#instantbird log on 01 17 2010

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00:29:44 <flo> good night :)
00:31:16 <Troy> good night
00:39:55 <Chaz6> *sigh* this connection used to be so reliable
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08:49:34 <flo> the waterfall is completely green this morning :)
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11:25:34 <Mic> hi
11:27:12 <Mic> flo: at least on windows renaming is pretty strange
11:29:41 <Mic> It doesn't really show that you're editing, just the "selection"-color on the text (if you already typed or moved the caret) or a caret while the rest looks as before 
11:30:32 <Mic> Going left or right through the string is possible even when you moved the highlighting of a contact to another (up/down keys)
11:31:20 <Mic> and opens/closes a group if you've selected one using the keys
11:32:35 <Mic> ESC doesn't leave the edit mode
11:33:30 <Mic> (again: if you've moved the selection away .. just noticed that it does when you're back at the buddy who is being renamed)
12:16:36 <flo> Mic: so, the only problem is that the up/down arrow change the selection?
12:28:54 <Mic> well, having a definitive display that this is actually a sort of edit box would be helpful in my opinion
12:29:18 <Mic> adding a border and the default background color for edit boxes or such
12:29:59 <flo> that's exactly what we discussed Friday about borders...
12:30:09 <flo> (and people said it wasn't necessary)
12:31:57 <Mic> I wasn't aware that you were talking about the basic border of the box
12:32:05 <Mic> I thought you wanted to add something fancy
12:35:43 <flo> it's strange that the selection in the listbox can change without having the textbox losing focus
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14:02:03 <Ruyan> Hi, when i want write own icq client using libpurple for mozilla thunderbird, what compiler should i use?
14:07:37 <flo> are you trying to turn instantbird into an extension for thunderbird?
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14:28:05 <Ruyan> no, i want make own client
14:28:59 <flo> are you experienced with libpurple, xpcom, xul/js?
14:28:59 <Ruyan> i cannot turn instantbird, because its school project
14:29:33 <Ruyan> i'm learning it
14:29:48 <flo> how is using libpurple more acceptable than using instantbird for your school project?
14:31:22 <Ruyan> sorry, i can't use whole instantbird, maybe any header from their xpcom
14:32:05 <Ruyan> but i dont know how to debug it, because i can't run venkman with instantbird under linux
14:32:57 <flo> what's the goal of your project?
14:33:50 <Ruyan> Extending ExtBrain Communicator to support icq communication protocols
14:35:09 <flo> so extBrain is already a xulrunner application? :)
14:35:37 <Ruyan> yes, now its using only XMPP
14:37:37 <flo> is the source code publicly available?
14:39:03 <Ruyan> ya, free for charge
14:39:49 <flo> may I look at it?
14:39:57 <flo> the only thing I've found is http://extbrain.felk.cvut.cz/
14:40:06 <flo> it only says "ExtBrain is a research project that aims to simplify the extraction, manipulation, and exchange of information especially by a visual tools."
14:40:42 <Ruyan> ye, my supervisor didn't put it on web
14:40:58 <Ruyan> how can i send to you?
14:41:47 <flo> the url of the repository if it's public, or if it's small you can email it to florian@instantbird.org
14:43:57 <Ruyan> ok, just moment
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15:00:51 <slapper> Hey there, folks. I used to know a file hosting service that could keep files for a given time period, but I forgot that name. Where can I host an MP3 for lets say 3 days (or any time period I personally want) and let it be deleted automatically afterwards or upon download? A free one, please... ;)
15:00:53 <slapper> (preferrably without registration)
15:02:39 <flo> Ruyan: if you want to use libpurple in JavaScript, you can probably use purplexpcom and our binary of libpurple
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15:03:09 <Ruyan> its open source?
15:03:15 <flo> yes
15:03:37 <Ruyan> its there any documentation?
15:03:46 <flo> for purplexpcom?
15:03:53 <flo> there are comments in the .idl files
15:04:43 <Ruyan> i dont need all of them, just want know how its works, connection, buddies etc
15:05:02 <Ruyan> for icq
15:08:40 <flo> you can use this tool to look at how instantbird is using it: http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/
15:10:59 <Ruyan> and for debug? its netbeans good?
15:11:54 <flo> I sometimes use venkman
15:12:28 <flo> or just using dump in the JS code (printf in C/C++ code)
15:13:28 <Ruyan> aha, quiet easy debug :)
15:14:08 <Ruyan> so, thanks a lot, i'll be back if get any problem
15:14:12 <Ruyan> :)
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17:39:24 <Mic> flo: btw did you notice that I posted a second pastebin link with a "no themes"-patch yesterday?
18:00:50 <flo> yes, thanks :)
18:01:39 <flo> you mean, the one that included the change for the emoticon tab too?
18:03:10 <Mic> exactly
18:03:34 <flo> :)
18:08:31 <Mic> Would you agree on a "Show log folder" button on the privacy tab of the options?
18:08:54 <flo> yes
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19:40:38 <Mic> Even: do you know how to include the contents of a new file into a diff in TortoiseHG?
19:42:51 <Mic> I usually copy the parts from the commit window, it just shows a line like this "diff --git a/instantbird/content/preferences/privacy.js b/instantbird/content/preferences/privacy.js new file mode 100644", but no content of the file
19:44:45 <Mic> flo: a show log folder button
19:44:46 <Mic> http://pastebin.mozilla.org/697762
20:10:57 <flo> looks good :)
20:12:15 <flo> I'll take care of these two patches tomorrow (more serious review, test on my debug build, and commit...) :)
20:14:14 <Mic> ok
20:16:39 <Mic> The open folder code is derived from the download manager of Firefox, I tested the several parts each, even though I couldn't really try how it falls through when it can't open it with a certain method
20:19:48 <Mic> Fx people say that "reveal()" should work on Windows/OSX in any case and that the catchs are taking care of some *ix systems
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