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11:13:26 <Mic> hi
11:31:06 <flo> hi :)
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14:57:37 <iLobster> Greetings
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16:00:44 <iLobster> flo: https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=326 means russian localisation is done?
16:00:47 <instantbot> iLobster: Bug 326 nor, --, 0.2, nobody, UNCO, ru-RU localization for Instantbird 0.2
16:01:19 <flo> iLobster: no
16:01:31 <flo> I looked inside the attached 7z archive
16:01:37 <flo> only some of the files are translated
16:01:39 <flo> I don't know why
16:01:49 <flo> actually, I don't know more than what is written in the bug
16:02:01 <iLobster> ahh, ok
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16:24:30 <iLobster> flo: it's me again. How do you think - it will be better to let author finish his localisation project version or i can try to make translation via Mercurial(TortoiseHG) stuff, etc.?
16:24:51 <flo> the author is requesting an hg repository
16:25:05 <flo> You can contact him, and try to work with him as a team.
16:25:12 <iLobster> oki
16:25:22 <flo> The polish localization has been done by a team, in my opinion it's the best way to work
16:25:32 <flo> it's important to have at least someone proofreading the translations
16:25:43 <flo> so you can each translates some of the files, and proofread the others
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17:09:35 <SonnyT> hi
17:09:43 <flo> bonsoir :)
17:10:33 <SonnyT> (chut, y'a ptet pas que des français ici ;))
17:10:57 <flo> 4 out of 12 ;)
17:11:03 <SonnyT> ha quand même
17:11:43 <SonnyT> je suis en train de tester votre soft, pas mal du tout!
17:12:28 <flo> want to contribute ideas/suggestions? :)
17:13:11 <SonnyT> bon, je te la fais en français ou en anglais?
17:13:49 <flo> english if you want other people to understand ;)
17:15:10 <SonnyT> Stop me if it is already done but having a "perform" field for irc would be a nice idea
17:15:47 <flo> is this a "type this command automatically after each connection" feature?
17:15:55 <SonnyT> yep
17:16:17 <flo> probably doable as an add-on
17:16:55 <SonnyT> probably right
17:18:00 <SonnyT> and is there any possibility today to group my buddies into one (if one is connected to yahoo and gtalk for example) ?
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17:18:47 <flo> not yet
17:18:58 <SonnyT> do you plan to do it?
17:19:03 <flo> of course! :)
17:19:16 <SonnyT> great ;)
17:22:36 <SonnyT> and will you implement an "history log" feature?
17:22:46 <flo> which version are you using?
17:23:44 <SonnyT> 0.2b1 under mac OS X
17:26:19 <flo> in current nightly builds there's a basic log viewer
17:31:32 <SonnyT> ok, thx. Is there a place were a list of all the features you plan to develop can be seen?
17:32:31 <flo> there's the roadmap for a very high level list: http://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:Roadmap
17:32:38 <flo> but lots of things are not listed there
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17:33:13 <carolinadude714> ping
17:33:54 <flo> SonnyT: some features are also requested on bugzilla
17:34:18 <carolinadude714> is this working?
17:34:29 <flo> carolinadude714: what is "this"?
17:34:51 <carolinadude714> this program just downloaded it
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17:37:44 <SonnyT> thx flo, when do you first started this project?
17:37:58 <flo> 0.1 was released in october 2007
17:44:58 <flo> I've got to go, talk to you later: )
17:45:04 <SonnyT> and how many people are working on it? (yeah, I am curious, I know...)
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17:45:15 <SonnyT> euh ben bye alors
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18:46:29 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> Is there a way to block the communication from NickServ so I don't have to close that tab everyday?
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19:03:32 <idechix> yes
19:03:45 <idechix> install NickServKiller addon
19:04:32 <idechix> this extension is a workaround to this stupid problem
19:06:31 <idechix> DetroitLibertyPenguin: https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/addon/209
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19:22:10 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> idechix, THANKS!
19:22:26 <idechix> you're welcome
19:22:48 <idechix> ;)
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20:04:28 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): you around
20:06:23 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): a guy name oGGy990 is going to come in asking about building protcol addon for instantbird becose he need a littel help
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20:08:12 * DGMurdockIII slaps flo around a bit with a large trout
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20:10:16 <oGGy990> Hi! My current problem is compiling the 0.2 beta tarball: configure: error: --enable-application=APP was not specified and is required.
20:10:16 <oGGy990> *** Fix above errors and then restart with               "make -f client.mk build"
20:10:16 <oGGy990> make[1]: *** [configure] Fehler 1
20:10:16 <oGGy990> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/oggy/Desktop/instantbird-0.2b1-src/mozilla'
20:10:53 <oGGy990> I followed the instructions on the developer page
20:13:14 <oGGy990> okay...not from withing mozilla as it seems :)
20:26:57 <DGMurdockIII> 2(Even2): you here
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20:40:07 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> DGMurdockIII: waht is this ( ) command for?
20:41:40 <flo> oGGy990: does this work now that you are no longer inside the mozilla folder? :)
20:42:12 <oGGy990> yeah :)
20:42:20 <oGGy990> Not it's only compile errors in my plugin^^
20:42:34 <oGGy990> Now*
20:42:35 <flo> out of curiosity, which plugin is it?
