#instantbird log on 04 07 2010

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00:22:48 <Ruyan> guys, default in hg.instantbird.org compilable? have error http://pastebin.com/ka3qujPw
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09:13:52 <Mic> hi
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10:03:40 <Ruyan> flo: I downloaded from repository latest version, but cannot compile it. result at http://pastebin.com/fQJPFVSA, pls look at it.
10:14:54 <flo> what's the content of the file /home/ruan/obj-instantbird-dbg/purple/libpurple/protocols/null/xpcomCid.h ?
10:19:29 <Ruyan> / 
10:19:29 <Ruyan> #define PRPL_CID \
10:19:29 <Ruyan> { 0x, 0x, 0x, \
10:19:29 <Ruyan>   { 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x } \
10:19:29 <Ruyan>  }
10:19:34 <Ruyan> that's all
10:27:24 <Mic> Are you sure you don't meant to write 0x0 in each of these cases?
10:27:39 <Mic> *didn't
10:28:35 <Ruyan> I copied from xpcomCid.h
10:29:13 <Mic> sorry, lunchtime
10:29:52 <Ruyan> but 0.2b2 is compiled without problem
10:58:52 <flo> you clearly have a problem with the script that generates this file
10:59:34 <flo> "but 0.2b2 is compiled without problem" then, you have changed something in your system between your compilation attempts
11:01:14 <flo> does the uuidgen command work on your system?
11:08:34 <Ruyan> nop
11:08:43 <Ruyan> I don't have it installed
11:14:28 <Ruyan> I need uuidgen installed in my system?
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11:18:56 <Ruyan> but I have installed libuuid1
11:20:09 <flo> you need it
11:22:22 <Ruyan> but I have installed libuuid1, from mozilla.org "Use /usr/bin/uuidgen. This can be found in package libuuid1 (Debian)"
11:23:17 <flo> well, do whatever you want/need to make this command work when you type it in your shell
11:24:58 <Ruyan> ok, it's working
11:25:05 <Ruyan> uuidgen
11:27:03 <Ruyan> and still same problem at xpcomModule.cpp
11:45:34 <flo> remove the file xpcomCid.h in the "null" folder, and try again
11:52:45 <Ruyan> it's weird, compiled after clean up
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14:41:03 <flo> I'm currently experimenting with a modification of the bubble themes where the top margin of each bubble depends on how much time there was between this bubble and the bubble before
15:00:49 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> flo: that sounds very interesting
15:14:31 <Mic> I did some tests with the simple theme and it didn't work so well
15:15:35 <Mic> I tried a logarithmic time scale which didn't really work
15:16:14 <flo> for my current test, I used 3*Math.log(time in seconds +1) +3(the height of shadow under each bubble)
15:16:53 <flo> the first 3 coefficient is arbitrary, and is chosen so that 5 minutes gives a result of about 20px (= what we currently have all the time)
15:16:55 <Mic> At least it didn't really convey the message that it is displaying the time difference to the last message
15:17:53 <Mic> Something else I thought of even though I'm not sure how to implement it is adding a actual timeline
15:18:56 <flo> I think the meaning I want to convey is that people are talking almost simultaneously, not really how much time there was
15:19:23 <flo> pack messages together like if people were covering each other's words 
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15:22:07 <Mic> The lenght of the line between two messages would be proportional to the the amount of time elapsed while the vertical distance could be scaled differently
15:22:35 <Mic> The line would sort of curl up to fit into that space; with tickmarks for the time/date would be placed next to the messages
15:24:31 <Mic> Longer times could be displayed by a 'omission', ie the line is cut visibly and starts again after a short distance
15:25:26 <Mic> It's just an idea that conveys the progress of time better and looks quite good in my imagination ;)
15:25:59 <flo> I suspect a sketch would be needed to make it go from your imagination to our minds ;)
15:26:10 <Mic> Most likely.
