#instantbird log on 06 01 2010

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00:54:50 <iBool> Welcome back av.
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07:23:16 <Mic> morning
07:25:07 <flo> hi :)
07:41:10 <Mic> Are you aiming for a certain date to release 0.2 by the way?
07:41:27 <Mic> Or is it 'done, when it's done'
07:41:49 <flo> I'd like to know
07:42:09 <flo> We are making very good progress on the new website
07:42:30 <flo> I've no ETA for the server side part of the new update system
07:43:39 <flo> and we need some help/motivation to write the blog posts that will be posted a few days before the final release
07:44:15 <flo> currently I spend my time on the JS protocol stuff for 0.3, so that I don't get to impatient about 0.2 not being released yet
07:44:16 <Mic> Is the latter what this recently added wiki article is about?
07:44:21 <flo> yeah
07:45:12 <flo> heh, it's the first time the "Highlight" add-ons shows me that someone is talking about Instantbird in #pidgin :)
07:54:47 <Mic> Hopefully something postive?
07:55:22 <flo> an invitation to try it ;)
07:55:41 <Mic> On the other hand: the celebrity thing is "as long as you talk about me it's ok. No matter what you say" ;)
07:56:11 <flo> I'm probably not good to play the role of a celebrity then ;)
07:56:45 <flo> My Omegle protocol plugin works pretty well :)
08:18:59 <Mic> :)
08:21:12 <Mic> It's not the first chat I would use but if it's a nice example ;)
08:21:39 <flo> it's a nice first step because there's no buddy list ;)
08:21:55 <flo> yet, it's more than just a "dummy" plugin to test locally only
08:37:51 <Mic> Should protocol plugins bring UI extensions with them?
08:38:21 <flo> I'm not sure
08:38:28 <flo> I have a feeling that it's better if they can avoid it
08:38:29 <Mic> e.g. a Twitter protocol plugin could use a Retweet button on the context menu and such things
08:39:00 <flo> and also a count of the remaining characters for the message
08:39:30 <Mic> If it were a jetpack-like solution?
08:40:15 <Mic> It adds an item to 'the menu' and Instantbird decides were to display it?
08:41:02 <flo> I've not studied how jetpack works yet
08:41:22 <flo> but yeah, making the plugin provide additional possible actions makes sense
08:43:53 <Mic> Basically it's supposed to be an API that allows to do most of the things that are possible by now without making you dependent on the current structure of e.g. the menus
08:44:24 <Mic> So if you add something to the Tools menu and this menu gets removed in the next version of Firefox, you're Add-on has a problem
08:45:00 <Mic> *your
08:46:16 <Mic> If you add it to the jetpack menu, it will work nevertheless, as this menu might just be moved to another place
08:46:21 <Mic> If I got that right ;)
08:46:35 <flo> yeah, that's the theory
08:46:53 <flo> in practice, I suspect the jetpack API will be changed before the Tools menu moves :-P
08:47:11 <Mic> :D
09:03:51 <Mic> Maybe we should copy the value of the channel/room field to the new box if someone changes account on the join chat dialog
09:04:49 <Mic> At least for me it happens that I entered the channel (in most cases) name and notice that I was on the wrong server
09:05:18 <Mic> Changing accounts then empties the field and you've got to start over
09:06:07 <flo> if the protocol is the same, we can probably skip recreating the various fields (and keep the existing content :))
09:07:07 <Mic> I guess that would not work for me ;) 
09:07:17 <flo> ah?
09:07:24 <flo> it's between facebook and google talk? :-P
09:07:31 <Mic> When cycling through the list by keyboard I 'come through' other accounts
09:08:01 <flo> try typing the first letter of the new account :)
09:10:14 <Mic> I'd have to remember it then
09:10:24 <Mic> That's difficult ;)
09:10:49 <flo> maybe redesing completely the "join chat" thing so that we don't need that stupid window anymore? ;)
09:11:12 <Mic> There was a blog posting of one of the Firefox UX guys about searching and discovering (?)
09:11:40 <Mic> And what has advantages in which situation
09:11:47 <Mic> Was interesting to read
09:13:56 <Mic> ah, a command line at the bottom of the buddy list? :P
09:14:12 <Mic> vim style?
09:14:16 <Mic> :j #instantbird@irc.mozilla.org
09:14:32 <flo> very easy to remember :-P
09:15:49 <Mic> bbl
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11:13:34 <tymerkaev> hello
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