#instantbird log on 03 25 2010

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02:18:10 <instantbot> New purplexpcom - General bug 397 filed by carlosloveleo@gmail.com.
02:18:13 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=397 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, google talk can not see the online people
02:21:33 <instantbot> carlosloveleo@gmail.com added attachment 293 to bug 397.
02:21:35 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=397 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, google talk can not see the online people
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10:32:21 <Mic> hello
10:39:19 <Mic> flo: Beta 1 didn't have offline buddies yet, had it?
10:41:08 <flo> "Buddy list context menu" is a new feature of beta2
10:41:41 <Mic> ok, good.
10:42:11 <Mic> My guess is that on bug 397 the user got confused by the offline buddies
10:42:15 <instantbot> Mic: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=397 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, google talk can not see the online people
10:45:31 <Mic> Sorting online buddies to the top would be a good thing
10:45:31 <flo> that's possible
10:45:53 <flo> or maybe there was a temporary server issue
11:24:09 <Mic> Do you have a minute to discuss about definitions what a buddy is and such?
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11:31:42 <Mic> by the way (taken from the log of 2009-12-11): "21:47:35 <flo> and you are already able to reorder your accounts in the account manager, the first account in the list for a protocol is your favorite account for that protocol" - that's far from obvious. I didn't know it was possible at all to influence which on will be used...
11:36:37 <flo> that's something we plan to implement for 0.3
11:36:52 <flo> and it's the reason why we spent so much time on the "reorder" feature of the account manager
11:37:07 <flo> but there's currently no such hidden effect of reordering accounts
11:37:45 <Mic> ah, it sounded as if there were
11:37:51 <Mic> *was
11:38:13 <flo> well, it is your favorite account
11:38:24 <flo> but it doesn't mean we do anything useful (yet) with that information
11:41:36 <flo> Mic: by the way, about the definitions... The terms used for all the alias stuff are specially unclear, and easy to misunderstood.
11:41:46 <flo> I tried to explain it a bit at https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:DisplayName
11:42:27 <flo> things that are unclear too are the things that exist on several protocols with a different name on each protocol
11:51:44 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 398 filed by amfidiusz@fwl.pl.
11:51:45 <instantbot> amfidiusz@fwl.pl added attachment 294 to bug 398.
11:51:47 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=398 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Emoticons in URL strings
11:55:36 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de set the Resolution field on bug 398 to DUPLICATE of bug 207.
11:55:38 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=398 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO DUPLICATE, Emoticons in URL strings
11:55:39 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=207 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, URLs should not contain Smileys
11:56:14 <flo> Mic: heh, just when I had clicked on "Mark as duplicate" and was about to type '207' :)
11:57:12 <Mic> I guess I won't be as fast once we have as many bugs as in the Mozilla Bugzilla
11:57:17 <Mic> ;)
11:57:34 <flo> hmm
11:57:46 <flo> are we looking forward to having half a million bug reports? :)
11:59:43 <Amfi> Sorry guys...
11:59:44 <Mic> Instead of having to work on bugs, we could spend all our time with replying on bug reports maybe? ;)
12:00:05 <Mic> No worries, Amfi
12:01:21 <Mic> lunch time!
12:01:31 <Mic> A welcome distraction from doing .. nothing today
12:01:54 <flo> ahah
12:02:13 <flo> This morning I spent all my time doing paperwork (yeah, with real paper sheets...)
12:03:57 <Mic> I've done all that stuff that needs no input from others already
12:04:20 <Mic> and about 90% of my workgroup at university are at a conference (from which I had to return early) ..
12:04:20 <flo> I need some input and some signatures from others too...
12:04:50 <Mic> So I guess today and tomorrow will be quite calm and uneventful days
12:05:18 <Mic> bbl
12:05:57 <flo> arg, I love OpenOffice...
12:06:29 <flo> I have a document with ONE page, I increase the size of the font in one paragraph. I notice it makes the line wrap, and that I end up with a line on a second page.
12:06:33 <flo> I undo the last action
12:06:53 <flo> all my content is back on a single page, but the second page remains there, with just noting in it.
