#instantbird log on 02 26 2010

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12:25:52 <Mic> hi
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13:15:31 <Chaz6> facebook's xmpp is worthless without at least federation
13:17:44 <Chaz6> I wouldn't want to use facebook as a chat service anyway really
13:47:13 <Mic> Chaz6: let me try: "hvorfor ikke?"
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13:54:37 <Chaz6> I don't much care for facebook anyway
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13:59:15 <Mic> ah, ok
14:00:16 <Mic> I usually have it running to contact people that don't use instantmessengers but do use Facebook
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15:34:10 <Mic> Having status "available" (haven't checked whether it can even be changed or not) when no accounts are configured seems confusing
15:35:34 <Mic> Maybe a "deck" solution like on the account manager could help (showing a "No accounts configured, go here to set up [...]" message and the normal buddy list with the toolbar on the hidden deck in this case
15:35:59 <Mic> A "No buddies yet, click here to add [...]" message might be a good idea too
15:58:25 <flo> yeah, we need to improve the buddy list when it's empty
15:58:40 <flo> but when there's no account, do we need that window at all?
15:59:56 <Chaz6> Maybe just show the account wizard to start with?
16:00:00 <Chaz6> But some people won't like that maybe
16:01:27 <flo> why would people not like that?
16:01:50 <flo> the account wizard should start with a more "welcoming" first step
16:03:21 <Chaz6> I don't know personally, but people always find a way to surprise me
16:03:28 <Chaz6> It's fine for me
16:03:29 <flo> ahah :)
16:04:26 <flo> well, there are probably some people who would like to "explore the application" (clicking on all the menu items) before actually providing any account details. These people could probably be frustrated by such a change.
16:04:52 <flo> but the reduction of the confusion for everybody else is probably worth that frustration
16:14:57 <Mic> I think you can always click cancel to get out of the wizard without creating an account
16:17:28 <flo> in this case you get to the account manager
16:17:37 <flo> which isn't of much help
16:18:31 <Mic> I was referring to the case that you want to explore the application without creating an account.
16:19:43 <Mic> d'oh. Maybe I should read before posting ;)
16:20:25 <flo> but is there anything (except the about dialog and the prefwindow) that can be explored without an account?
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16:24:43 <Mic> Ob Ubuntu 9.04, the status icon in the toolbar popup is above the checkbox symbol btw
16:32:20 <Mic> What about an introductive screen instead of plunging the users in at the deep end?
16:33:24 <flo> like when I said "the account wizard should start with a more "welcoming" first step"? :)
16:33:26 <Mic> Something easy to grasp, a screen with e.g. three items that display what he should do first. "1. Set up an account", ..
16:34:33 <flo> what would be item 2 and 3?
16:35:10 <Mic> What else will apply .. "Import chat history" and so on
16:37:14 <flo> "Welcome to your new instant messenger, and congratulation for choosing Instantbird."
16:37:14 <flo> <logo>
16:37:15 <flo> "This wizard will guide you through the process of setting up your instant messaging accounts."
16:37:15 <flo> (while this screen is displayed, we can start looking for other installed IM software and their profile folders)
16:38:02 <Mic> which you can't expect to work flawlessly and therefore should show the result so the user can check whether something has been missed or not
16:38:06 <Even> Looks good but I think this sould only appear the first time the wizard is displayed.
16:38:21 <Mic> Therefore it should be an extra item imo
16:38:25 <Even> After that might just be taking time for nothing.
16:38:49 <flo> the next step would be "Instantbird can now try to import your settings from other instant messengers you used before." That screen would show a list of the detected accounts, with a checkbox (checked by default) next to each of them. The buttons at the bottom would be "Import" and "Skip". A throbber would be animated as long as the search for accounts is not finished.
16:39:39 <flo> Even: not sure if it would be the first time only, or each time the wizard is started because there's no configured account.
16:40:00 <flo> we will definitively not try to import stuff when the user manually clicked the "new account" button
16:40:01 <Mic> hmm, no
16:40:20 <Mic> I don't think he should be bothered with importing things just because he wants to set up a new account
16:40:26 <Mic> that's completely unrelated in my opinion
16:40:58 <Even> flo: that's good enough. I thouight of the same thing but figured you would too. It prevents an useless property somewhere so it seems better.
16:41:05 <flo> Mic: that's what I just said
16:41:26 <Mic> ah, I missed the "not".
16:41:37 <Mic> d'oh, not my day as it seems :D
16:42:06 <flo> (it's not mine either. I'm sick, at home, and spending most of the day in bed...)
