#instantbird log on 05 24 2010

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16:19:09 <Ruyan> flo: compilation under Windows need any special configuration? because I see classes with XPCOM viewer again.
16:20:38 <flo> I think I need to change the 'highlight' add-on to not only add notifications for special keywords, but also prevent some uninteresting notifications.
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17:45:58 <Mic> A bad combination: small chat log files on a FAT32, 32kB cluster-size harddisk
17:46:14 <Mic> File size: 27.8MB, used diskspace 243MB
17:46:17 <Mic> :s
17:46:24 <flo> Mic: yeah, we need to reduce the number of files created for the logs
17:46:53 <Mic> to like ... one or two? ;)
17:47:02 <flo> not sure.
17:47:11 <flo> may be a bit too sensitive to data corruption
17:48:05 <flo> but I guess zipping together the logs that are more than a month old wouldn't hurt :)
18:27:14 <Mic> I wonder how a good fullscreen chat UI / message style combination might look like
18:29:08 <Mic> Maybe much like a website .. centered layout, content on top, having a text input box at center (and no additional chrome)
18:31:50 <Mic> Long lines are hard to read, so maybe applying the '80-character limit'
18:32:27 <Mic> It would most likely cover only a fraction of the available space which would make it look light
18:48:10 <flo> maybe display the conversations in a coverflow-like way
18:48:40 <flo> the contacts could appear a bit like applications appear in the dock on Mac OS X.
18:48:52 <Mic> I found myself using the fullscreen mode of Firefox quite often recently
18:48:58 <flo> so that you would always have a clickable icons for current conversations, and often used contacts
18:48:59 <Mic> It just pushes out any visual clutter
18:49:23 <flo> do you often use IM without using any other application at the same time?
18:50:38 <Mic> No, but since I'm using keyboard shortcuts anyways, it's not a big deal with changing tasks
18:50:54 <flo> well, it's not only changing tasks
18:51:48 <flo> for example, I very often keep the buddy list visible on a side of the screen, put 1 or 2 conversation windows (depending on the number/size of the screen(s) used at the moment) visible, and add to the mix a 80 columns large text editor.
18:52:13 <flo> I use keyboard shortcuts to change the active application, but I keep the other one visible at the same time (so that it still gets a part of my attention)
18:52:44 <Mic> I'm keeping an eye on conversations and buddies wuite often
18:53:10 <Mic> And too often I notice it is not necessary to have looked since I'd get a notification anyways
18:53:37 <Mic> So I try to use maximized window to minimize the distraction now
18:53:43 <Mic> *windows
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18:56:25 <deOmega> gm, is anyone having   googletalk issues?
18:59:59 <deOmega> seems like  i am not able to see my  friends that are online. and they do not show up in teh foffline  list
19:00:52 <deOmega> I think it is gmail related because i am having the same thing in inside gmail chat widget 
19:02:17 <Mic> So you can't see your buddies in neither Instantbird nor on the web client (?) inside GMail?
19:02:23 <deOmega> never mind, they are showing up in gmail
19:02:33 <deOmega> only ib now
19:03:02 <deOmega> not showing in ib
19:03:13 <deOmega> let me reboot again
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19:03:53 <Mic> If it happened on both before it sounds to me like it's a problem on their side
19:03:57 <Mic> ah :S
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19:05:01 <deOmega> same thing
19:06:22 <deOmega> i may have to reinstall this thing
19:06:47 <Mic> If it happened on both before it sounds to me like it's a problem on their side
19:06:47 <flo> are there any errors in the error console?
19:07:38 <deOmega> yes
19:08:02 <deOmega> ssys unable to open buddy icon
19:08:14 <deOmega> failed to clone getawaymenuitem
19:08:42 <deOmega> that buddy list failure is for gmail address
19:09:17 <deOmega> i can paste them here is you like
19:10:26 <flo> the buddy icon one doesn't matter
19:10:54 <flo> the getawaymenuitem is unrelated, but may be interesting (probably something else is broken).
19:11:15 <flo> if you paste something that is more than 2 or 3 lines long, please use pastebin
19:11:41 <deOmega> i am  posting an image
19:11:47 <deOmega> link to an image
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19:13:59 <deOmega> http://i47.tinypic.com/2istp2s.jpg
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19:14:30 <deOmega> see if any of those mean anything
19:15:17 <flo> deOmega: none of these is related to your problem.
19:15:25 <deOmega> ok, thank you
19:15:33 <flo> the getAwayMenuItem one is related to the minimize to tray add-on
19:15:45 <deOmega> thank you
19:15:48 <flo> others are related to either MSN or IRC
19:16:09 <flo> and the last 4 are related to the view source window (the one you see when clicking on a link of the previous errors)
19:16:28 <deOmega> i will delete teh account  and see what happens
19:18:00 <flo> it's very possible that it's a server issue, as Mic pointed out
19:18:13 <deOmega> I was just reflecting on his comment
19:24:51 <Mic> flo: are you planning to do anything on the shownick addon?
19:25:14 <flo> is there something I should be planning?
19:26:02 <Mic> Not necessarily
19:26:42 <Mic> I think having a different display of messages directed at someone could be useful
19:27:32 <Mic> Instead of just highlighting the nick of the recipient, it could differently style (or group) it with the senders name
19:27:34 <flo> are you making a difference between messages directed at someone and messages mentioning someone?
19:27:39 <Mic> Yes
19:28:24 <flo> I don't know how to display that
19:28:26 <Mic> "Mic: flo: Hi" could be turned into "Mic -> flo: Hi"
19:28:51 <flo> does this mean we should "break" the grouping of the next messages from the next person?
19:29:10 <flo> *same person
19:29:23 <Mic> Hard to tell for following messages
19:30:28 <Mic> (ie if such a message is followed by others of the same sender it is hard to tell)
19:30:32 <deOmega> i guess we should  expect that report today
19:30:46 <deOmega> sorry, wrong window
19:31:08 <Mic> if it is following other messages of the same sender, we might assume that it is targeting someone else than before (trying to get his attention)
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20:01:25 <Mic> Google machine translation performs not good enough to try to use it to automatically translate chat messages
20:01:31 <Mic> Could have been a fun feature
20:01:57 <Mic> Well, it could be _fun_ but not useful :S
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20:05:39 <flo> Mic: It's good enough to give you an idea of what the person is talking about
20:06:09 <flo> the original string should probably be shown as a tooltip when hovering the translation
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20:34:26 <Mic> good night
20:34:35 <flo> good night :)
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21:14:37 <Ruyan> flo: may I ask? what does this means "[xpconnect wrapped (nsISupports, purpleIConversation, purpleIConvIM) @ 0xa269f040 (native @ 0xa268dca0)]"
21:16:48 <flo> Ruyan: It means "a JS object wrapping a native (C++) object implementing the interfaces nsISupports, purpleIConversation and purpleIConvIM
21:17:13 <Ruyan> means I create a conversation?
21:20:40 <Ruyan> Can you explain to me, how can I create a conversation?
21:25:25 <Ruyan> I think I can getBuddyById using pcs, and then call createConversation from purpleBuddy.cpp, It can be?
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