12:07:01 <flo> so much "nothing" that I can't even put the cursor there
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12:12:20 <flo> I have to go. Good afternoon :)
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12:41:42 <Mic> re
12:43:03 <deOmega> yes Mic? :)
13:02:04 <Mic> hello deOmega
13:02:56 <deOmega> Hi Mic.  Just thought I would hang in here today
13:07:55 <Mic> I'm not sure how exciting it is going to be in here today;)
13:08:51 <deOmega> who knows.. maybe I will see some upcoming features posted :)
13:13:54 <Mic> instantbot: entertain us
13:13:56 <instantbot> Mic: Sorry, I've no idea what 'entertain us' might be.
13:14:01 <Mic> a pity ..
13:14:07 <deOmega> lol
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16:23:19 <flo> Mic: uh, not very entertaining in fact :-/
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19:23:59 <Amfi> Hey guys :)
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19:24:22 <Amfi> I'm trying to set up my irc channels...
19:24:23 <Wareczek> Amfi buraku :D
19:25:42 <Amfi> In account details I may enter a channel to automatically connect upon IB startup... (Wareczek: Wyjć!)
19:26:01 <Amfi> Is there any way to enter more than 1 channel for a server?
19:27:10 <Wareczek> Amfi, where should I wyjć?
19:27:53 <Wareczek> and why? :(
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20:17:40 <Mic> good evening
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20:25:41 <flo> Amfi: when you join a channel, you can check the "auto-join" checkbox to have this channel automatically added to the list
20:25:44 <Mic> Amfi: use a comma separated list to join more than one channel at once
20:26:07 <flo> if you want to change it from the account details, it's a comma separated list (as Mic just said :))
20:26:08 <Mic> hehe, someone reading the logs simultaneously? ;)
20:26:51 <Amfi> So will it go like #channel1,#channel2,#instantbird ?
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20:31:34 <Amfi> yep, it works. Thanks! :)
20:42:50 <Ruyan> flo:  I got NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED when creating trying GetConnectionReady(&ready) in purpleStorage
20:43:22 <flo> so you upgraded your thunderbird?
20:43:33 <Ruyan> yes
20:43:38 <Ruyan> classes is loaded
20:44:31 <Ruyan> but when I want create account using creatAccount, got NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED, then i found the database is not created
20:45:35 <flo> do you have a debug build that shows in the terminal all the errors in C++ code?
20:45:36 * instantbot mumbles something about c++ being evil
20:46:36 <Ruyan> Thunderbird? nop, but I'm working on it to compile TB with debug
20:54:40 <Mic> Wednesday I tried compiling IB for the first time ..
20:54:56 <flo> Mic: did it work? :)
20:54:58 <Mic> Failed ofcourse and I didn't had the time to investigate why
20:55:23 <Mic> It was missing something as far as I could tell (some necko-wifi library?)
20:55:32 <flo> ah
20:56:02 <flo> you can just add a --disable-<something I can't remember> in the mozconfig and bypass that error
20:56:41 <Mic> It said as much, I just didn't know where to add it;)
20:57:11 <flo> the file "mozconfig" at the root of the source tree
20:58:01 <Mic> ok, I'll try this next time
21:00:21 <Mic> btw are you doing some arcane conjuring to activate spellchecking on the conversation input box or why does it fail in a way that I can't tell anything about?
21:01:13 <Mic> I've tried to activate/deactivate spellchecking on Firefox and it worked as expected (even though it was a document and not chrome content)
21:01:45 <flo> are you talking about something specific to instantbird on your 64bit ubuntu, or about the broken preference in the advanced tab?
21:01:56 <Mic> The borken preference
21:02:04 <Mic> *broken
21:02:10 <Mic> It's neither working here nor there
21:02:20 <Mic> (ie Windows and Ubuntu 64)
21:02:27 <flo> it doesn't work at all
21:02:48 <Mic> The setting gets set, but it's not doing anything on the input box
21:03:01 <flo> as soon as there's a "spellcheck" attribute on a XUL textbox, it forced the spellchecker to be enabled, bypassing the pref (which I guess was designed for HTML content...)
21:03:23 <flo> if we don't put that attribute, the context menu of the textbox as no spellchecker related items at all (not even the checkbox to enable it)
21:04:27 <Mic> I guess not putting it there won't add the spellchecker's menuitem to the context menu?