16:42:37 <Mic> oh, get well then
16:43:51 <flo> I will try :)
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16:57:24 <tymerkaev> hi flo
16:57:58 <tymerkaev> Do you have time for me?
17:01:42 <flo> maybe. What is it about? :)
17:04:07 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 352 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
17:04:09 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=352 min, --, ---, leeraccount, NEW, Topic change bar issues
17:06:16 <Mic> bye
17:07:25 <flo> good evening :)
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17:15:28 <flo> grrr... power outage :(
17:17:15 <tymerkaev> flo: I want to talk with you about my problem with sending patches to server ...
17:17:55 <flo> we changed the configuration on the server about 40 minutes ago to try to fix that issue
17:19:01 <flo> does it work now if you use https://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/ru/ as the URL?
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17:22:21 <tymerkaev> flo: I can't send you screenshot.
17:22:39 <flo> do you have an error message?
17:22:45 <tymerkaev> yes
17:23:26 <tymerkaev> abort: authorization failed
17:24:25 <tymerkaev> hey
17:27:56 <flo> are you using the https url? and are you sure you copied correctly the password I emailed you?
17:28:54 <tymerkaev> yes yes
17:31:14 <tymerkaev> What port is needed?
17:31:21 <tymerkaev> for ssl
17:31:30 <flo> the standard https port
17:31:57 <flo> can you try pushing to https://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/ru/repos/ to see if this work?
17:32:06 <tymerkaev> yes
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17:36:44 <tymerkaev> ssl required
17:36:47 <tymerkaev> flo
17:37:26 <flo> which hg software are you using?
17:37:41 <flo> are you using tortoisehg, or doing it on the command line?
17:38:02 <tymerkaev> TortoiseHg
17:38:05 <tymerkaev> 0.9.3
17:39:30 <tymerkaev> flo: Check your mailbox
17:43:36 <Amfi> I've had similar problem recently. https://[...]/repos helped in my case.
17:45:55 <flo> tymerkaev: well, try with /repos/ at the end of the URL :)
17:46:12 <tymerkaev> ok
17:48:13 <tymerkaev> pushing to https://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/ru/repos/
17:48:15 <tymerkaev> searching for changes
17:48:16 <tymerkaev> http authorization required
17:48:18 <tymerkaev> realm: Mecurial 'Locales' repositories
17:48:19 <tymerkaev> ssl required
17:48:21 <tymerkaev> [command returned code 1 Fri Feb 26 21:47:35 2010]
17:49:18 <flo> Even: ping. Do you think this "ssl required" message could be a server issue?
17:53:44 <tymerkaev> flo: What do I do?
17:55:11 <flo> honestly, I don't know :(. I'd like Even's opinion on this error...
17:55:39 <flo> oh wait
17:56:01 <flo> the error log on the server says: "[Fri Feb 26 18:35:27 2010] [error] user Tymerkaev: authentication failure for "/l10n/ru/repos/": Password Mismatch"
17:57:00 <tymerkaev> really?
17:57:51 <tymerkaev> flo: I copied and pasted password from your message.
18:06:46 <tymerkaev> flo: Maybe you can again send a patch? I really want to see the results of my work.
18:06:54 <flo> yes
18:07:03 <tymerkaev> please wait
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18:08:43 <Amfi> tymerkaev: Are you doing the translation alone?
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18:09:09 <tymerkaev> no
18:10:36 <tymerkaev> I borrowed part of the translation from translation of Firefox.
18:11:36 <Amfi> So did we :)
18:12:25 <flo> it's better to do it. That way, user familiar with Firefox will see the same strings ;)
18:14:30 <tymerkaev> flo: I sent you a message (florian@instantbird.com) ;)
18:15:01 <Chaz6> neat, instantbird.com has an ipv6-enabled dns server :)
18:15:29 <Chaz6> Now about the web server..
18:18:45 <tymerkaev> I've got to go. Goodbye!
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18:29:41 <flo> Chaz6: do you think we would have more users if we had an ip-v6 server? ;)
18:44:39 <Morian> tomorrow instantbot will be unavailable for 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon.
18:57:26 <flo> Morian: ah, finally moving?
18:59:23 <Morian> I am already moved. instantbot is not
18:59:56 <Morian> we were prepary his temporary environment, and then I'll have some hardware stuff to do on him before putting him back online.
19:03:38 <flo> oh, some surgery, like cutting fan wires? :)
19:04:18 <Morian> no, setting up a new power thing
19:04:25 <Morian> with uncut wires (!)
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21:50:22 <Morian> mmmh I may also move Instantbot tonight
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22:32:04 <flo> good night
22:33:08 <Morian> 'night
22:57:53 <Mic> good night
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