#instantbird log on 05 21 2010

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09:22:03 <flo> in my email inbox today: "I just discovered Instantbird yesterday and I'm in love!  I've been looking for a good IM client for years after being dissatisfied with Adium for Mac.  This is the first one I've seen that works well, is polished, and has most of the features I need.  Thanks!" :)
09:25:52 <Mic> Nice :)
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12:58:00 <Mic> hi
12:58:27 <Mic> Concurring sound playbacks cut off the first sound when the second starts
12:58:35 <flo> ah?
12:58:36 <Mic> Sounds strange and broken
12:59:08 <flo> the sound code has various strange brokenness depending on the OSes
12:59:29 <Mic> I'll try to create a reduced code fragment to reproduce it reliably
12:59:49 <Mic> I was observing it on Windows XP by the way
12:59:52 <flo> hopefully it will get a lot better (could it get worse?) once we are on 1.9.3, where the system used is the same as the one used for <audio> HTML5 tags :)
13:00:24 <flo> and we will be able to play ogg vorbis files in addition to wave files :)
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15:00:18 <Mic> flo: about bug 383 and javascript on Template.html
15:00:21 <instantbot> Mic: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=383 tri, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Top left corner js:handleParent box appears on hover.
15:00:43 <Mic> Would a warning on the error console be an option?
15:01:07 <flo> what would the warning say?
15:02:19 <Mic> Could be something like "javascript on Template.html is not supported. Please have a look at the differences-between-... article"
15:03:23 <flo> this means we would try to load the Template.html file for all themes, to say that we can't load it? :)
15:05:00 <Mic> So there's no Template.html file loaded at all?
15:05:06 <flo> no
15:05:39 <Mic> It sounded like Javascript in there is just ignored; I have to admit I don't know to usual content of such a file ;)
15:05:49 <flo> we load chrome://instantbird/content/conv.html instead
15:06:10 <flo> that file contains at ton of crap that is just a copy&paste from the Adium official version
15:06:26 <flo> and a few lines of this is modified to better suit the needs of the theme author
15:06:59 <flo> supporting this replacement of the default Template.html file was a bad idea because it means that when Adium developers fix bugs in the template, bugs still exist in the themes that copied it
15:08:35 <Mic> ok, but if checking for the existence of the file would be cheap enough, maybe outputting such a message would be a good idea anyways
15:08:57 <Mic> It would be a hint at least where to start
15:09:21 <flo> maybe we should have checked the existance of the file when we created the .xpi files, removed the file from the xpi, and added a warning on the addons.instantbird.org listing
15:10:01 <Mic> I thought about something similiar as well but it just won't help other theme authors
15:11:00 <flo> if the goal is to help theme authors, then we should provide "default" themes that are well designed and ready to be copied and adapted
15:11:58 <Mic> That would definitely help people creating new themes but someone porting a theme from Adium to Ib might still fall into the trap
15:12:12 <Mic> The wiki article on "Differences with Adium" could be a little more precise on the "files" section
15:13:13 <flo> what's missing in the Template.html paragraph?
15:13:37 <Mic> It's too chatty
15:14:09 <Mic> Adding "not supported" at the beginning would make things much clearer in my opinion
15:14:20 <flo> you'd like to add a 1 line summary and a line break before the details?
15:14:21 <Mic> That's the place from which I got the idea that just javascript is ignored
15:14:53 <flo> there's "Not Implemented" just above
15:16:14 <flo> is this better now?
15:17:02 <Mic> yes
15:17:06 <flo> :)
15:17:30 <Mic> Topic is to style the topic of IRC chats?
15:17:36 <flo> I think so
15:17:52 <flo> I don't know the details.
15:18:16 <flo> it's possible that we want to implement this someday.
15:18:39 <flo> I'm not sure there's a lot of value in treating topic lines differently than status messages, but anyway...
15:20:17 <Mic> I put a small explanation there as well
15:21:00 <flo> I think it's the "The topic for #instantbird is: ..." message
15:21:36 <Mic> On http://trac.adium.im/wiki/CreatingMessageStyles it says that it replaces the header on group chats
15:21:41 <flo> in this case, it uses Status.html 
15:21:51 <flo> aaah!
