#instantbird log on 02 04 2010

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10:07:34 <iLobster> Greetings
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10:12:47 <flo> hi :)
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10:21:03 <Mic> hi
10:41:48 <Morian> hi!
10:41:59 <Morian> instantbot: status
10:42:00 <instantbot> Morian: I have 1813 factoids in my database and 1 bot friend to help me answer questions. Since the last reload, I've been asked 12 questions, performed 102 edits, and spoken with other bots 20 times.
10:42:01 <instantbot> Morian: I've been up 14 days.
10:42:05 <Morian> \o/
10:43:17 <flo> 1813? How has it got so many? :)
10:45:14 * Mic just learned what "factoid"  means :D
10:45:46 <Morian> he parses all "<thing> is <sentence>"
10:45:55 <Morian> so ... it's quickly huge I guess :(
10:46:07 <flo> so it contains a lot of junk?
10:46:16 <Morian> probably yes ...
10:46:23 <Morian> (and that's the default behavior)
10:46:37 <Mic> What is he parses all "<thing>
10:46:54 <Mic> hmm ;)
10:47:20 <Morian> instantbot: who is mic?
10:47:21 <instantbot> Morian: everyone knows that! mic is that addon ready yet
10:47:27 <Morian> for example ...
10:47:29 <Morian> :(
10:48:07 <flo> instantbot: what is What?
10:48:10 <instantbot> flo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'What' is.
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10:51:56 <Mic> instantbot: forget mic
10:51:57 <instantbot> Mic: I've forgotten what I knew about 'mic'.
10:52:05 <Mic> instantbot: what is Mic
10:52:08 <instantbot> Mic: Sorry, I've no idea who you are.
10:52:09 <instantbot> Mic: firebot knew: you are Michal (Mic) Berman <mic@mozilla.com>, MoCo l10n/distributions co-ordinator
10:52:16 <flo> :-P
10:52:24 <Mic> instantbot: Firebot is wrong
10:52:25 <instantbot> Mic: But firebot is 'a jerk' or 'a HAL 9000 computer'...
10:58:54 <Mic> What is reality?
10:59:01 <Mic> instantbot: What is reality?
10:59:02 <instantbot> Mic: Reality is "the state of things as they actually exist" (in everyday usage). [Citation needed!]
10:59:18 <Mic> ok, I jsut added this ;)
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11:19:51 <Troy> instantbot: Troy
11:19:52 <instantbot> Troy: Maybe you are the winner of number of nicknames :-D
11:22:27 <Troy> instantbot: iLobster
11:22:28 <instantbot> Troy: iLobster is a lawyer by education
11:22:47 <Troy> instantbot: Ze
11:22:49 <instantbot> Troy: Sorry, I've no idea what 'Ze' might be.
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17:49:03 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/fd995c4992c1 - Florian Qu?ze - Stop using instanceof checks to know if a conversation is a chat (it didn't work for conversation objects implemented in JS).
17:49:04 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/d04e5cc132f6 - Florian Qu?ze - Include the 'Fake' add-on by default for debug builds (define the environment variable FAKE to turn it on).
17:49:05 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/6e1fe599884a - Florian Qu?ze - Add a windowtype attribute to the account wizard so that the 'Fake' add-on can close it.
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18:12:42 <deOmega> Instantbird now has history search etc.  I just realized :0
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21:11:54 <Mic> flo: I think it would be better if someone else would take the account status bar-task
21:12:45 <flo> is Morian interested? :)
21:12:46 <Mic> I'll be away/too busy for a while 
21:13:16 <flo> (by the way, I think it's already too late to implement it for 0.2)
21:13:17 <Mic> If it's not done by then I'll do it later
21:13:44 <flo> it will inevitably generate bug reports, comments and suggestions after it lands in nightlies, and we will probably need time to address them
21:14:28 <flo> I spent time reviewing my todo list and the roadmap this morning
21:14:42 <flo> I think we are going to finish 0.2 as quickly as possible:
21:15:30 <flo> the last features that I still think we can add are: very minimal status area at the top of the buddy list (no buddy icon, no display name, only the status and status message). Contact deletion.