21:04:44 <flo> *has
21:04:46 <Mic> So the solution is to put it there and deactivate it right ahead if the setting is disabled
21:05:02 <flo> yeah... :(
21:05:03 <Mic> ah, ok.
21:05:23 <flo> and add an observer to observe changes of the preference value
21:06:18 <flo> if we decide that the user can't disable the spellchecker in a conversation and leave it enabled in an other, I guess it can be relatively easy to do
21:06:36 <Mic> This is possible right now
21:06:43 <flo> I know
21:06:57 <flo> it's possible, but is it useful?
21:07:03 <Mic> I think the idea was to even allow different languages
21:07:20 <flo> that's a different issue
21:07:25 <Mic> So in cases where you don't have a dictionary you might want to disable it
21:07:41 <Mic> (and here's the link;)
21:07:49 <flo> I'd really like the system to auto detect the language of the conversation, and change the language of the spellchecker accordingly
21:08:46 <flo> in case you don't have the right dictionary, we can probably detect it too
21:08:50 <Mic> Is there an easy way to extract the last few messages from a conversation?
21:08:59 <Mic> I'm afraid that it's not :S
21:09:13 <flo> being able to detect which dictionary is missing and downloading it automatically in the background would be awesome, but I don't know how to do it :-D
21:09:47 <flo> there will be a way to do that. Someday :).
21:10:22 <flo> at some point we want to be able to close a conversation window and reopen it exactly the same, so we will need a way to get all the previous content
21:11:17 <Mic> I was thinking more of 'now' ;)
21:12:00 <flo> well, for 0.2 anybody talking usually in several languages will think our spellchecker sucks terribly (I do)
21:13:35 <Mic> Where would the task of telling which language it is belong?
21:13:43 <flo> (hmm, it seems I'm too tired this evening to make sentences that are grammatically correct... sorry about that :()
21:14:12 <flo> Mic: a simple way to do it is to just detect the language of what is currently being typed.
21:14:32 <flo> and default to the language that was detected before (while the previous message was being typed)
21:15:12 <flo> there's a firefox add-on doing that: http://design-noir.de/mozilla/dictionary-switcher/
21:15:47 <Mic> I'd really like to give some feedback to the user if we switch dictionaries
21:16:21 <Mic> e.g. a sort of smart tag at the far end of the input box, showing the determined language and a drop down to change the setting or something like this
21:16:29 <Mic> *detected
21:17:01 <flo> the firefox add-on puts the current language in the status bar
21:17:09 <flo> I think it would make sense to do the same in Instantbird
21:17:29 <Mic> I like the idea of smart tags .. they're unobtrusive
21:17:48 <flo> if more than one dictionary is installed, then display the name of the in-use dictionary in the status bar of each conversation, and automatically detect which one is the most suitable for the current text being typed.
21:18:22 <flo> I'm not sure what you call a "smart tag"
21:18:35 <Mic> Have you ever seen auto-completion in MS Office?
21:18:35 <flo> is it an icon that appears contextually when hovering something?
21:19:13 <Mic> Sort of
21:19:22 <flo> I've never used a version of Word newer than 2002
21:19:59 <Mic> ok
21:21:08 <Mic> It can appear as small blue bordered box at the place where something has happened (compact mode) or as panel just big enough to hold and icon and a drop down arrow so the user can open a menu
21:21:33 <Mic> The small box expands to the icon when hovered
21:30:01 <Mic> hehe, "Die Hose war fort" ("the trousers were gone") is a german sentence that works with en-US spell checking :D
21:31:38 <Mic> I wonder what to do with words that are matched as correct by more than one language/dictionary .. maybe just ignore them? well, that's something that has time to be decided when it gets implemented
21:39:37 <Mic> good night
21:39:53 <flo> I think it just doesn't matter
21:40:05 <flo> the detection is not going to be perfect
21:40:15 <flo> it will just be helpful in most cases
21:40:28 <flo> good night :)
22:02:03 <Mic> now finally good night
22:02:55 <Mic> even though I have something interesting to say about detecting languages via similiarity of encoding trees of compressed text
22:03:03 <Mic> Another time ;)
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