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16:33:12 <flo> hi :)
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18:44:08 <flo> ok, if any of you want to play with my "Time Bubbles" experiment, it's at http://queze.net/goinfre/timebubbles-1.0.xpi
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18:54:34 <flo> I'll try it for a couple of days on my default profile to see which parts are useful, and which are useless/annoying
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20:22:43 <Ruyan> flo: I used *.so which is created by instantbird from repository, but debugger show me "./thunderbird-bin: symbol lookup error: /.thunderbird/zosqm9w4.default/extensions/icqtest@yun.ruan/components/libpurplexpcom.so: undefined symbol: purple_network_set_available_callback
20:22:43 <Ruyan> "
20:24:19 <flo> have you copied libpurple.so to the application folder?
20:25:18 <Ruyan> I have *.so under extension folder
20:25:39 <flo> put libpurple.so in the application folder
20:25:50 <flo> the folder where thunderbird-bin is
20:26:07 <Ruyan> ok
20:29:33 <Ruyan> NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED on line 1: Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [purpleICoreService.init], but blist.sqlite is created
20:30:55 <flo> pastebin the messages you have in the terminal :)
20:32:57 <Ruyan> moment
20:34:18 <Ruyan> http://pastebin.com/Cc6jMn9f
20:41:57 <Ruyan> it's weird, I can type psc.getProtocolById("prpl-icq"); result "[xpconnect wrapped purpleIProtocol @ 0xa152e940 (native @ 0xa16cda40)]"
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20:43:54 <flo> ok, the problem is simple :)
20:44:11 <Ruyan> really?
20:44:12 <flo> you are missing the file containing the default values of the preferences
20:44:41 <Ruyan> ehh, which file it is?
20:45:12 <flo> .js files in the default/ folder
20:46:24 <Ruyan> need all of them in my extension folder?
20:47:36 <flo> the files all-instantbird.js and purple-prefs.js
20:48:45 <flo> hmm, the effect of all-instantbird.js on Thunderbird is probably not wanted :(
20:49:23 <flo> remove at least the 2 first lines of it
20:49:34 <flo> toolkit.defaultChromeURI and toolkit.singletonWindowType
20:50:12 <Ruyan> I put them under defaults/preferences
20:50:18 <flo> yes
20:50:58 <Ruyan> yes, maybe more of them is not wanted, well, I will find it out
20:51:23 <flo> most of them will be useless
20:51:42 <flo> but the first 2 (the ones I cited) would probably prevent the Thunderbird UI from working
20:52:25 <Ruyan> ok, I will try everything
20:53:45 <Ruyan> thx a lot, you will be the first person on the acknowledgements :D
20:54:28 <flo> does this mean that it works?
20:55:16 <Ruyan> I'm going to try it, but you helped me so much
20:57:23 <Ruyan> in the latest version, there is no libicq.so anymore?
20:57:49 <flo> the protocol plugins are statically linked into libpurple.so
20:58:18 <Ruyan> aha
21:02:51 <Ruyan> no more error
21:03:06 <Ruyan> looks like everything works
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21:05:52 <Ruyan> and account is also created successfully
21:06:04 <Ruyan> flo: thx a lot for help 
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21:06:48 <flo> you are welcome
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22:09:06 <flo> good night :)
22:09:57 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/79af9a2d40a9 - Florian Quèze - Add a 'timestamp' replacement in message styles.
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22:34:00 <DGMurdockIII> i allways have problems connecting to the mozilla server
22:35:52 <DGMurdockIII> right now these are the only non instantbird errors i get in the error section of the section of the of error consoal
22:36:12 <GeekShadow> Morian, are you here ?
22:36:27 <DGMurdockIII> let me past them to a pastbin
22:39:51 <DGMurdockIII> i only have 3 errors
22:40:05 <DGMurdockIII> error 1 http://pastebin.mozilla.org/713637
22:40:56 <DGMurdockIII> error 2 http://pastebin.mozilla.org/713638
22:42:01 <DGMurdockIII> error 3 http://pastebin.mozilla.org/713640
22:43:47 <DGMurdockIII> error 4 http://pastebin.mozilla.org/713641 Witch is directly to the instantbird code
22:43:58 <DGMurdockIII> that all the errors i have
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