#instantbird log on 06 14 2010

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09:15:38 <Mic> flo: why only in the completion list? It could be as well added to a certain category on the buddy list itself.
09:15:58 <flo> yeah
09:16:07 <Mic> Dragging/Dropping it to another group would add them there
09:16:25 <Mic> Or maybe clicking a star like for adding bookmarks in Fx or contacts in Tb
09:17:00 <Mic> Thing is how to tell people that the buddies there are "not yet in their list"
09:17:28 <flo> or even better, how to tell them that they don't care if someone is in the list or not :-D
09:18:11 <Mic> I'm not exactly sure what you mean
09:18:57 <Mic> That it doesn't matter at all since Ib  does all the handling for them or that they haven't cared so far and they better should?
09:19:32 <flo> that having someone in the buddy list or not is a technical matter that users shouldn't have to care about
09:19:57 <flo> the buddy list window should be used to display the contacts that you care about, the ones for whom you want to see when the status changes
09:20:26 <flo> and a textbox with a completion like in the address bar is way more efficients for all the people that you want to contact sometimes when you have something to tell them
09:23:04 <Mic> Anyways having a way to initiate a conversation without having to add him to the list would be a good start ;)
09:26:50 <flo> having some handling of buddies and contacts would help a lot :)
09:26:57 * flo looks forward to using 0.3 or 0.4 :-D
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18:21:16 <Mic> evening
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20:16:12 <Amfi> Have you already thought about rewriting time of the message tha was not posted today?
20:17:39 <Amfi> And perhaps adding a date between last message from one day and the first from the next one?
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20:35:40 <flo> what do you mean by "rewriting time of the message tha was not posted today?"?
20:36:14 <flo> I've thought about adding a system message indicating that the day has changed before the first message of the new day
20:37:55 <Amfi> Yesterday, 22:35:41 - flo: what do you mean by "rewriting time of the message tha was not posted today?"?
20:38:28 <flo> ah
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20:38:56 <flo> I don't know
20:38:59 <flo> what's the usecase?
20:39:41 <Amfi> If you leave the IRC for several days on, you get lost which day logs you're currently viewing...
20:39:41 <flo> if you copy/paste a piece of a conversation to put it in an email, it would be more helpful to have a line with the date at the top of the quotation, rather than the date on each line
20:40:33 <Amfi> If the date is on top, then the addition in front of time is not neccessary..
20:40:40 <Amfi> it was just a first thought ;)
20:40:44 <flo> yeah, if it's with the purpose of easing the read of the IRC backlog, adding system messages each time there's a message on a different day is the way to go :)
20:43:00 <Amfi> I misused a word 'log' I guess... I was referring to a window being opened for several days - and in that case a date on top of each day should be enough.
20:44:05 <flo> I've had in my todo list for a very long time "add a line in conversations when 2 consecutive messages are not the same day"
20:44:26 <flo> I guess this should be filed as a bug
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