#instantbird log on 04 08 2010

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07:27:33 <r1vver> Greetings
07:28:57 <r1vver> Lastest nightly windows build want MOZCPP19.dll to begin to work after update
07:30:45 <r1vver> where to get that dll?
08:50:52 <flo> probably in the previous nightly :-/
08:52:42 <flo> oh, mozcpp19
08:52:49 <flo> I thought it was mozcrt19
08:59:58 <r1vver> no MOZCPP19.dll in pervious windows nightly =(
09:01:35 <flo> I'm going to fix this as soon as possible, and produce a new nightly
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09:08:05 <iLobster> np, i get MOZCPP19.dll from firefox nightly latest-trunk
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09:14:49 <flo> a new nightly should be ready in a little more than 3 hours
09:20:36 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/599d98afae29 - Florian Qu├Ęze - Port 'Bug 508861 - [electrolysis] Build/ship the C++ runtime with MSVC/jemalloc'.
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11:11:00 <Morian> GeekShadow: now I am
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12:11:44 <flo> it would be nice if someone who could not start the windows nightly compiled this night could confirm that the new one works
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13:24:28 <iLobster> works after update =)
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16:58:39 <deOmega> hi
16:59:01 <deOmega> I suppose i am asking for Instantbird to work magic... but
16:59:30 <deOmega> if it possible to join a room tat is  java without it   being hostedon an irc server or something like that?
17:22:10 <flo> a room that is java?
17:22:44 <deOmega> a Parachat room
17:22:50 <deOmega> parachat.com
17:24:41 <flo> do you use these chat rooms every day as part of your work?
17:26:11 <deOmega> Parachat is new to me... but someone asking me to  join them in  a room there
17:26:25 <deOmega> but i am reluctant to since i t means i would have to have a java window running
17:26:32 <deOmega> so.. typically, no
17:28:40 <flo> that thing seems really painful to use
17:29:41 <deOmega> yes..  the chat window is not  really adjustable either.. u can adjust it, but   it  then  covers up  things like teh message input area
17:32:16 <flo> I guess we could try to reverse engineer it if there was a lot of demand for using that in Instantbird
17:33:04 <flo> but currently... that doesn't seem very attractive to me ;)
17:34:03 <deOmega> OHH...  man, I am impressed
17:36:04 <deOmega> IMpressed by teh reverse engineer idea :)
17:44:12 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 404 filed by tymerkaev@gmail.com.
17:44:13 <instantbot> tymerkaev@gmail.com added attachment 299 to bug 404.
17:44:14 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=404 min, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Add aero (Win7/Vista) theme files to /preferences-winstripe/ and /tabbrowser-winstripe/
17:44:26 <tymerkaev> yeah
17:45:16 <deOmega> flo: Thank you for looking into that program
17:46:11 <flo> deOmega: no problem
17:46:41 <flo> I'd like, in the (distant) future, to be able to have a very fast way to reverse engineer any web based chat, and create a "protocol" add-on for it.
17:47:08 <flo> it would be great if just giving the name of the website in the account wizard was enough for Instantbird to download a plugin to make it compatible
17:47:14 <flo> well... I'm dreaming of course ;)
17:47:41 <deOmega> Please  dream on that :)... that would be awesome indeed
17:48:00 <deOmega> would certainly  also drive users to  IB
17:49:41 <deOmega> this is interesting... each person in IRC so far has a different background for  their posts.... all white names and text, but different background.  Not complaining.. just interesting.. neat
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17:57:20 <flo> deOmega: isn't this the expected behavior for the dark theme? :)
17:58:30 <deOmega> Good.. well i like it.
17:59:52 <deOmega> now how do we  take the way  colors are assigned in the nick-list in irc and apply it to our buddy list... so  different buddies have diff colors this way in regular chat windows?  :)
18:36:51 <flo> I think that will be an add-on
18:41:29 <deOmega> ok.. thank you 
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19:25:26 <Mic> hi
19:25:34 <Mic> Seems we finally found 404 ;)
19:25:48 <Mic> *evntually
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19:58:42 <flo> oh, it's something we could have said on April the first: "we found the bug 404!"
19:58:45 <instantbot> flo: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=404 min, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Add aero (Win7/Vista) theme files to /preferences-winstripe/ and /tabbrowser-winstripe/
19:58:54 <flo> and the next day (after deleting it) "hmm... not really"
20:00:47 <Mic> hehe, filing a bug "Can't find bug 404" with a screenshot of the message
20:00:58 <Mic> and resolving as worksforme with a screenshot of the same page ;)
20:01:31 <flo> I'll try to remember that for the next open source project I create that has a bugzilla
20:05:45 <deOmega> lol
20:10:29 <Mic> Are there still plans to distribute new bug emails and the like via a subscribable list?
20:11:12 <deOmega> Have a great evening folks.. looking forward to teh next exciting enhancement :)
20:12:11 <deOmega> like: Something to help my kids with their homework :)
20:12:13 <Mic> bye
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20:26:32 <flo> Mic: yes! :)
20:26:55 <flo> "create a mailing list for bugzilla" is still in my todo list
20:29:56 <Mic> ok, so I don't need to file an enhancement request as reminder..
20:30:57 * flo just moved it higher in the huge todo list related to various pieces of our infrastructure :-D
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21:10:07 <Mic> good night
21:10:20 <flo> good night :)
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