#instantbird log on 07 05 2010

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00:28:33 <clokep_bbq> FishFace: Instantbird doesn't send any outgoing HTML AFAIK so the user shouldn't be getting anything of the sort.
00:29:12 <FishFace> Yeah. So I heard. I got 2 people telling me this now. And the only plugin I have is Instant Tray minimizer
00:30:03 <FishFace> I swicthed over to Pidgin and they told me I am all good
00:30:07 <FishFace> So, I dunno
00:33:33 <clokep_bbq> FishFace: What version of Ib are you using? What clients are the other people using? Both are w/ AIM? I'd include all that in a bug report on bugzilla. :)
00:34:20 <FishFace> version 0.2b2 (20100317194948)
00:34:44 <FishFace> libpurple 2.6.6
00:34:48 <clokep_bbq> Were both your buddies using the official client or something else?
00:35:06 <FishFace> Regular old AOL software
00:35:30 <FishFace> And that is fact because they don't know how to install programs :)
00:35:32 <FishFace> lol
00:35:37 <clokep_bbq> Interesting. I'm out of ideas.
00:35:40 <clokep_bbq> Hahah, very nice. :)
00:35:44 <FishFace> Well, AOL which isn't much of a chore
00:36:06 <clokep_bbq> Yeah. I haven't had any problems (although most of my buddies I think use Pidgin since I forced them to switch from the standard clients).
00:36:15 <FishFace> Yep
00:36:31 <FishFace> Not easy getting people I know off AOL software. Ayh well.
00:36:33 <clokep_bbq> Might have to wait for flo for this one.
00:36:51 <FishFace> OK. Yeah, I'll keep my eye out. Will be around somewhere. Thanks.
00:41:07 <clokep_bbq> Sounds good. Would sound to me like more of a libpurple bug then a Instantbird one, but who knows.
00:41:12 <clokep_bbq> Anyway I have to go watch fireworks. :)
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05:12:11 <flo> FishFace: have you try unchecking the "Send these fonts and colors as part of my messages when possible" checkbox?
05:12:23 <flo> (in the "Content" tab of the preference window)
05:22:22 <FishFace> flo, ok. Did that. Need to wait for the AOL people to come back on tomorrow. Will let you know.
05:41:25 <flo> this was supposed to be fixed after https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/5b0dae559c72
05:41:33 <flo> and I'm sure I've tested with the official AOL client
05:42:17 <flo> oh, ok. The fix was on March the 31th, and 0.2beta2 was on March the 17th
05:42:55 <flo> so, don't worry, it's fixed for 0.2 final (you can check it with a nightly build if you like :))
05:44:31 <flo> FishFace: this was for you ;)
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07:30:14 <Mic> good morning!
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08:34:38 <flo> hey :)
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08:58:58 <Mic> flo: I don't have time to look deeper into this, so my apologies that I just ask instead
08:59:12 <Mic> How are system messages localized?
08:59:44 <flo> if they come from libpurple, then in the purple/locales/*.properties files
09:00:08 <Mic> Sorry, I hadn't finished asking yet ;)
09:00:51 <Mic> Is there a way for themes to access messages before they are localized (ie get the parts like usernames, what sort of message (join/leave)).. 
09:01:34 <Mic> I think the collapsed system messages might safe space but unfortunately almost all of the information gets lost (the hidden messages)
09:02:26 <flo> no
09:02:32 <flo> maybe the username
09:02:33 <Mic> So it would be better to have some sort of summary, like "Buddy1, Buddy5, Buddy23 joined the channel; Buddy35, Buddy2 left the channel" 
09:02:54 <flo> the problem here is really not the localization, but the fact that the message is printed by libpurple into the conversation.
09:03:12 <flo> in the future we will remove these libpurple messages, and the UI will print the messages based on the events
09:03:48 <Mic> :)
09:04:01 <flo> right, in a channel it may remove some information
09:04:17 <flo> but in a private conversation, you rarely care about status that aren't the latest one
09:04:42 <Mic> With such a summary display you would only lose the exact time on channels
09:05:19 <Mic> and that might be even compensated by displaying something like "9:14 to 9:17: blablabla.."
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09:19:57 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 437 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
09:19:58 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=437 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Allow to summarize events in conversations
09:21:28 <Mic> I really should proofread my postings :S
09:26:46 <flo> and if you have someone who is "dancing", what do you display?
09:29:00 <Mic> Good point :) Maybe consecutive joins and leaves could be cancelled and after that the grouping takes place?
09:30:35 <flo> and repetitive nick changes? :)
09:33:27 <Mic> This request was a knot in the handkerchief, not a fully developped suggestion ;)
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10:24:40 <Mic> btw I didn't see the localization as problem when I asked
10:25:24 <Mic> it was more like the last point where I could think of that "this information is available somewhere"
10:25:46 <Mic> Too bad that it is in libpurple
10:26:27 <flo> some are even at the protocol plugin level, not the libpurple core :-/
10:27:41 <Mic> Lunch time, bbl
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14:11:13 <FishFace> flo, thanks for all of that. I will be checking with the AOL client people.
14:11:29 <flo> no problem :)
14:12:06 <FishFace> FWIW, I tried the .exe from the nightly, Says corrupt or something. Just unzipped to the normal working folder. That is ok to do?
14:12:23 <FishFace> After getting the zip that is :)
14:13:21 <FishFace> Oh..Yeah. I am good. AOL peoples say its fine :)
14:13:43 <flo> :)
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18:34:00 <FishFace> Dont know how I broke it. My tray minimizer has gone South. And the guy who did the plugin apparently has lost interest.
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19:20:02 <Mic> Evening
19:22:57 * flo wonders if it's a good idea to post something new now, given there are only 2 others posts above the once he posted yesterday
19:24:37 <Mic> FishFace: have you tried downloading the most recent version from here? http://tn123.ath.cx/mintrayr
19:24:54 <Mic> The one on AIO (addons.instantbird.org) is not uptodate
19:26:15 <Mic> With version 0.5.2 he made it compatible with Instantbird
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19:28:36 <Mic> flo: maybe safe it for another day
19:30:12 <Mic> Having one quite high up on PMO sounds like good enough advertisement
19:30:45 <Mic> I guess a second one wouldn't make such a big with regard to that
19:30:55 <Mic> *big difference
19:31:44 <flo> yeah, and if we appear to be spamming, people will just stop reading
19:35:47 <Mic> Maybe we should have a glossary somewhere as well
19:36:18 <Mic> I remember I didn't knew quite a while what  "AMO" was supposed to be 
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20:05:53 <Mic> No comments on the latest blog entries
20:06:34 <Mic> I admit the findbar  and zooming are quite useful but maybe not that exciting ;)
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20:15:30 <flo> yes, not realy exciting.
20:15:47 <flo> but as they are not discoverable at all for now, I guess we had to show them at some point at least
20:18:42 <Mic> I was only referring to the overwhelming reactions ;)
20:20:17 <Mic> I tried finding something on bug 433 on the Pidgin bugtracker
20:20:24 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=433 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, XMPP: "Force old (port 2223) SSL" forces SSL
20:21:26 <Mic> I haven't found something yet. Either because I'm not used to it or because Trac really sucks :P
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21:04:10 <flo> good night
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21:35:14 <Mic> nn
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