#instantbird log on 01 21 2010

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09:23:56 <Mic> hello
09:24:32 <Amfi> Hi there :)
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09:32:00 <flo> hi :)
09:37:14 <Mic> contagious smile! :)
09:37:22 <flo> ahah
09:53:58 <instantbot> hi :)
09:54:30 <instantbot> instantbot, ready to serve you!
09:55:14 <flo> is instantbot the new deliverer of contagious smiles?
09:56:42 <instantbot> I guess I am yes, basically I am whatever you want
09:56:53 <flo> could you be a white bear?
09:59:05 <flo> instantbot: are your a polar bear?
09:59:08 <instantbot> flo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'are your a polar bear' might be.
10:00:03 <instantbot> I tried to be ... But "command not found"
10:00:09 <instantbot> I can't rename :(
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10:12:58 <Mic> Even: what about adding a rss reader to the wiki ( http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:RSS_Reader )
10:13:17 <Mic> It could be a way to compile a list of recent actions on the pages
10:13:58 <Mic> a place where people could easily check for recent changes in hg, the blog, edited articles, a list of open bugs on bugzilla and so on
10:14:37 <flo> hmm, we should make sure there's a place where we show the activity of the project, but I'm not sure the wiki is appropriate for that
10:16:39 <Mic> I don't intend it to be a place where users would be kept posted about ongoing activities
10:17:15 <Mic> It would be targeted at contributors/developers who'd like to get these details
10:17:58 <flo> I didn't mean "users" but... future contributors
10:18:35 <flo> people who may be looking the project from some distance, too shy to step in yet, but who would be likely to contribute if they could see things they believe they could have done themselves
10:23:54 <Mic> Right now you've got to use an rss reader if you want to be kept uptodate without having to poll several pages each time
10:24:47 <Mic> I just think if there are feeds, we might as well collect them an offer them at a single place where it is easy to check
10:25:11 * flo agrees
10:25:17 <Mic> I'm not sure if you're concerned about the place I suggest (wiki) or the level of detail of such an activity list
10:26:18 <Mic> If you'd like to have a user/beginner friendly thing I think you might have to add selected items by hand
10:26:25 <Mic> That's clearly not the group I target at
10:26:55 <flo> I think people can pick themselves what they understand
10:27:40 <flo> look at http://feeds.mozilla.com/ :)
10:33:21 <Mic> well, I don't exactly need such a thing. I've got Thunderbird collecting all information that I'm interested
10:34:17 <Mic> For the time being I could add feed icons to the "related links" article, so that people can atleast easily copy the adress of the feeds of the different pages
10:36:28 <flo> sounds good
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13:34:35 <Troy> Hi
13:34:42 <Troy> I can report a bug?
13:41:15 <flo> sure
13:53:05 <Troy> hmmm
13:53:06 <Troy> https://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Default-theme-bug.png
13:54:01 <flo> hmm
13:54:41 <Troy> Thunderbird?
13:54:50 <Troy> install.rdf file
13:56:11 <Troy> maybe not 2.0 but > @INSTANTBIRD_VERSION@
13:57:00 <flo> right, we need to change this file: http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/app/profile/extensions/%7B972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd%7D/install.rdf.in#39
14:04:16 <flo> Troy: will be fixed in the next nightly. Thanks. :)
14:04:29 <Troy> ok
14:07:32 <Amfi> Any chance to include the translation in the next nightly, so that we could check the strings in context? ;)
14:08:22 <flo> Amfi: we don't do localized nightlies. But you will have a langpack installable as a .xpi file, so that you can test it without even having to wait for the next nightly
14:08:37 <flo> I'm actually currently trying to understand why your language pack doesn't build correctly
14:08:52 <Amfi> Oh right, I like the idea :)
14:09:02 <flo> I'm now sure that the problem is caused by something in the file purple/myspace.properties
14:09:15 <Amfi> I'll check it out
14:09:29 <flo> if you want the list of not yet translated strings, I can provide it ;)
14:09:49 <Amfi> But wait.. we haven't touched the purple directory..
