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09:40:57 <Mic> flo: you mentioned completion recently .. maybe we could solve it similiarly to the spellchecker as it has much in common in my opinion
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14:46:22 <Amfi> 'afternoon gentlemen!
14:48:57 <Amfi> 6 ppl on irc... it's time to release 0.2final to drag the crowds :D
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15:38:35 <flo> hi :)
15:39:38 <flo> Amfi: yeah... Do you have "marketing" ideas to attract people? :)
15:39:56 <flo> if we just put on the blog "0.2 released", I'm afraid the effect won't be very noticeable
15:40:31 <flo> especially, it would be nice to see a few blog posts, or even better, journalists talking about it in languages where we now have a localization :)
15:41:19 <flo> Mic: hmm, I don't see the link between completion and the spellchecker. What am I missing? :)
15:46:13 <Amfi> flo: the most effective is a viral marketing. we'd need to come up with some kind of a contest and let the word flow
15:46:26 <flo> I agree
15:46:34 <Amfi> that's what Linux Foundation does with it's We're Linux video contest
15:47:04 <Amfi> however, it's hard to think about a subject of such an action in an early stage of the development...
15:47:11 <flo> I think we should also try to push people to talk about it on twitter
15:47:30 <flo> but it's a bit "strange" until it supports twitter natively.
15:47:44 <flo> we need to find the "right" message.
15:47:49 <Mic> flo: later
15:47:51 <Mic> bye
15:48:06 <flo> the thing that I see most often in positive feedback is that people love the simplicity of Instantbird
15:48:14 <flo> Mic: no problem. Good evening :)
15:49:42 <Amfi> does IB have already any slogan? there are those "magic" sentences but i'm not sure they give what ib really is
15:50:28 <flo> these sentences are more a private joke ;)
15:50:44 <flo> I don't expect anybody to understand them :-D
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15:51:05 <Amfi> yeah, we didn't get them at all :D
15:51:22 <Amfi> I guess we even left them in English :P
15:51:57 <Amfi> brb
15:52:07 <flo> that's ok :)
16:06:32 <Amfi> http://www.sloganizer.net/en/ :D
16:25:52 <flo> Amfi: ahah :)
16:26:32 * flo wonders if we could make a whole advertising document using only sentences from this
16:27:44 <flo> "Say it with Instantbird" :-D
16:28:06 <flo> "Instantbird - simplified"
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16:30:56 <vicnet> hello :)
16:31:13 <Amfi> Some of them are in fact quite catchy ;) "Share moments, share Instantbird" or "Share friends, share Instanbird"
16:31:20 <Amfi> Hey vicnet :)
16:32:12 <flo> :)
16:35:23 <Amfi> vicnet: what's your ideas to promote instantbird?
16:35:57 <vicnet> hummm…
16:36:41 <Amfi> «Halleluja, it's an Instantbird.» :D
16:36:47 <vicnet> :D
16:37:33 <flo> vicnet: come on, you've got to have at least an idea! :-P
16:37:42 <vicnet> I'm thinking! >_<
16:38:10 <flo> "Instantbird - get it before vicnet finishes thinking about it!" :-D
16:39:20 <Amfi> Better not - they'll think they've got plenty of time!
16:39:33 <vicnet> x_x
16:40:07 <vicnet> knowing myself I'll draw a blank right now and then come up with ideas tomorrow… at work :)
16:41:10 <flo> Amfi: do you think they know vicnet all that much? :)
16:41:16 <vicnet> "Instantbird - Making IM easier since 2007"
16:41:22 <vicnet> it's lame, but it's something :)
16:41:58 * flo - fighting Instantbird bugs since 2007
16:42:09 <Amfi> :D
16:42:09 <vicnet> "Instantbird - Not your grandma's IM client… yet!"
16:42:47 <Amfi> "Neither yours, I bet!"
16:43:22 <flo> vicnet: uh?