20:42:40 <oGGy990> Gfire
20:42:52 <oGGy990> DGMurdockIII, asked for it
20:43:28 <flo> ok :)
20:44:03 <DGMurdockIII> i think have gfire on instantbird would help out instantbird alot
20:44:05 <oGGy990> We use GTK in it, and one of our devs hasn't added the HAVE_GTK define check whereever needed :)
20:45:39 * DetroitLibertyPenguin wikipedia's gfire
20:46:02 <oGGy990> You won't find there anything :)
20:46:10 <oGGy990> Just a note on Pidgins page
20:47:04 <flo> DetroitLibertyPenguin: you can google it ;) http://gfireproject.org/
20:47:08 <oGGy990> wth...why is _WIN32 defined when compiling on Linux? :)
20:47:27 <flo> where is it defined from?
20:47:40 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> Flo:what is wrong with Wikipedia?
20:47:45 <oGGy990> dunno, I have just some checks for _WIN32 in there
20:47:58 <oGGy990> the compiler should define it actually...
20:48:15 <flo> DetroitLibertyPenguin: oGGy990 just said that there's nothing interesting there on this topic
20:48:39 <flo> so, you have a strange compiler!
20:48:58 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> whcih I realized once i did, so I Ixquicked it, some of us don't like Google
20:49:06 <oGGy990> oh..no my fault. Our linux build system just doesn't include the windows files :)
20:50:39 <oGGy990> gfire.c:(.text+0x1fc0): undefined reference to `g_thread_init'
20:50:39 <oGGy990> no threading support? o.O
20:50:39 <DGMurdockIII> 2(DetroitLibertyPenguin2): what about cuil http://www.cuil.com/?
20:51:03 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> results aren't as good as ixquick, in my opinon
20:51:12 <flo> DetroitLibertyPenguin: ok. Nice to know you care about your privacy :)
20:51:18 <DGMurdockIII> ixquick?
20:51:42 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> right
20:51:49 <flo> oGGy990: no g_thread
20:51:56 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> hence the Liberty
20:52:00 <flo> exception on Windows I think
20:52:13 <flo> *except
20:52:37 <oGGy990> okay...so more stuff I need to disable...
20:52:48 <flo> what do you use threads for?
20:53:05 <oGGy990> massive server data querying :)
20:53:17 <oGGy990> We're using thread pools for that
20:54:12 <flo> how does it help?
20:54:17 <oGGy990> purple would be blocked too much otherwise
20:54:46 <flo> one day we should move purple out of the UI thread :-D
20:54:53 <oGGy990> And we're using it for game server detection
20:55:05 <oGGy990> which requires to run a command for up to 15 seconds
20:55:18 <oGGy990> not good to block the g_main_loop for 15 secs
20:55:30 <flo> why do you neeed to block?
20:56:19 <oGGy990> we're reading from a popen'ed fd
20:56:59 <oGGy990> well, server detection is not finished and the server browser uses GTK and must be disabled anyway
20:57:22 <flo> oh, so you create another process?
20:57:55 <oGGy990> we create a lot of processes
20:58:04 <oGGy990> for wine game detection mainly
21:00:29 <oGGy990> okay, got the .so file
21:00:40 <oGGy990> any way to try it? :)
21:01:43 <flo> put it in the components/ folder of the application
21:02:05 <flo> but if you added it correctly in the build system, it's already there ;)
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21:02:36 <oGGy990> yup :)
21:02:42 <oGGy990> And to start it?
21:02:55 <flo> you should see it in the account wizard
21:03:05 <flo> or maybe you mean to start your build?
21:03:11 <oGGy990> start the build, yeha
21:03:20 <flo> launch obj-instantbird/mozilla/dist/bin/instantbird
21:03:31 <oGGy990> the script?
21:03:42 <flo> yeah, launch the script
21:03:58 <oGGy990> terminates immediately without any message on the terminal
21:06:56 <flo> if you add --help at the end of the command, does it start enough to print the help message?
21:07:36 <oGGy990> yep
21:08:54 <oGGy990> safe mode works
21:09:30 <flo> safe mode starts correctly and normal startup doesn't work?
21:09:42 <oGGy990> yep
21:09:51 <oGGy990> And the plugin seems to work
21:09:56 <flo> have you installed some addons?
21:10:38 <oGGy990> I never had instantbird before compiling this one :)
21:15:48 <oGGy990> or does it include my TB and FF addons?
21:19:34 <flo> I don't think so
21:19:45 <flo> it may use some OS-wide plugins (flash, ...)
