#instantbird log on 01 18 2010

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08:30:56 <flo> hi :)
08:37:20 <Keller> hello:]
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09:45:18 <Mic> hello
09:48:52 <Keller> hello
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15:28:00 <flo> Mic: hey, this time you put your name in the license header :).
15:28:20 <flo> but "Copyright (C) 2009" looks a bit outdated
15:28:26 <Mic> I never really looked at it before 
15:28:38 <Mic> .. and apparantly I didn't look close enough this time either :D
15:31:03 <flo> I'm trying this patch now
15:31:07 <flo> I added a line in jar.mn
15:31:18 <flo> a line in the mac-only version of preferences.css
15:31:44 <flo> and a       <separator class="thin"/> before the <hbox> containing the button
15:35:00 <Mic> ah, adding new files requires adding them to the jar.mn ofcourse :/
15:35:12 <Mic> The separator will make it look much better I think
15:35:19 <flo> :)
15:35:28 <Mic> I thought of adding either one or leaving the description away
15:35:34 <flo> and the CSS rule too. But you probably couldn't guess it
15:35:45 <Mic> which css rule?
15:36:19 <flo> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/themes/preferences-pinstripe/preferences.css#175
15:36:53 <flo> without adding the Privacy pane in this list, the font used for the description is very small on mac.
15:37:25 <Mic> ok, I didn't know there was something like this
15:37:38 <flo> I didn't know either
15:38:12 <flo> it was ugly and I compared the CSS rule of the new description tag and of others that look ok, and it was the only difference :)
15:42:55 <Mic> btw I think you can merge lines #52 to the end of #49ff, #72 with #70 if you want to save some lines (and a variable in the last case)
15:43:09 <Mic> *local variable
16:08:55 <flo> http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/xpcom/io/nsIFile.idl#73
16:09:12 <flo> logFolder.append("logs"); returns nothing
16:09:47 <Mic> ups, ok
16:10:16 * flo wonders how often that caused a bug
16:10:19 <Mic> Scratch that then .. I guess that was an over-eager guess :S
16:10:30 <flo> I'm sure I made that mistake several times...
16:10:33 <Mic> I'm away for an hour
16:10:36 <Mic> bye
16:10:40 <flo> bye
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17:30:17 <Mic> re
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18:30:49 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/ce2d700cc4f1 - Florian Qu?ze - In client.py, use the 'default' revision instead of 'tip' so that we can't accidentally move to a branch like it happened on January 16th.
18:30:50 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/c9ac9d96fc7c - Florian Qu?ze - Remove obsolete export makefile rules.
18:30:51 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/8ca4c8a3c5d6 - Florian Qu?ze - Add a short makefile rule in build.mk to rebuild only Instantbird.
18:30:52 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/2dbacf25ec9a - Benedikt P. - Add disabled '(no themes installed)' menuitems at the bottom of the emoticon and message theme lists in the Themes prefpane when no themes are installed.
18:30:53 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/e35b6c9861f5 - Benedikt P. - Add a 'Show log folder' button in the Privacy prefpane.
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20:59:15 <Mic> nice .. two more of the prefwindow bugs fixed :)
20:59:45 <flo> and some build system improvements ;)
20:59:51 <Mic> well, not exactly 'bugs'
21:00:07 <Mic> I can't say much about it .. 
21:01:29 <Mic> .. one day I'll try building Instantbird myself. Unfortunately I've got precious little time at the moment .. :/
21:03:28 <flo> on ubuntu it's easy :)
21:04:38 <flo> Does this UI mockup look like there are things that would be interesting to copy for Instantbird? http://proteusim.googlecode.com/issues/attachment?aid=-6235739675146716176&name=Final+Message+Centre.png&inline=1
21:06:33 <Morian> not that we already don't have IMO (or don't plan to do in an other way)
21:14:58 <Mic> Could it be that the clock or some settings of the wiki (server?) are off?
21:15:17 <Mic> I experienced some strange login/logged out (maybe cookie) issue
21:16:00 <Mic> and noticed on the recent changes that my most recent edit (5 minutes ago) is dated to 16 January
21:23:17 <flo> uh
21:23:36 <flo> I'll ask Even to look into this
21:24:14 <flo> probably tomorrow (he's been idle on Gtalk for more than 2hours so I guess he's not looking at the computer right now)
21:25:05 <Mic> The http header says: "Date	Sat, 16 Jan 2010 09:54:34 GMT"
21:25:46 <Mic> (which is consistent with the date of the latest edit)
21:26:26 <Mic> The response header ofcourse  ;)
21:33:36 <flo> then he will need to fight with ntpd again ;)
21:39:37 <flo> hmm, there are still a few items that are worth fixing :-/
21:43:04 <Mic> I'd adress some of the minor things that are hopefully quickly fixed first
21:43:26 <Mic> That was the idea of the other two patches at least
21:44:22 <flo> my idea was to finish the features as soon as possible, and fix the "unacceptable" bugs between the last beta and the release candidate
21:47:39 <flo> maybe I should clarify for each of the remaining points if we definitely want to fix, may want to fix, or don't mind if it ever gets fixed.
21:48:07 <Mic> That would be useful
21:48:09 <flo> "#  Add a hidden pref to force usage of libnotify on Linux " for example as lost a lot of its importance given that the libnotify shipped with the latest ubuntu works by default
21:51:31 <flo> I'll look at that tomorrow :)
21:52:54 <flo> good night
21:55:39 <Mic> good night
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