#instantbird log on 01 27 2010

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12:47:38 <flo> hi :)
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15:15:50 <Mic> hi
15:15:59 <flo> hi :)
15:16:42 <Mic> :)
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15:36:49 <flo> any idea of where in the UI we should put the way to toggle between displaying offline buddies or not?
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16:13:04 <deOmega> good morning gang
16:13:10 <flo> hey there :)
16:13:21 <deOmega> how are things going?
16:13:41 <flo> with the latest nightly it's possible to move buddies between groups
16:15:50 <deOmega> by dragging?
16:15:58 <flo> no, using the context menu
16:16:04 <deOmega> ah, ok
16:16:12 <deOmega> yes, i see now
16:16:33 <deOmega> by teh way, i was having problems connecting to   aol, but that is working now
16:16:44 <flo> :)
16:19:04 <deOmega> any  eye candy stuff? lol
16:19:20 <flo> not really
16:19:33 <flo> except if the windows installer goes into that category :-D
16:19:47 <deOmega> You have windows installer now????????
16:19:59 <deOmega> I would take that as a candy lol
16:20:23 <flo> the code to build it is OK. We don't create it automatically for each nightly, but the next release will have an installer.
16:20:33 <flo> I provided a build with an installer so that people can try it
16:20:50 <deOmega> ah, 
16:22:05 <deOmega> so basically, once you run that build..    and you have instant bird instal itself...  as long as you do not  uninstall instantbird.. the updates  come through fine going forward..  so no more  unzip and drag?
16:22:43 <flo> it updates to newer nightlies as if you had unziped a nightly
16:23:17 <deOmega> nice.. i will uninstall instantibird and  reinstall it that way
16:23:28 <deOmega> and  just  see if everythig goes smoothly
16:23:49 <deOmega> do u have a link to it please?
16:24:44 <flo> http://queze.net/goinfre/instantbird-0.2b2pre.en-US.win32.installer.exe
16:26:41 <deOmega> thank you.. will  uninstall  cleanly  after hours and start  over, just to  see
16:26:43 <deOmega> thank you
16:27:29 <deOmega> lol.. I could have just said i will  do a clean install :)
16:27:55 <flo> np
16:28:50 <deOmega> any thoughts given to   reducing that   empty area below the input area
16:28:59 <deOmega> i can post an image for clarity
16:29:15 <flo> the status bar?
16:29:47 <deOmega> I  guess that is what it is, but i never see any data there
16:29:48 <flo> (the place where "<contact name> is typing" appears?)
16:30:02 <deOmega> oh, let me verify
16:30:05 <flo> also, links targets, when you hover a link
16:30:28 <deOmega> ah, yes
16:30:31 <deOmega> that is what it is
16:30:45 <deOmega> is there an option to hide it?
16:30:50 <flo> at some point we will add one
16:30:58 <deOmega> ok, thanks
16:31:10 <flo> I don't know where to put it though
16:31:21 <flo> it would be kinda stupid to add a menubar at the top of the window for that ;)
16:31:39 <deOmega> in a rightclick menu?
16:32:06 <deOmega> context menu i guess?
16:32:28 <flo> it's not contextual to tabs, nor to the conversation content, nor to the input box
16:32:44 <deOmega> Ok
16:32:55 <flo> so... it's not easy to find where we can put it
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16:33:22 <deOmega> rightclicking that area..  such as the status bar... has nothing
16:33:27 <flo> would you always want to hide it, or only when the window is very small?
16:33:38 <deOmega> is it possible to input something for that.. for teh  frame?
16:33:39 <flo> yeah, but how do you undo the hiding?
16:34:10 <deOmega> rightclicking the  area between the input area and messaging area?
16:34:23 <deOmega> or teh right or left edge?