16:43:38 <flo> ah, I guess I missed the "yet"
16:44:00 <vicnet> I googles "funny slogans" and fount "Helen Waite is now in charge of all rush orders. If you are in a hurry, just go to Helen Waite." (read aloud)
16:44:52 <vicnet> http://www.google.com/search?q=not+your+grandma%27s
16:45:18 <vicnet> googled*
16:45:21 <Amfi> Haha, that would freakin' hard to translate :P
16:45:36 <flo> hmm "2010-04-20.145946+0200CEST.txt, date = Thu May 20 2010 14:59:46 GMT+0200 (CET)" Something strange in the way this date is parsed :-/
16:45:56 <vicnet> that "Helen Waite" joke just made me and my wife lol so I thought I'd share :)
16:46:12 <flo> :)
16:46:18 <flo> I've got to go, see you all later :)
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20:31:48 * vicnet spilled an almost full, large cup of water onto the carpet a few minutes ago…
20:45:09 <flo> vicnet: that looks great :-P. At least, you are lucky that it wasn't on the laptop :)
20:49:14 <vicnet> yeah, it barely missed the power squid, too :|
21:09:40 <Mic> flo: don't you think that spellchecking and completion are pretty similiar?
21:10:23 <Mic> Allow to cycle through spell suggestion with a key and feed the dictionary with things like "/me" "/mode", instead and you're pretty close to what "completion" would do
21:15:15 <flo> ah
21:17:27 <flo> there's still the noticeable difference that the completion would only append new content (after the cursor), whereas the spellchecker usually replaces content
21:19:06 <Mic> I didn't mean to copy it exactly, only to show that these two aren't so different after all
21:20:04 <flo> well, ok :)
21:20:15 <flo> it may be good to spellcheck the commands, by the way
21:20:45 <flo> it makes me sad when I type "/awa yLunch..." in a conversation...
21:21:09 <Mic> Be happy if you have no worse problems than this :P
21:21:45 <flo> you are typing your password in a "/ms gNickServ" command? :-P
21:22:31 <flo> ("sad" was maybe a bit strong...)
21:23:04 <Mic> thanks btw
21:23:18 <Mic> /ms gnickserv identify mypwd1234
21:23:23 <Mic> uupsy ;)
21:35:13 <Mic> mdc is lagging and I don't feel like crawling through much code instead this evening ..
21:35:28 <Mic> So just a guess:
21:36:27 <Mic> the spellchecking routine is most likely not just returning a set of possible replacements, but an ordered list by "best match" or something like that
21:37:20 <Mic> At least the order in the context menu suggests this
21:40:26 <Mic> I guess we don't need just this but also a sort of weight for different sources (command list, nicks from the nicklist, whatelse we once discussed)
21:41:56 <Mic> eg: while nicks and commands might be equally likely at the beginning of a new line, I would expect commands to be of lesser importance elsewhere
21:43:38 <Mic> Enough assuming and guessing for today ;)
21:43:39 <flo> I'd love to have the spellchecker return a "confidence" indicator with each suggestion
21:44:23 <flo> this way, if the first suggestion has a very high confidence and all the following have a very low confidence, we can decide to automatically "fix" the spelling mistake :)
21:46:18 <Mic> oh, I assumed returning a value that should somehow mirror the matching/confidence as you called it
21:46:43 <flo> it just returns an ordered list
21:46:44 <Mic> That's what I meant "with different weights for different sources"
21:47:03 <flo> there's unfortunately no way to know if the first 2 suggestions are very close in confidence, or very distant
21:48:22 <Mic> on my example: in the middle of a sentence, the command source would get a smaller weight that would either shift (+) or scale (*) the confidence value 
21:50:50 <flo> the history of conversations with the same user could also help to guesstimate the probability of a word being intentionally typed there.
21:51:14 <flo> it would be totally awesome to have a "spell"checker that would fix nonsense composed of only existing words :)
21:51:23 <flo> "send what I mean, not what I type" :)
21:55:23 <Mic> it's late already ..
21:55:26 <Mic> good night 
21:57:12 <flo> good night :)
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