#instantbird log on 01 25 2010

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09:30:28 <flo> hi :)
09:44:28 <Troy> hi flo
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11:03:32 <Mic> hi
11:05:29 <flo> hi :)
11:47:58 <flo> just wrote this page https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:Notifications with the list of all the notifications fired from purplexpcom. I hope it will be a useful resource for add-on developers.
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13:45:53 <flo> hmm http://instantbird.pl/ :)
13:58:59 <Troy> flo, this is your site?
13:59:03 <flo> nope
13:59:34 <flo> that's the first time a domain name instantbird.something that I don't own is used for something which is not cyber squatting :)
14:10:32 topic changed by flo to "Ask questions about Instantbird here. Official website: http://www.instantbird.com. Latest release: 0.2b1. Read http://blog.instantbird.org/. Nightlies: http://nightly.instantbird.im/ (testing purpose only), IRC logs: http://log.bezut.info/."
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14:27:31 <Morian> "Floriana Quèze oraz Quentina Castiera" XD
14:27:48 <Morian> sounds like google translate
14:27:58 <Mic> Morian: I smiled at this as well ;)
14:28:18 <flo> there's also: http://instantbird.pl/images/powered-by-instantbird.png
14:33:02 <Morian> it seems strange ... registered in Poland by a Poland registrar. Why would someone do that :-s
14:33:19 <flo> to put online a polish version of the site?
14:33:36 <Morian> and have to keep it up to date ?
14:34:17 <flo> I wonder if the site was translated by someone of the team who translates Instantbird
14:34:53 <Morian> Is there already a way to translate the current site? (instantbird.com/fr/ ...)
14:35:14 <flo> we used to have a translated version at instantbird.fr
14:36:00 <flo> but as it wasn't up to date, and it didn't make much sense to have a translated version of a website for a non-translated product... we made instantbird.fr redirect to instantbird.com
14:36:39 <Morian> How are the translations going for 0.2? Have Some translators already finished?
14:37:36 <flo> Polish is almost complete. They already have a complete language pack, and are testing/fixing the issues they discover
14:39:54 <Morian> ok :)
14:40:03 * flo is adding redirections between <something>.ib.com to <same thing>.ib.org
14:40:09 <flo> what should I add?
14:40:13 <flo> bugzilla, lxr, wiki
14:40:17 <flo> are there others we need?
14:41:59 <Morian> mmmh
14:42:19 <Morian> isn't there a dev ? or developpers.ib.com
14:42:40 <flo> I don't think so
14:43:10 <flo> I think I've fixed most DNS records of the instantbird.* domains
14:43:42 <flo> I removed all the records that still pointed to the IP I had when I lived in Paris
14:44:32 <flo> there's someone else using that IP, and having a webserver setup, so it's really not a good idea to keep old *.instantbird.* stuff on that IP...
14:44:46 <Morian> :-D
14:45:02 <Morian> an other student from your school?
14:45:07 <flo> possible
14:45:21 <flo> there's php, mysql and postgresql on that server...
14:45:46 <Morian> sounds like you have investigated :p
14:46:05 <flo> instantbird.info looks ok
14:46:52 <Morian> well, gtg...
14:47:06 * flo has a journalist in his office
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15:20:21 * Morian says hello to the journalist
15:20:35 <Morian> is it a girl? :)
15:50:24 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 319 filed by florian@instantbird.org.
15:50:26 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=319 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, add a staticTemplate.html file in the theme system
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16:09:33 <Mic> Morian: that question was so internet-ish ;)
16:40:28 <Morian> haha :)
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17:18:49 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 320 filed by florian@instantbird.org.
17:18:51 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=320 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, On IRC, message themes should have a way to know the status (op/halfop/voiced/...) of the person who
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17:44:31 <Mic> flo: some brainstorming:
17:44:51 <flo> Mic: sorry, I've got to go
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18:02:18 <Mic> oh, the idea was to give messagestyles a way to theme the nicklist as well (background image, font style, status icons..)
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20:51:11 <Mic> hello
20:51:52 <devfil> Mic, hi :)
20:54:11 <Mic> flo: the idea I had before you quitted was to allow messagestyles to theme the nicklist as well. 
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20:58:48 <flo> hmm
20:59:06 <flo> maybe someday :)
20:59:18 <flo> I think it would be interesting to develop buddy list themes before
21:00:17 <devfil> flo, hi, news about pecan+instanbird?
21:00:36 <flo> do you have some for me?
21:01:55 <devfil> flo, nope, in pecan there are news about direct p2p and some bugs fixed, nothing about pecan+instanbird
21:02:57 <devfil> I use only instantbird on my mac and it works fine
21:03:38 <flo> :)
21:05:30 <devfil> flo, any chance to use pecan as default msn protocol? :P
21:06:41 <flo> for 0.2, no.
21:06:48 <flo> for 0.3, I don't know
21:07:05 <flo> we will change a lot of things about how we handle protocol plugins for 0.3 :à
21:07:08 <flo> *:)
21:09:45 <devfil> well, at least now I know how to build it :)
21:12:46 <flo> yes, we can probably provide it as an addon, like we did for facebook chat :)
21:17:04 <flo> I need to update the facebook chat plugin by the way... :(
21:17:36 <flo> good nigth
21:18:36 <devfil> good night
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22:21:17 <Mic> bye
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