#instantbird log on 02 14 2010

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00:28:39 <Morian> hi and bye vicnet ^^', it's late (well quite late) here
00:28:54 <vicnet> good night to you then!
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02:47:11 <ecmuller> hey...the site is all borked?
03:24:10 <vicnet> good night!
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07:15:44 <flo> ecmuller: why/how?
07:16:18 <ecmuller> flo: the blog is broken
07:16:45 <ecmuller> the developers section didn't come up before but it seems fine now
07:17:08 <ecmuller> that might have been a network problem
07:17:18 <ecmuller> the blog gives an error though
07:19:06 <flo> the hard disk where mysql is is full
07:19:55 <ecmuller> hmm...well just thought I'd let you know
07:20:06 <ecmuller> I was worried maybe things had died
07:20:43 <flo> things ?
07:21:07 <ecmuller> instantbird
07:21:23 <flo> why would it have?
07:22:35 <ecmuller> I don't know
07:22:58 <flo> are you using nightly builds?
07:23:03 <ecmuller> I check in on it every few months, and this time I saw the site was having issues
07:24:18 <flo> ok, the blog works again
07:24:24 <flo> thanks for reporting the issue :)
07:25:06 <ecmuller> Yup I see it again
07:26:47 <flo> ecmuller: a project like this one can only die if nobody cares about it anymore.
07:27:04 <flo> If the original developers ever give up, it won't be by silently shutting down the blog or the main website, but by putting an announcement about why they aren't going to work on the project anymore, and what others can do to take it over.
07:27:25 <ecmuller> cool
07:27:26 <flo> and I can assure you that it's not going to happen in the near few months!
07:27:38 <flo> we are about to release 0.2 beta 2 and quickly after that 0.2 final
07:27:52 <ecmuller> good stuff
07:28:11 <flo> and we have exciting projects for the next version after that :)
07:29:08 <ecmuller> I really like the potential instantbird has
07:29:44 <flo> is there something you are particularly looking forward to?
07:30:32 <ecmuller> Well, I mostly use pidgin and that does what I need
07:31:06 <ecmuller> but it's far from perfect
07:31:42 <ecmuller> I really like the history from trillian, with the usage graphs etc
07:32:05 <ecmuller> thunderbird 3 has something like that in the search now
07:33:19 <flo> like this: http://psi-im.org/wiki/uploads/1/1a/Gsoc08_history_trillian.jpg ?
07:33:52 <ecmuller> yeah exactly that
07:34:28 <flo> the comment on the page where I found this screenshot: "Nice, but activity graph is useless. " :-D.
07:34:49 <flo> apparently, someone hasn't understood the concept of graphic visualization :-D
07:35:00 <ecmuller> it's been a long time since I used trillian but I sort of miss how nice the history browser was
07:36:04 <ecmuller> well it is mostly eye candy, but it does make figuring out the dynamics of the conversation at a glance, timestamps don't really show flow very well
07:37:15 <ecmuller> I haven't seen a better implementation of history yet
07:37:17 <flo> oh, that's for a single conversation?
07:37:42 <flo> I thought it was the history of all conversation with that person, so that you can locate quickly when you talked to that person
07:37:49 <ecmuller> you can
07:37:58 <ecmuller> it's for the whole day
07:38:15 <flo> ah
07:38:21 <ecmuller> you can access others on the calendar
07:38:31 <ecmuller> it could probably be made better
07:38:57 <ecmuller> maybe changing the resolution of the graph instead of having the calendar
07:39:11 <flo> the idea I currently have is to display a graphical view at the top of the history viewer window, and make sure people can scroll though it
07:39:19 <flo> I don't like the calenda
07:39:21 <flo> r
07:39:37 <ecmuller> yeah
07:40:01 <flo> though, I guess the interest of having the graphical view vertical is that it scrolls in the same direction as the conversation. Hmm...
07:40:06 <ecmuller> there's room for improvement, I just don't know why everyone else didn't follow them down that path
07:40:30 <flo> because doing something great with that is a lot of work
07:40:41 <ecmuller> well yeah lol
07:40:53 <ecmuller> but I mean even projects with more resources
07:41:35 <flo> which one?
07:41:51 <ecmuller> well even something like the official MSN client
07:41:55 <flo> pidgin developers don't seem to love eye candy
07:42:06 <ecmuller> true enough lol
07:42:32 <flo> Adium which has a rather nice UI seems to be missing developer resources these days.
07:42:40 <flo> I don't know about the development team of Kopete
07:42:43 <ecmuller> adium is really pretty
07:44:25 <ecmuller> I like what you guys are doing with the protocol add ons
07:45:35 <ecmuller> theoretically you could update the plugins without updating the whole program, although I'm probably misunderstanding how libpurple works
07:47:03 <flo> if plugins are installed as addons, yes, we can update just the plugin
07:47:19 <ecmuller> cool
07:47:31 <flo> otherwise, we need to upgrade the whole application. But with our update system, the user download (automatically!) just the update, not the whole application every time
07:47:53 <ecmuller> that could be more efficient than pidgin
07:49:01 <ecmuller> I suppose that history could be done as an addon as well?