21:15:32 <Mic> I'll take some time to fix a bug or two but not much more 
21:15:39 <flo> after that, we will release beta2
21:15:49 <flo> and then, spend a week or two to fix the outstanding bugs
21:16:24 <flo> and then 0.2 final
21:16:42 <flo> after 0.2, we want to have faster iterations (= shorter release cycles).
21:17:05 <flo> for 0.2, we re-wrote most of the code of the UI, touching all the windows
21:17:12 <flo> we probably don't want to do that anymore
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21:21:55 <flo> Mic: I think you've already done a bit of the XUL code for the status bar, maybe you can share it with Morian, even though it's very work-in-progress?
21:23:48 <deOmega> hi Flo.. just wanted to say .. thank you all for implementing teh history feature.   And many of the other stuff.   I am pretty pleased right now,  while we wait for  the other stuff
21:24:12 <flo> :)
21:24:21 <deOmega> one  quick question..
21:24:21 <flo> which other stuff are you waiting for? :)
21:24:25 <Mic> Sure .. even though that it is not much more than toolbarbuttons being generated with protocol icons on them at the moment
21:25:37 <deOmega> is there a way in instantibird, if i want to  say something to you in teh room,  I can click on your name or something and it  inputs it?   so it woud appear  teh way you did   the post to MIC?
21:25:42 <deOmega> like...
21:25:48 <deOmega> flo: hi
21:26:33 <flo> click on the name where?
21:27:13 <flo> in the nicklist ? clicking on the name in the chat history? or clicking on any message from that person maybe (bigger target!) ?
21:27:29 <deOmega> in teh nicklist
21:27:48 <deOmega> anything actually
21:27:53 <deOmega> how did you do it?
21:27:59 <deOmega> how did you  make yoru post to Mic?
21:28:11 <Mic> type "Mic:"
21:28:13 <flo> I typed "Mic:"
21:28:17 <deOmega> rotflol
21:28:19 <deOmega> OK
21:28:23 <flo> like you probably did with "flo: hi" ;)
21:28:33 <deOmega> right
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21:29:34 <flo> very often when we prepend the nick of someone on IRC, it's because we reply to a message from that person
21:30:06 <flo> so I guess an extension putting automatically in the inputbox the nick of the person who said a message on which we click (double click?) could be very useful :)
21:30:13 <deOmega> OK, with mirc.. and i forget what i did..  but if i click on anyone's name..  it  prepends teh name to teh entry
21:30:30 <Mic> deOmega: it will highlight the line and beep and ring and flash the taskbar item and so on .. quite useful
21:30:53 <Mic> At least if people aren't using your name as example for something :P
21:31:12 <deOmega> right
21:31:21 <deOmega> i have   nname highlights   ....
21:31:23 <flo> or if you haven't decided to use a common english word as your nick :-P
21:31:35 <deOmega> right lol
21:31:41 <Mic> This is even worse :P
21:31:46 <flo> haha
21:31:50 <Mic> ;)
21:32:21 <deOmega> as to what  'other' features i am waiting on?
21:32:27 <deOmega> well.....
21:32:48 <deOmega> official minimizing to tray capabilities.. though i am fine for now.....
21:33:07 <flo> the trick given by idechix did work? :)
21:33:14 <deOmega> actually
21:33:26 <deOmega> i codu not get the download .. so what i did was
21:33:43 <deOmega> disable and then re-enable the addon and it is working right now :)
21:34:06 <flo> so maybe it was the upgrade that broke it?
21:34:18 <deOmega> yes, because  it has always been working for me
21:34:23 <deOmega> with all teh nightlies
21:36:54 <deOmega> Oh.. and minimize new message windows
21:37:00 <deOmega> THat is abiggie
21:37:36 <deOmega> those two  really I woud say that most are sorta bells and whistles for increased functionality... in terms of what i want
21:38:00 <deOmega> the way it is now.........
