#instantbird log on 03 23 2010

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08:33:23 <tymerkaev> flo: Where new updates for nightlies?
08:34:20 <flo> for some reason the buildfarm didn't work this night...
08:35:44 <tymerkaev> ah
08:35:51 <tymerkaev> np
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09:12:53 <gaspo> Hi guys .. Im new to IB .. and I just want to tell you .. I really like it :)
09:13:01 <flo> :)
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09:19:03 <flo> is there anything you particularly look forward to see improved?
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09:23:59 <gaspo> yes, there are few things.. group/contact management, file transfers .. but this is expected in next version, right? I found also few bugs, but they are mostly already reported
09:25:34 <gaspo> I'd like to see minimize to tray at least as installed addon as default, if not fully implemented into application
09:26:26 <gaspo> also when you click in taskbar, when somebody sent u an message, it should show the tab with new messages, not the las one opened. 
09:29:55 <gaspo> and the tray icon could be shown even if its not minimized, with some right-click options
09:32:24 <gaspo> aaah. and one important thing. History .. I know there are conversation logs, but I'd like to have last few sent messages shown when I open new conversation 
09:35:09 <flo> we will need time of course, but all that is planned :)
09:36:08 <flo> hmm, I'm not sure about "when you click in taskbar, when somebody sent u an message, it should show the tab with new messages, not the las one opened."
09:36:20 <flo> I think we have discussed this once and there were pros and cons
09:47:11 <gaspo> ok. maybe you're right .Im gonna test tray notifications . :)
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09:48:55 <gaspo> ah. sorry, minimizeToTray is not working as expected :)
09:49:26 <gaspo> I hit 'close' button and it really closed IB :D .. 
09:50:26 <flo> yeah, I know we need to work on having a good system tray icon by default
09:51:35 <gaspo> ok. notification review - when somebody send me a message, it shows notification, but when I click it, it doesnt bring conversation window to front . I will try if it works if its closed. 
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09:55:49 <gaspo> hmm. when I get message while my conversation window is closed, it will auto-open the window. It will be good to have an option for this.   hmm maybe this will do something :
09:55:49 <gaspo> messenger.options.getAttentionOnNewMessages set false. testing :)
09:57:03 <gaspo> no this disables taskbar button bliok I think :) .. ok as I said, it will be good to have an option in preferences to disable auto-open new window
09:57:38 <flo> "disable auto-open"?
09:57:55 <flo> how would you like to be notified of new conversations?
10:00:24 <gaspo> I think its enough to see blink taskbar button/tray icon and also the notification message in tray, and open new window only when I click them
10:02:26 <gaspo> btw, minimize to tray addon stop working after restart. it shows as enabled, but have no affect
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10:20:58 <iLobster> Greetings
10:21:06 <gaspo> hi
10:23:37 <iLobster> gaspo, which version of MinimizeToTray revived are you using?
10:23:51 <gaspo> 0.5.2
10:24:31 <iLobster> try 0.5.4 from http://tn123.ath.cx/mintrayr/
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10:27:19 <gaspo> great, it works. thank u. Why it couldnt find its own update?
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10:29:58 <gaspo> thanx for help. 
10:32:09 <gaspo> I hope it will work after restart  :) brb
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10:33:39 <gaspo> yes it works . 
10:35:15 <iLobster> btw, flo, may be it's necessary to update MinimizeToTray revived on addons.instantbird.org to last version 0.5.4? This addon is fairly popular and stuff...
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10:52:01 <tymerkaev> hey flo, l10n buildbot is broken?
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11:37:31 <flo> iLobster: I'm not responsible at all for this add-on, ...
11:40:37 <gaspo> /users
12:07:13 <Chaz6> flo, did you see that screenshot i posted yesterday?
12:07:17 <Chaz6> flo: http://imgur.com/4skic
12:07:32 <flo> yes
12:08:00 <Chaz6> Is it possible?
12:10:58 <flo> I don't know the details of how this bot is handled
12:11:03 <flo> is it a multi-user-chat ?
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12:24:31 <gaspo> flo, one more little bug .. when 1st time connecting to icq, IB stops responding for about 3 seconds. win7, IB version 0.2pre (20100321041756) and also released 0.2b2
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13:08:00 <Chaz6> flo no it is just a regular chat
13:08:22 <Chaz6> The easiest way to set it up is to go to https://www.tweet.im/
13:08:39 <flo> ah, so the images are included with <img> tags and are loaded from the web?
13:12:42 <Chaz6> As i understand it, yeah
13:13:01 <Chaz6> I will try to get a raw xml dump 
13:13:52 <flo> I have one
13:14:50 <flo> <span><img src="http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/418653186/twitter_tweet-im_normal.png" alt="avatar"/> <a href="http://twitter.com/tweet_im">Tweet.IM</a> (tweet_im): ... </span>
13:15:27 <flo> by default in Instantbird we filter-out of the HTML anything that is likely to break your privacy
13:15:46 <Chaz6> Okay, perhaps we could have an option "enable loading external content", something like th at
13:15:49 <Chaz6> Maybe with a warning
13:15:50 <flo> (if anything makes an HTTP request when displayed, the sender of the message can know when you look at the message, and if you look at it again in the future)
13:16:18 <Chaz6> They only know when the client displayed it :)
13:16:32 <Chaz6> I don't mind about that personally, but i would at least like the option
13:16:43 <flo> the system was designed so that it's easy for add-on to change filtering rules
13:16:57 <Chaz6> I think that is a basic requirement for a client
13:16:59 <flo> so i guess an add-on could white list that bot
13:17:08 <Chaz6> To at least have a global setting
13:17:30 <Chaz6> I agree an extension would be needed to fine-tuine it
13:17:37 <Chaz6> e.g. content types, buddies, etc
13:17:41 <flo> a global setting to break your privacy without warning?