14:09:56 <flo> I know
14:10:40 <Amfi> So the pidgin translators haven't done their work correctly?
14:11:08 <flo> Pidgin is partially translated
14:11:19 <flo> when some strings are missing, it fallbacks to the english version of the string
14:12:47 <flo> this is the output I have currently (if I workaround the issue in myspace.properties): http://pastebin.mozilla.org/698603
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14:15:17 <flo> of course, you can ignore the files that are not translated inside folders that are not either instantbird/ or purple/
14:16:46 <Amfi> We have done everything :]
14:17:25 <Amfi> Anyway, I will try to convert the files to utf8
14:17:37 <Amfi> I believe it's my text editor's fault
14:17:44 <flo> sounds like a good idea ;)
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14:37:30 <flo> Amfi: I'd like to see if it fixes the issue we have with the langpack creation if you translate at least few strings at the end of myspace.properties
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14:39:30 <Amfi> I've just uploaded the corrected files. they're all now in utf8
14:40:02 <Amfi> can't we just replace the myspace.properties with the original english file?
14:40:20 <flo> if you want to retranslate it completely, you can
14:40:44 <Amfi> It won't be a problem
14:40:46 <flo> there are about 20 already translated (in libpurple/pidgin) in it
14:41:50 <Amfi> I would need to have the original file, though
14:42:13 <flo> you mean, the english file?
14:42:18 <Amfi> yep
14:42:25 <flo> you can get them from the source code repository of instantbird
14:42:37 <flo> you can hg clone https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/
14:42:42 <Amfi> right, thanks
14:42:46 <flo> it's in the purple/locales/en-US/ folder
14:46:26 <flo> I see you fixed the MOZ_LANGPACK_CREATOR define in instantbird/defines.inc, but you forgot MOZ_LANGPACK_CONTRIBUTORS
14:49:01 <flo> Amfi: the output of the script, with your latest commit: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/698610
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14:59:27 <Amfi> flo: define file as well as installer/mui.properties should be fine, now
14:59:42 <Amfi> I will have myspace.properties done in a couple of minutes
14:59:52 <flo> ok, there's no rush, don't worry ;)
15:14:52 <Amfi> myspace.properties is done. Hopefully it will work now :)
15:17:22 <flo> I still see lots of english strings there
15:18:45 <flo> have you received an email with this log: http://buildbot-l10n.instantbird.org/builders/translate/builds/74/steps/langpack/logs/stdio/text ?
15:19:26 <Amfi> I left the last 7 lines in English as I need to discusse with the guys how should we translate 'You got raspberried!' or 'You got torched' ;)
15:20:24 <flo> I see about 30 lines, not 7. But they all have the same kind of "strange" wordings ;)
15:21:41 <Amfi> yeah, three lines with the same word+lots of comments and white spaces 
15:21:55 <Amfi> yes, i have received the mail
15:22:02 <flo> :)
15:23:09 <Amfi> ok, i see... we just need to translate the whole purple folder
15:24:08 <flo> some of the strings are already translated
15:24:42 <Amfi> mhm, we will compare the files in the evening and add the missing strings
15:25:05 <flo> you have the list of the missing strings
15:25:38 <Amfi> thanks
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21:42:26 <Mook_sb> hello! this is sort of a silly question, but do you guys have experience building glib (with gthreads and gobject) with msvc? asking here because your tarballs does build a glib of some sort, but might be too minimal for me :|
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22:43:42 <Mic> flo, Morian: you've noticed this question?
22:45:26 <Mic> Mook_sb: if they don't respond then try another day. They are most likely able to answer your question (in some way;)
22:46:19 <Mook_sb> thanks; I suspect the answer is negative, anyway - it looks like you guys don't actually need this :)
23:08:09 <Mic> bye
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