21:38:51 <deOmega> if i have no message window opened.. and someone sends me a new message.. it pops open  on my screen.  I would like it to minimize to task bar until i  decide to bring it forward
21:38:57 <deOmega> really helps with privacy
21:40:09 <deOmega> i have a friend that tried instantbird.. and  he was making avideo to be published... and in the middle of teh video.. he got an instant message... popped up into teh capture frame... he was NOT happy
21:40:19 <flo> for privacy, and to reduce interruptions while you are busy.
21:40:35 <deOmega> right
21:41:54 <flo> should that be an option, or be enabled for everybody? (opening conversation windows minimized)
21:42:06 <deOmega> so,  seeing that minimize to tray addon  is an option, i would plead for that feature.. inimize to task bar
21:42:12 <deOmega> be an Option
21:42:17 <deOmega> i think optional
21:43:46 <deOmega> You finished it already?
21:44:33 <flo> no. I don't know how I can do that. And I'm on an OS that has no taskbar by the way ;).
21:44:48 <flo> I was just thinking about it :)
21:44:54 <deOmega> uh oh
21:45:15 <deOmega> what  do you have? a dock?
21:45:24 <deOmega> wouldn't it be  teh same with a dock?
21:47:14 <flo> maybe :)
21:47:29 <flo> the icon could jump infinitely until you open the window
21:48:09 <deOmega> no,  you handled that  eternal flashiing in windows... thank you for that.. please do not take that away lol
21:49:01 <deOmega> if you forgot.. it used tobe that when you got a new message in windows.. the taskbar flashed until you addressed the window lol
21:49:19 <deOmega> but now it just flashed maybe 5 times.. and they juststays highlighted.  Awesome
21:54:14 <flo> I remember looking at that code, but I don't remember changing any thing about it.
21:54:42 <flo> that was probably fixed in Mozilla by someone :)
21:58:03 <deOmega> lol..  well, it is definitely fixed :0
22:00:09 <flo> that's good to know :)
22:02:34 <flo> good night :)
22:03:06 <deOmega> night flo
22:03:10 <deOmega> take care
22:03:43 <deOmega> ohhhh
22:03:45 <deOmega> lol
22:04:03 <deOmega> and have history grouped by date as opposed to  closed and opened sessions
22:04:07 <deOmega> but that is  no biggie
22:04:12 <deOmega> take care
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22:13:05 <Mic> Morian: do you want the piece of code I have for the account status bar?
22:16:03 <Morian> Mic: Can you post a diff on bugzilla?
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22:29:13 <Mic> http://pastebin.mozilla.org/701061
22:29:31 <Mic> ups, bugzilla you said .. :/
22:30:11 <Morian> it's okay i'll keep it somewhere :)
22:30:33 <Mic> hmm, the contents of the new file are missing again.
22:30:35 <Morian> but it would have been better on bugzilla since it allows everyone to help on this
22:30:53 <Morian> add the file to hg
22:31:04 <Mic> I always do
22:31:24 <Mic> It just shows something like 
22:31:33 <Mic> diff --git a/instantbird/content/accountStatusBar.js b/instantbird/content/accountStatusBar.js
22:31:33 <Mic> new file mode 100644
22:31:33 <Mic> --- /dev/null
22:31:33 <Mic> +++ b/instantbird/content/accountStatusBar.js 
22:32:41 <Morian> erf, there should be a command to have the full diff, or it may be an option somewhere :/
22:32:43 <Mic> Without adding the actual content of the file .. I haven't figured out how to make it work properly from the beginning - it's always a hassle 
22:34:57 <Morian> how are you doing the diff? command line?
22:37:12 <Mic> No, c/p from the commit dialog to an editor
22:42:00 <Mic> grml
22:42:19 <Mic> "hg diff" does the work perfectly
22:46:14 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 328 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
22:46:16 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=328 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Account access bar
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22:49:54 <Morian> hg diff -a maybe :-/
22:49:58 <Morian> mmmh
22:50:36 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de added attachment 264 to bug 328.
22:50:39 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=328 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Account access bar
22:52:36 <Mic> good night
22:54:53 <Morian> 'night
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