#instantbird log on 05 31 2010

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10:03:48 <Mic> instantbot: stay here!
10:03:49 <instantbot> Mic: ok, I will stay here and must not leave!
10:03:57 <Mic> :P
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12:07:00 <Morian> :)
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16:21:34 <Mic> bye
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21:19:16 <iBool> Howdy. Never heard of InstantBird before.
21:19:23 <Mic> hi
21:19:31 <Mic> Welcome to the Instantbird channel
21:20:05 <iBool> How's it going?
21:20:18 <Mic> fine thanks, how are you?
21:20:51 <iBool> I'm good. Just checking out new servers and stumbled onto this one.
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21:24:44 <Amfi> It's not so new, I guess...
21:26:16 <iBool> No, it's just the first time I've wandered off my normal IRCing grounds in a while.
21:26:25 <iBool> I like FF and TB so I figured I'd take a look.
21:28:33 <flo> good night :)
21:29:06 <iBool> G`night.
21:30:28 <Mic> Have you tried Instantbird?
21:32:09 <iBool> I just downloaded it. I couldn't get it to work with the Facebook chat.
21:32:59 <Mic> What did it say?
21:35:51 <iBool> Invalid XMPP ID
21:36:03 <Mic> Ah, ok
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21:36:14 <Mic> You need to use your Facebook "user name"
21:36:27 <Mic> You might have to chose one
21:36:45 <Mic> It's not the email adress that you might use for logging into Facebook
21:37:08 <Mic> http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=16747
21:38:24 <Mic> Here is how to chose one: 
21:38:25 <Mic> http://en-gb.facebook.com/help/?faq=15439
21:39:12 <Mic> You might want to notice that you can only change it _once_, so: choose wisely ;)
21:41:02 <iBool> Oh, That's awesome. Thanks!
21:41:11 <Mic> flo: if we ever have an online help system: the facebook solution's quite nice: you link to a question-id and it choses the appropriate language itself
21:41:17 <Mic> You're welcome
21:41:55 <Mic> Is there anything else not running smoothly yet?
21:42:54 <iBool> No, no. IT worked perfectly.
21:44:31 <iBool> Thanks for the help!
21:46:07 <iBool> I think I'm going to connect via it, now.
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21:46:53 <Mic> "Have fun then"
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21:47:01 <iBool> There we go.
21:47:13 <Mic> Have fun then
21:48:02 <Mic> Did you know that you can extend Instantbird using add-ons similiar to Firefox and Thunderbird?
21:48:28 <Mic> You can find them at http://addons.instantbird.org
21:48:29 <iBool> I was actually gonig to ask about that. I'd like to have it where it acts like Thunderbird. When I close out of it, it minimized to my Icon Tray.
21:48:52 <Mic> I'm not using it, but I think we have that
21:49:14 <iBool> I'll have to look for it.
21:49:49 <Mic> Should be in category "Usability"
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21:56:11 <iBool> Sorry, still getting used to it.
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22:04:27 <iBool> So. That minimize to tray isn't working.
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22:07:21 <Mic> http://tn123.ath.cx/mintrayr/
22:07:35 <Mic> Try version 0.5.4 maybe
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22:08:05 <iBool> Oh, it works on all of them at once?
22:09:36 <Mic> It says so
22:10:23 <Mic> Someone suggest here that this version works (instead of 0.5.2): http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/100224/#m71
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22:17:18 <iBool> Perfect. Thanks. That works.
22:18:44 <Mic> Nice
22:18:59 <Mic> Time to leave for me. It's late here.
22:19:03 <Mic> bye
22:19:34 <iBool> Adios, and have a good night.
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22:28:27 <iBool> Hmm.
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22:32:16 <iBool> Sorry, I keep hopping. Trying out new things.