Mic> ah, EFnet
17:51:41 <vegar> hehe, does that mean anything?
17:52:37 <Mic> no, I only found it myself by scrolling up
17:53:38 <vegar> aha
17:54:07 <vegar> anyway... you want me to put the report https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi here?
17:54:37 <Mic> no
17:54:54 <Mic> Out bugtracker is at http://bugzilla.instantbird.org/
17:55:32 <vegar> ah okey
17:56:15 <Mic> Sorry, I see no immeadiate fix for this
17:56:43 <vegar> roger that
18:02:51 <Mic> Morian: can you kick the bot please? It's just oo annoying
18:02:56 <Mic> *too
18:09:25 <Morian> I cant't, this is NOT mine
18:09:37 <-- Morian has kicked thebot from #instantbird
18:09:46 <Morian> ok sorry I was op ..
18:09:49 <Mic> That's how it's done!
18:09:54 <Mic> ;)
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19:08:28 <vegar1> mic
19:08:32 <vegar1> I got it solved :)
19:08:39 <vegar1> a friend asked me to try iso-8859-1
19:08:43 <Mic> Nice, what did you do?
19:08:44 <vegar1> and it did it :)
19:08:57 <vegar1> try it with german ä ö etc as well
19:08:57 <Mic> Yes, that's default for IRC in most cases
19:09:02 <vegar1> ah okey
19:09:16 <Mic> How did you change it?
19:10:25 <vegar1> Tools-> accounts -> [my irc account] -> options
19:10:39 <vegar1> just paste that "code" into character set
19:10:43 <Mic> ah, you can set it on accounts specifically ..
19:10:49 <vegar1> mhm
19:11:06 <Mic> I didn't know that .. I rarely look there. I'll keep it in mind for next time
19:11:24 <vegar1> okey
19:11:34 <vegar1> try browsing some other encoding sets as well
19:11:43 <vegar1> i think that one is for norwegian escpecially
19:12:45 <Mic> It says encoding_s_ on the label
19:13:09 <Mic> Maybe it's possible to put a (comma-separated?) list there
19:13:28 <vegar1> yeah perhaps
19:13:33 <vegar1> but thats a far shot
19:13:37 <vegar1> i thought about it myself
19:14:13 <vegar1> as for autojoin, you put a comma after a space: "#channel1 , #channel2"
19:14:22 <vegar1> that might work as well for encodings
19:14:24 <vegar1> idunno
19:27:50 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3adw9oLBkBI
19:27:59 <DGMurdockIII> check that out
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22:02:35 <Mic> Fancy idea: https://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Conversationflow.png
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