07:49:50 <flo> yes
07:50:09 <flo> by the way, we already have a (very basic/poor) log viewer
07:50:30 <flo> if you want to do something great with the history, you have to change first the way the  history is stored
07:50:51 <flo> currently the logs are stored by libpurple in the same way as they are stored for pidgin, so it's not easy to do something great with them...
07:50:52 <ecmuller> is it the same way pidgin stores it...
07:50:58 <ecmuller> yeah
07:51:30 <ecmuller> It could be done but it's not super friendly
07:52:00 <ecmuller> it does allow external access though, database type stuff doesn't
07:52:23 <flo> external access for what?
07:52:40 <ecmuller> I use tail on the sytem logs
07:52:53 <flo> oh, you are a geek then ;)
07:52:57 <ecmuller> lol
07:53:02 <flo> but why do you need to do that in the first place?
07:53:11 <ecmuller> I don't need to
07:53:23 <flo> isn't it that a view of the history recent events is missing somewhere?
07:53:55 <ecmuller> but I can see at a glance who's signed on or off recently
07:54:31 <flo> wouldn't it be better to see that with an icon next to each event, and maybe even the buddy icon of the contact?
07:55:13 <ecmuller> well yeah, but if it happened 20 minutes ago or something
07:55:34 <ecmuller> although by that point it doesn't really matter
07:57:12 <ecmuller> I don't know, a large part of the reason is just because I can
07:57:55 <flo> you can also jump out of the window, but you probably don't do it just "because you can" ;)
07:58:09 <ecmuller> also if I'm not staring at the screen but just hear the sound, I can go check who it was
07:59:34 <flo> so that's "a view of the history recent events is missing somewhere" ;)
08:00:04 <ecmuller> ah ok I misread that
08:00:31 <ecmuller> maybe a small feed of the most recent status changes would fix that
08:00:58 <ecmuller> like a tab on the buddy list or something
09:01:17 <flo> I'd rather have something that doesn't need a click to provide useful information
09:01:51 <flo> otherwise, most users will probably never benefit from it because they won't think about clicking on that tab, which in this case would become just a waste of space
09:14:46 <Tymerkaev> hi flo
09:14:54 <flo> hi
09:15:04 <Tymerkaev> I have a problem with sending patches to the server
09:15:36 <flo> ah?
09:15:48 <Tymerkaev> real URL is http://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/ru/repos/
09:15:50 <Tymerkaev> pushing to http://Tymerkaev:***@hg.instantbird.org/l10n/ru/
09:15:52 <Tymerkaev> searching for changes
09:15:53 <Tymerkaev> HTTP Error 405: push requires POST request
09:15:55 <Tymerkaev> [command interrupted]
09:16:48 <Tymerkaev> I use TortoiseHg
09:16:53 <flo> http is read-only. You need to use an https URL to push.
09:17:56 <Tymerkaev> ok I try
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10:08:25 <Mic> good morning
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11:39:45 <Mic> flo: is it intended that when moving a buddy between groups, the animation of a singing-off-buddy is shown?
11:39:53 <Mic> *signing
11:40:13 <flo> more or less
11:40:21 <flo> I think it's nice to have an animation in this case
11:40:30 <flo> but displaying the grey "offline" icon is probably not appropriate
11:51:26 <Mic> There are some strange bugs with moving buddies between groups by the way
11:52:02 <Mic> e.g. duplication of buddies and other things like unmovable buddies..
11:52:47 <flo> :(
11:53:03 <Mic> Some can't be renamed and so on ..
11:53:14 <flo> it's even worse when you attempt to move buddies while offline buddies are displayed
11:53:27 <Mic> That's what I tried to do .. 
11:53:44 <flo> ah
11:54:08 <Mic> When ordering your buddy list you can hardly wait for each buddy to sign on ..
11:54:48 <flo> or maybe you can :)
11:55:13 <flo> do you feel the need to have an ordered buddy list, or do you feel the need to put "this specific buddy" in another group when you see it?
11:55:28 <flo> who cares if buddies that are never online/visible are not in the right group?
11:56:35 <Mic> Just because he's not online when I re-order my buddy list doesn't imply that a buddy never signs on
11:57:22 <flo> yeah, I know
11:57:35 <flo> but the current UI is clearly not adapted for moving a lot of buddies at once
11:59:46 <Mic> Another one: only half of the offline buddies get hidden when unchecking "Show offline buddies"
12:00:10 <flo> known bug too
12:00:39 <flo> the one that are not hidden or either buddies that don't exist (you have moved them to another group, and they don't exist anymore in this group, it's just a display problem)
12:01:00 <flo> or buddies that you have in the buddy lists of several accounts, and at least one of the account is not connected
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14:27:26 * flo has just seen that his father was still using Instantbird 0.1.2 (compiled in July 2008!)
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22:55:27 <flo> good night
22:56:16 <vicnet> good night everyone, I'm leaving too :)
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