13:17:43 <Chaz6> Yes
13:18:12 <flo> that's scary, not I can't figure out any "valid" usecase for it
13:18:15 <Chaz6> I want it :p
13:18:22 <Chaz6> So I can see these images
13:18:25 <Chaz6> That are currently hidden
13:18:26 <flo> this twitter bot is obviously a workaround for the lack of native twitter support
13:18:52 <Chaz6> i'm trying to get it supported by statusnet also (identi.ca/etc)
13:19:03 <Chaz6> statusnet provides a native xmpp service
13:20:32 <Chaz6> As a user I would like to be able to decide for myself whether external content is loadedf
13:20:40 <Chaz6> I understand your concern, but I know the risks
13:20:55 <flo> the average user is completely unaware of the risk
13:21:22 <Chaz6> So as i said, put a warning with the option, but at least have it there
13:22:04 <flo> as an add-on
13:22:29 <Chaz6> An add-on can let you fine-tune the settings, but there should be a global setting built into the client
13:22:57 <flo> there should be a valid usecase
13:23:36 <Chaz6> Okay, I give up.
13:23:38 <Chaz6> You win.
13:24:01 <flo> we should remove 2 preferences each time we add one :)
13:27:01 <flo> there's a createDerivedRuleset function in the filtering API. Its purpose is to let an add-on author customize the filtering for a specific conversation
13:51:40 <Amfi> When will be the time to localize add-on section? :>
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14:45:33 <flo> I don't know.
14:52:18 <Amfi> Not yet?
14:54:44 <flo> Even is the one taking care of that website.
14:56:59 <Amfi> Let's hope he will read that ;)
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15:59:40 <tymerkaev> !bug 368
15:59:43 <instantbot> tymerkaev: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=368 nor, --, 0.2b2, florian, REOP, Context menu items displaced
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21:32:42 <leba> hi guys can i ask a question?
21:33:03 <flo> wasn't this already a question?
21:33:18 <leba> lol yes so can i ask two lol
21:33:35 <flo> I thought this was already the second question :-P
21:33:47 <leba> no fair lol
21:34:04 <flo> seriously, ask your question ;)
21:35:02 <leba> im trying to set up the facebook tab and im getting a message of "Error invalid XMPP ID " do you know what im doing wrong?
21:36:13 <leba> or can you talk me through step by step each bit so it sets up right?
21:38:12 <leba> Hello flo, can you help? any idea's?
21:39:24 <flo> so, this is with 0.2beta2, and you are using the "Facebook" protocol which is now included by default?
21:39:55 <leba> yes the newist one i only just started using it
21:40:24 <leba> started using Instantbird that is
21:41:15 <flo> what have you put in the "username" field when adding your facebook account?
21:41:53 <leba> i put my email address the account is linked to
21:42:05 <leba> left domain and resource as it is
21:43:39 <flo> ok, so that's the problem
21:44:00 <leba> what should be in that box then please?
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21:44:34 <flo> you facebook unique identifier
21:44:57 <leba> how would i find that out?
21:45:33 <flo> I think that's explained at http://www.facebook.com/sitetour/chat.php
21:46:13 <leba> ok ill go have a read, thanks for your help.
21:48:51 <flo> np
22:01:12 <leba> Hi flo still cant get it to work even when using this page  http://www.facebook.com/sitetour/chat.php#!/help/?faq=16739
22:01:29 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 375 to FIXED.
22:01:32 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=375 nor, --, 0.2, florian, RESO FIXED, Split the instantbird skin package to remove defaults from 3rd party themes.
22:01:49 <flo> so, you have found your username?
22:02:21 <leba> i found in my settings i had not got one so i have now set one up.  FB settings that is
22:03:08 <flo> so in http://www.facebook.com/username/ you see it?
22:03:44 <leba> yes its just the bit after facebook i use isnt it
22:03:57 <flo> yes
22:03:58 <leba> like facebook.com/name
22:04:07 <leba> so i would be using just name
22:04:16 <leba> thats what i was oing
22:04:19 <flo> have you logged out the website and then back in since you set your username?
22:04:21 <leba> doing*
22:04:35 <leba> no will try that now
22:07:22 <leba> oh how stupid a 101 school boy error lol
22:07:35 <leba> im going to go hang my head in shame thanks flo
22:07:47 <flo> typo in the password?
22:08:01 <leba> no just needed to log in then out lol
22:08:25 <flo> that's just facebook's stupidity...
22:08:48 <flo> there's no good reason for a user to think about logging out and back in after the username has been created...
22:09:12 <leba> yep, might be worth setting up a fan page on it with the instructions on how to set it up right
22:09:19 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/1fe91d235538 - Florian Quèze - Bug 375 - Split the instantbird skin package so that 3rd party themes don't have to include sound, emoticon and message themes.
22:09:38 <flo> I think they give the instruction
22:09:57 <flo> but who reads the instructions anyway? ;)
22:10:08 <leba> me lol
22:10:13 <flo> it should just work without instructions
22:10:14 <leba> but thanks anyways
22:10:52 <flo> np
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