#instantbird log on 02 28 2010

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14:04:32 <flo> more seriously, which FAQ page are we talking about, and how are users expected to find it?
14:04:58 <flo> as a user, I'd probably go to this page: http://instantbird.com/support.html
14:05:27 <flo> but I guess you are referring to a FAQ on the wiki, so a link is probably missing somewhere :-S
14:05:42 <Mic> I'm editing the wiki and I think there is a link from the website to the wiki already
14:08:16 <flo> it seems that there's not a single link to nightly builds in this FAQ.
14:15:45 <Mic> We've got a "Not so FAQ" now :)
14:16:12 <Mic> First item is the "What features are in my nightly"-question :)
14:16:38 <flo> "Is there no nightly today?"
14:23:03 <Mic> brb
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14:35:04 <Mic> Do we have an "add-ons"-link to protocol extensions already?
14:36:23 <flo> I don't know.
14:36:30 <flo> We will clearly have one someday :)
14:36:43 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 353 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
14:36:45 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=353 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Add link "Get more protocols..."
14:39:27 <flo> :)
14:42:01 <Mic> What states can appear on the status row on buildbot?
14:42:13 <Mic> build successful, offline, failed?
14:42:23 <Mic> (most frequent ones)
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15:41:16 <flo> I think there's also "exception" or something like that when buildbot is especially unhappy about something that happened to itself, but I'm not sure of the wording
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16:29:15 <Mic> Can you put a link to the updated FAQ on the support page?
16:29:28 <Mic> (Or copy the content from the wiki?)
16:29:48 <Mic> Some things like the Google Talk entry are no longer uptodate
16:37:22 <flo> no longer up to date for nightlies
16:37:28 <flo> but not for the "stable" build
16:37:40 <flo> I guess we will update all that just before releasing 0.2
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16:38:57 <deOmega> testing
16:39:14 <deOmega> Anyone here?
16:39:26 <flo> yes
16:39:46 <deOmega> hi flo... just trying to get a screen capture
16:41:00 <flo> instantbot: what's up?
16:41:04 <instantbot> flo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'up' might be.
16:41:05 <instantbot> flo: yo!
16:44:19 <deOmega> ok, thanks.. bbl
17:03:23 <Mic> flo: seems I got too used to nightlies
17:03:35 <flo> maybe they are addictive? :)
17:04:19 <Mic> Compare them to the last release and tell me why;)
17:04:42 <flo> I tried the "last release" this morning ;)
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21:57:05 <Mic> evening
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21:57:46 <Chaz6> G'day
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21:59:11 <Mic> What about a shortcut to access the properties page in the account manager?
21:59:29 <Mic> before you ask: yes, I am lazy;)
21:59:47 <Mic> Something like Alt-Enter maybe
22:02:42 <flo> there's an accesskey on the button, right?
22:09:07 <Morian> it used to be enter
22:09:27 <Morian> but then enter was used for connect/disconnect
22:18:48 <Mic> gn
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