16:34:32 <flo> it's more or less a bug that this area is currently so big
16:35:05 <flo> it may have a heigh of 1 pixel once we figure out how to theme that correctly and keep the resizer functionnal
16:35:22 <deOmega> ok, thanks
16:36:01 <flo> 17:33:28 - flo: would you always want to hide it, or only when the window is very small?
16:40:29 <flo> I've got to go. talk to you later :)
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17:15:38 <deOmega> oh man, i missed  flo's comment
17:17:45 <Mic> I like the latter idea - hiding it when the window is very small
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17:37:42 <deOmega> yeah, makes sense
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19:53:52 <Mic> flo: have you added a toggle for the offline buddies already?
19:54:51 <Mic> hmm, the "File" menu is so misnamed but I can't think  of anything appropriate..
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20:06:21 <iLobster> greetings
20:17:10 <iLobster> Mic: may be "action"?
20:27:56 <Mic> Right now it contains .. a buddy list related item, a chat related item, a global action (get away) and the Exit item
20:28:40 <Mic> "Action" is quite general
20:35:23 <iLobster> but it's all actions: "do" add buddy, "do" join chat", "do" get away, "do" minimize to tray, "do" exit
20:42:13 <flo> Mic: yes. I added it as the last item of the context menu on the list itself. With a separator before it
20:42:15 <Mic> well. I think an menu labelled action could contain anything or nothing at all
20:43:28 <flo> that menu is a mess anyway... :(
20:45:06 <flo> iLobster: I think you asked about the Russian locale a few days ago. Nobody has volunteered to do it yet (which is a bit surprising given that we received several partial and unusable translations before it was really possible to do it right)
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20:47:22 <Mic> flo: it's on bugzilla iirc 
20:47:39 <flo> we received others by email
20:47:43 <Mic> have you added a comment and asked if they want to do it, now that it can be done properly?
20:48:47 <flo> no. But I (we? :)) should
20:49:01 <flo> In both bug 20 and bug 29
20:49:04 <instantbot> flo: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20 nor, P5, ---, florian, UNCO, es-Ar localization
20:49:05 <instantbot> flo: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29 nor, P5, ---, florian, UNCO, ru-RU localization
20:52:40 * flo just queried his Gmail archives for messages related to Instantbird containing the word "translation"
20:52:53 <flo> 3 or 4 people offering help for German
20:53:04 <flo> 2 or 3 for Russian
20:54:02 <Mic> That's brainstorming, isn't it? https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:DisplayName
20:54:49 <flo> the worst thing is we got an offer for a Swedish translation, and that person never received any reply from us :(
20:54:57 <flo> I don't know how we missed that... :(
20:55:28 <flo> Mic: more a reference pages with knowledge that could be confusing/hard to guess
20:55:56 <Mic> Right now it is a reference page hard to reach ;)
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20:57:26 <flo> I suspect it is a bit easier to reach than when it was a piece of paper on my desk though :)
20:59:21 <Mic> "Main page" is also orphaned on the wiki but I guess we can live with that ;)
20:59:39 <flo> heh :)
20:59:52 <flo> can we put a link from the main page to the main page ?
21:00:30 <Mic> I'm not sure if self-references count ;)
21:14:50 <Mic> flo: I'll add comments to #20 and #29 if you're not at it already
21:18:15 <instantbot> New Websites - www.instantbird.org bug 321 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
21:18:17 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=321 tri, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Says "suivante" instead of "next"
21:22:33 <flo> Mic: good catch! :)
21:22:41 <flo> I'll fix that tomorrow
21:25:55 <flo> Good night :)
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22:02:11 <Mic> flo: "Précédente" as well.
22:02:43 <Mic> just to be sure, even though it might be easy to spot that;)
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23:15:36 <deOmega> anyone here?
23:15:51 <deOmega> that installer works like a charm
23:16:29 <deOmega> we are really getting there  .. yes, 'we'
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23:19:45 <deOmega> ok,  testing the irc feature.. please excuse the  flooding/rambling
23:28:20 <deOmega> Possible that  firefox personas will work on this?
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