#instantbird log on 05 22 2010

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00:00:30 <Mic> good night
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08:27:36 <Chaz6> lol kopete has started crashing every time i try to sign on
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10:14:10 <Mic> flo: https://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Maquette-site-0.2-4-1.png
10:16:53 <Mic> https://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Maquette-site-0.2-4-2_%28fancy_button%29.png
10:17:58 <Mic> I refrain from doing a Gnome-like download button .. :P
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14:57:40 <Ruyan> Which function is used to get buddies name from database?
15:05:01 <Mic> I'm not sure, maybe have a look at http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/purplexpcom/public/purpleICoreService.idl
15:05:57 <Mic> Here's a debug function that dumps the buddy list, maybe it is of help: http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/debug/debug.js#87
15:15:15 <Mic> Ruyan: have you figured it out?
15:19:22 <Ruyan> no, looking at it :)
15:25:23 <Ruyan> nothing happened
15:25:56 <Ruyan> there is function getBuddyById(aID), the aID means ID of connected account?
15:29:15 <Mic> I don't think so
15:29:22 <Mic> I think it is just a unique number
15:30:21 <Mic> Since I'm not familiar with the code you better ask someone else for reliable information
15:30:30 <Ruyan> I need still to make buddy list and open conversation, but this two is the hardest part
15:30:47 <Mic> Did you have a look at the debug code?
15:30:53 <Ruyan> maybe flo, but he isn't here :(
15:30:58 <Mic> It shows how to list all groups
15:31:05 <Mic> And all buddies in the groups
15:31:30 <Ruyan> I can see groups but no buddies
15:32:00 <Mic> Where do you see groups? I'm not sure I understand
15:32:35 <Ruyan> in richlistbox, where is all Tags and buddies
15:33:13 <Ruyan> like there is group General, but nothing in that group
15:33:18 <Mic> Can you pastebin some code?
15:33:49 <Mic> The one that generates the content of the richlistbox
15:33:50 <Ruyan> code is from instantbird, I didn't change them
15:33:59 <Mic> ah, so you're using the buddy list as it is
15:34:47 <Ruyan> yes, just want try how it's works, but not success
15:35:17 <Ruyan> Do you suggest me to make own
15:35:46 <Mic> No, I'm in no position to decide or suggest such a thing
15:36:52 <Ruyan> ok, I'll ask flo, when he come
15:40:52 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/248
15:41:01 <Mic> This is the debug function
15:41:31 <Mic> It works copying, pasting and running it the error console of Instantbird in this form
15:41:50 <Mic> It will list all your groups, buddies (and the accounts they're in)
15:43:27 <Mic> If you've got buddies there and none shown in the buddy list .. we, then .. let's see ;)
15:44:13 <Ruyan> This is from console: gBuddyListContextMenu is null
15:44:26 <Ruyan> and this is from debug: NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS on line 1: Not enough arguments [purpleICoreService.getTags]
15:45:51 <Mic> Can you copy it with line numbers and so on to pastebin?
15:46:11 <Ruyan> code?
15:46:25 <Mic> The item from the console
15:46:30 <Mic> *items
15:47:04 <Ruyan> http://pastebin.com/RwuUUkRE
15:48:24 <Ruyan> http://pastebin.com/JJBKS3Qp
15:49:43 <Mic> The errors are sorted in which order?
15:49:51 <Mic> Earliest on top or on bottom?
15:50:02 <Ruyan> last one
15:57:26 <Mic> Sorry, I can't help you
15:57:36 <Mic> I need to go
15:57:46 <Ruyan> Its ok, I'll ask flo later
15:59:13 <Mic> Always fix the earliest error first, since all following can be a consequence of it
15:59:32 <Mic> gtg
15:59:35 <Ruyan> thx
16:00:07 <Mic> flo: would be nice if you could leave a comment on the mockups on the log
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17:02:44 <flo> Mic: I think I like most of the changes proposed in the first mockup you showed. I don't like the fancy button of the second image.
17:03:08 <flo> I can't say anything about what we will take or not before having Idechix's opinion on it though ;).
17:10:40 <Ruyan> flo: need your help again, I need list out buddies, but something is wrong with them, I used code from Instantbird, when I start it, there is only name of groups, no buddies.  some output from console: http://pastebin.com/JJBKS3Qp
17:16:28 <flo> Ruyan: the error on line 2 is because it fails to find resource://app/modules/imWindows.jsm
17:16:57 <flo> you probably also have a problem with chrome://instantbird/content/blist.css
17:17:49 <Ruyan> but I have moved modules into the project, also blist.css
17:18:14 <flo> the error on line 8 (Not enough arguments [purpleITag.getBuddies]) is because you are on Mozilla 1.9.1, you need to call getBuddies({}) (add the {} )
17:21:25 <Ruyan> still not enough arguments when I type Components.utils.reportError("Buddy list:\n\n" + pcs.getTags({ }).map(formatGroup).join("\n\n") + "\n\n");
17:22:02 <Ruyan> It's there any simple way to list out all buddies and put them into richlistbox?
17:22:46 <flo> what's the previous line of code supposed to do?
17:23:16 <Ruyan> It works copying, pasting and running it the error console of Instantbird in this form
17:23:16 <Ruyan>  It will list all your groups, buddies (and the accounts they're in)
17:23:24 <Ruyan> Mic gives mi that
17:26:00 <flo> Ruyan: add the {} wherever they are missing
17:26:16 <flo> or even better, actually READ the error messages before asking a question about them.
17:26:57 <Ruyan> yes, its there, missing {}
17:27:53 <Ruyan> but why I don't need {} when I use pcs.getAccounts()
17:29:54 <flo> read the patch you applied for compatibility with 1.9.1
17:31:06 <Ruyan> I knew that :(
17:32:04 <flo> so.
17:32:09 <flo> why did you ask???
17:32:34 <Ruyan> because I didn't realize I need them also here
17:33:33 <Ruyan> and one more question, how can I create conversation with new window or dialog, when I double click on buddies name? don't know just how to do that.
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18:04:21 <Ruyan> how can I get just buddy name from let formatBuddy = (function(buddy) "  " + buddy.name + "\n   " + buddy.getAccounts({}).map(function(a) a.name).join(" "));
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20:03:51 <Ruyan> I use pcs.addBuddy(account, tag, name1); to addBuddy, but "JavaScript error: , line 0: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 1 [purpleICoreService.addBuddy]" " what is this means?
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21:54:52 <flo> Ruyan: "Could not convert JavaScript argument " means that one of the arguments has a wrong type for this method
21:55:13 <Ruyan> I already figure it out
21:55:55 <Ruyan> I have problem to get Buddy name from formatBuddy = (function(buddy) "  " + buddy.name + "\n   " + buddy.getAccounts({}).map(function(a) a.name).join(" "));, can you help me that?
22:02:09 <Ruyan> I'm trying to find it out for 3 hours
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22:09:33 <flo> your question is meaning less, so no, I can't help you...
22:12:01 <Ruyan> How can I get buddies? using getBuddyById?
22:12:58 <Ruyan> I need know to list out all buddies and create conversation, but don't know how
22:18:07 <flo> the code Mic pastebined works
22:19:21 <Ruyan> yes, but I don't know how to get buddy.name from them and put it in to list
22:20:40 <flo> Good night :)
22:23:00 <Ruyan> :(
22:26:52 <Ruyan> pls, just tell me how can I get buddies name out :)
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