15:22:03 <Mic> So I think it is ok so write that
15:22:06 <Mic> *to
15:22:21 <flo> well, last time we discussed it, I was so close to decide that the header.html file was a bad idea in the first place and we should stop supporting it
15:23:22 <flo> the header the adium page is talking about is "Header.html" (there's an option in the pref dialog to enable/disable this header if it's provided by the theme)
15:23:31 <Mic> I know
15:24:15 <Mic> Are there guidelines how to review a message theme? (on AIO?)
15:24:28 <flo> as far as I know, no.
15:24:30 <Mic> If yes you could add the template-thing to it 
15:25:06 <flo> Even does all the reviews, except when something looks complicated/dangerous, in which case he asks me to look at it
15:25:43 <flo> I think installing locally and making sure it at least mostly works is part of what he tests, but I'm not 100% sure
15:26:07 <Mic> Does AMI/AIO support testing something automatically?
15:26:12 <Mic> *AMO/AIO
15:26:33 <flo> AMO currently supports it
15:26:43 <flo> I'm not sure our version is new enough for that
15:27:22 <Mic> Since checking for the existence of a file perfectly looks like an automatable task 
15:33:51 <flo> I've got to go. Good evening :)
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18:56:16 <DGMurdockIII> hey flo, i have a qustion
18:56:58 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): is file transfer going to added soon to instantbird
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19:06:01 <iLobster> Greetings
19:14:03 <DGMurdockIII> hi
19:29:39 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> moo
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22:49:44 <Mic> For me "Most popular Add-ons" would sound better than "Add-ons Top 5" by the way
22:56:39 <Mic> Is the sheet-like appearance of the content just for demonstration or is it intended to look like this on the page itself (The 'sheet'/column in the center, surrounded by the grey gradient shadows over the space-filling background)?
22:57:39 * flo looks
22:57:52 <flo> I said too that I didn't like "Top 5"
22:59:00 <flo> It's intended to look like this (the border/shadow)
22:59:13 <Mic> What about separating the upper and the lower part visually by a <hr> or something like that?
22:59:38 <flo> there was another iteration
22:59:42 <flo> let me upload it :)
23:00:00 <Mic> I just know maquette ... 0.2.2
23:01:42 <flo> (note: this new iteration is just an attempt to improve the appearance of the 2 content areas at the bottom, the other comments have not been addressed yet)
23:02:36 <flo> http://queze.net/goinfre/maquette-site-0.2-3.png
23:07:40 <Mic> The separator is good in my opinion
23:08:32 <flo> :)
23:08:46 <Mic> Have you tried expanding the rounded box around all the content at the bottom?
23:10:11 <flo> I don't know
23:10:44 <flo> (I haven't seen all the experiments, only the ones that looked promising from idechix's point of view ;))
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23:13:07 <Mic> What is the plan for the "What's new?" column?
23:13:40 <Mic> Announcements of new blog entries, new releases and such?
23:14:02 <Mic> Will it hold a fixed number of items or varying?
23:16:35 <Mic> for example because items will be removed after a certain time
23:18:38 <flo> not completely decided yet.
23:18:53 <flo> But I think it will be the feed of the blog, with a fixed number of posts displayed
23:19:24 <Mic> I'm just curious because it would also affect the length of the Add-ons column
23:19:28 <flo> we want/need to post more often on the blgo
23:19:30 <flo> *blog
23:20:37 <Mic> I wouldn't mind a box with the addons in the upper right of the lower section with the news content flowing around it
23:21:29 <flo> I think we want to show only the title, and the first few lines/words of the news
23:21:30 <Mic> instead of spanning the full height which would most likely result in blank space at the bottom of one of the columns
23:24:36 <flo> it's late already :-/.
23:24:39 <flo> Good night! :)
23:25:30 <Mic> Good night
23:25:49 <Mic> flo: one second
23:25:56 <Mic> Do you know which font it is?
23:26:50 <flo> I think it's SaccoVanzetti
23:27:20 <flo> Mic: or rather, a modified version of it
23:27:43 <Mic> It's ok then.. I definitely don't have it
23:29:06 <flo> it will use the new @font face CSS thing :)
23:29:33 <flo> do you need it?
23:30:01 <Mic> I would create a modified version of the latest mockup if idechix doesn't mind
23:30:13 <Mic> Having the font would be useful
23:35:43 <flo> ok :)
23:36:52 <Mic> thanks
23:45:35 <flo> good night!