21:20:38 <oGGy990> hm..I have gecko-mediaplayer, VLC media-player (disabled in FF), Java and Adobe Flash as plugins
21:21:24 <DGMurdockIII> he did tell me he is using gentoo
21:21:34 <DGMurdockIII> if that is any help
21:22:00 <oGGy990> Don't think that should be an issue
21:22:23 <oGGy990> If it works fine with gcc 4.3.4
21:23:05 <flo> if firefox 3.6 works with that compiler, instantbird 0.2 should work
21:23:40 <oGGy990> I only have Firefox 3.5.6, 3.6 is marked unstable in the repos
21:24:08 <oGGy990> (it works but is not trhoughout tested by the Gentoo guys yet)
21:24:41 <oGGy990> haha lol
21:24:52 <oGGy990> Now also the normal startup works
21:25:20 <oGGy990> ei...segfault on closing the account manager
21:26:36 <oGGy990> but not on every run
21:27:35 <oGGy990> how do you debug it? xD
21:28:07 <flo> valgrind!
21:30:27 <oGGy990> do you save account preferences?
21:31:00 <oGGy990> we save the current protocol version as an account setting. But it's always the default value when started
21:34:06 <flo> we don't save the preferences that have not been changed by the user
21:36:40 <oGGy990> http://developer.pidgin.im/doxygen/dev/html/account_8h.html#ef167ce400840c19a3de476185ebde5f
21:39:27 <oGGy990> hm this time it worked...strange
21:40:49 <flo> that "documentation" is perfectly unreadable
21:42:02 <oGGy990> well, with some work from the devs it's useable :) although some descriptions are wrong
21:42:26 <flo> I tend to directly read the source code
21:42:29 <flo> (the .h files)
21:42:56 <flo> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/account.h#471 that's more readable for my eyes
21:52:13 <oGGy990> :)
21:52:22 <oGGy990> Looks like the crash comes from within my P2P code
21:52:50 <flo> so I guess you know who should fix it :)
21:54:11 <oGGy990> Well, it doesn't crash in Pidgin there :) And I used valgrind on Pidgin + Gfire in the moment DGMurdock joined our IRC channel
21:54:21 <oGGy990> And there were no invalid writes/reads...
21:55:08 <oGGy990> not even in 30000 P2P packets xD It crashed now, without even doing anything
22:00:02 <oGGy990> i'm not really familiar with valgrind but I have 3 assignment operators in a function, which all three operate on the same data. But only two of them are an invalid write
22:01:02 <oGGy990> it's all single threaded and the operators work on structure members. I'm not freeing the structure anywhere
22:01:19 <flo> have you allocated it?
22:01:32 <flo> maybe pastebin the relevant code and the valgrind error? :)
22:01:34 <oGGy990> gfire_p2p_connection *ret = g_malloc0(sizeof(gfire_p2p_connection));
22:02:57 <oGGy990> http://gfire.pastebin.com/d4f1e37db
22:03:45 <oGGy990> Well, the only idea I have is that it disconnects before and thus the P2P connection is freed while the purple_network_listen_range function callback hasn't run yet
22:04:17 <oGGy990> So p_data is a "valid" pointer, but the connection has been freed before in the event loop
22:04:56 <oGGy990> must be that xD
22:07:58 <flo> why is purple_connection_disconnect_cb executed from a timer?
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22:08:29 <oGGy990> dunno, I have nothing to do with that :)
22:08:54 <oGGy990> we always use the purple_connection_error functions when something happens
22:09:42 <oGGy990> libpurplexpcom.so is yours, isn't it?
22:11:18 <flo> the timer is created in  purple_connection_error_reason
22:11:25 <oGGy990> I don't really get at all, why it disconnects
22:11:27 <flo> yes, libpurplexpcom.so is our C++ code
22:11:28 <instantbot> c++ is e-- ah, nevermind.
22:11:43 <flo> instantbot: C++ ?
22:11:44 <instantbot> flo: I have heard that c++ is a programming language that is used in most applications throughout the industry. C++ in itself is platform independent, but to display windows, widgets and the like one needs... (rest /msged)
22:16:55 <oGGy990> seems like the crashes are killed :)
22:20:12 <oGGy990> is there any tool for .po to prpl.properties conversion?
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22:21:12 <flo> yes
22:21:23 <flo> in the tools/l10n/ directory
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22:40:42 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/9dc36bf27383 - Florian Qu?ze - Patch Mozilla to add -moz-color and -moz-background-color keywords to the CSS engine.
22:40:43 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/cc843c5d62f6 - Florian Qu?ze - Make Accel + Shift + ',' open about:config in debug builds.
22:57:47 <oGGy990> Any special format for the platform dir?
23:11:35 <flo> you want to put several binaries inside the same .xpi?
23:11:57 <flo> if so, I suggest you unzip the facebook-chat xpi file and imitate the directory structure ;)
23:12:21 <oGGy990> well, my binary is 64bit :)
23:12:29 <oGGy990> and gcc4 compiled, not gcc3
23:13:13 <flo> if I remember well, gcc4 and gcc3 are binary compatible
23:13:53 <oGGy990> the newest GCC requires a new runtime library
23:14:01 <oGGy990> libgcc_s or something...
23:14:33 <flo> can't it just statically link everything it needs?
23:15:55 <oGGy990> gcc3 - GNU C++ Compiler 3.x or 4.x
23:16:51 <oGGy990> Should have it correct with Linux_x86_64-gcc3 then
23:24:31 <flo> good night
23:24:41 <flo> FOSDEM tomorrow! :)
23:25:35 <oGGy990> too far away, gn8 :)