#instantbird log on 05 23 2010

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07:34:52 <Mic> flo: Ruyan is trying to integrate Instantbird into Thunderbird if I'm not mistaken?
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08:42:50 <Mic> Ruyan: no need to discuss that via pm, maybe someone else can get something out of it as well
08:43:22 <Ruyan> I asked, but nothing yet
08:43:28 <Mic> For the general problem: if you're using an unchanged buddy list, then it hopefully is ok to have the right files at the right places
08:43:54 <Mic> On the how-do-I-get-buddies problem:
08:44:14 <Mic> Take code I pastebined yesterday
08:44:29 <Mic> I don't understand the problem you have with "getting the name"
08:44:49 <Mic> It's there already. It says "buddy.name" and that's how you access the name of the buddy
08:45:27 <Ruyan> yes, but buddy.name can be accessed only in function(buddy)
08:45:46 <Ruyan> how can I get them one by one?
08:46:29 <Mic> I've got not much time. I'll do an annotated version of this debug code and you need to figure it out yourself then
08:46:50 <Ruyan> ok
08:49:23 <Mic> You're familiar with "map()" ?
08:50:22 <Ruyan> I worked with them in C++, it's same?
08:51:05 <Mic> It applies a function to each item in an array
08:54:24 <Ruyan> that means put buddy.name into an array?
08:57:10 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/250
08:58:11 <Mic> You need to check what functions return and what properties these objects have
08:58:12 <Mic> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/purplexpcom/public/purpleIBuddy.idl#48
08:58:53 <Mic> Here you see what properties a buddy object has
09:00:29 <Ruyan> can I use pcs.getTags().map((function(aGroup) " " aGroup.getBuddies().map(function(buddy) " " buddy.getAccounts(LOGGED_IN Account))))?
09:07:30 <Mic> Maybe you should have a look how the buddylist is filled in Instantbird
09:07:59 <Mic> Should be in "blist.js" I guess
09:08:04 <Ruyan> I figured out how to write only buddies name
09:08:25 <Ruyan> dumped it to console now
09:09:18 <Ruyan> I see there is a function createConversation(), How can I call it, using pcs.getTags()?
09:18:19 <Mic> The buddylist not only displays the name of the buddy, but the buddy-object is attached there
09:19:09 <Mic> Which allows to call this method if a new conversation needs to be opened
09:20:07 <Mic> That's not answering your question directly I know
09:21:34 <Mic> If you don't keep a list of the buddies, you need to go through all each time to find the one you want
09:22:26 <Ruyan> this pcs.getTags({}).map(formatGroup) keeps all account in map.
09:22:48 <Mic> getTags() returns an array
09:23:58 <Mic> map applies the function formatGroup on each item, I'll show some pseudo code for that before I need to go
09:24:24 <Ruyan> so I can also use 'for' to write them out
09:25:17 <Mic> sure
09:26:20 <Ruyan> or using index? like pcs.getTags({}).map(formatGroup)[0]
09:26:40 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/251
09:26:48 <Mic> That's what map does
09:27:44 <Ruyan> aha, so same I can do with formatBuddies?
09:28:02 <Mic> sure, as I said: check what the functions return
09:28:11 <Mic> if it's an array, you can use it as such
09:28:23 <flo> Mic: you omitted the return value of map in your pastebin ;)
09:28:25 <Mic> accessing single items, applying map or sort ..
09:29:58 <Mic> oh, sure it creates a new array of it
09:30:50 <Ruyan> what omitted? where?
09:32:30 <flo> Ruyan: read the code, try to understand it, and then when you need something that is different from the default UI, write your own code using the APIs instead of copying codes that you don't understand.
09:33:31 <Ruyan> I'm trying to make own buddy list just with buddies name, but I don't know how to get buddies one by one and put them into menulist
09:34:52 <flo> no.
09:35:08 <flo> You are trying to make either Mic or myself write the code for you.
09:37:02 <Ruyan> I just need to know to get the buddy name, I don't want you or MIC to do it for me
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09:52:14 <Mic> Extension idea: sending a message to a range of ICQ numbers, not opening windows for that and blocking incoming messages from the range ;)
09:55:07 <Mic> Might not make it through the AIO review though .. ;)
09:56:43 <Ruyan> it's to me?
09:59:53 <Mic> No, it just might bring a new circle of customers to Ib ;)
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10:24:59 <Ruyan> flo: it's possible to use pcs.getTags({}).forEach(function (aTag) { aGroup.getBuddies({}).forEach(function(buddy)) });
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11:33:14 <flo> Mic: I don't think we want to be known as the best software for spamming IM accounts ;)
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11:44:26 <Ruyan> when I want to create conversation with specific target, it's only to call pcs.createConversation(destination)?
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14:46:43 <vicnet> hello everybody
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15:39:52 <Ruyan> flo: what should I add in to the code http://pastebin.mozilla.org/727441, when I need buddies from connected account
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20:17:14 <Mic> flo: bug 276 says that the application is 'stuck' when loading large MUC participant lists
20:17:17 <instantbot> Mic: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=276 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Nicklist painfully slow
20:17:41 <Mic> Does it still occur in this form? It just took about 10 to 20 seconds to show the user list on #developers
20:18:07 <Mic> but the application was normally usable at the same time
20:18:26 <Mic> (ie possible to switch forth and back between tabs ..)
20:41:06 <flo> the bug is not fixed
20:41:31 <flo> when the list appears in several steps, it's because libpurple hasn't received all the list at once
20:42:20 <Mic> It jumped from 0 to all participants in one step
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20:57:50 <flo> it's a small list in #developers (less than 300) so it doesn't freeze (at least for me) while adding the nicks in the list.
21:06:39 <flo> "Auto-join" should probably be a menu item with a check-mark (or not) in the tab context menu of chat rooms
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21:24:20 <DGMurdockIII> if you connect to facebook chat on instantbird
21:24:43 <DGMurdockIII> can you still login to the facebook site
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