#instantbird log on 01 12 2010

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09:55:21 <flo> http://wiki.celtx.com/index.php?title=Celtx_Studios_Chat
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09:58:37 <Mic> Interesting ..
10:01:22 <flo> it displays offline buddies
10:01:30 <flo> it doesn't display protocol icons
10:01:46 <flo> that's probably based of 0.2a1
10:01:53 <flo> *off
10:04:35 <Mic> Did you have a closer look at it?
10:04:42 <flo> I'm playing with it right now
10:05:08 <flo> the chat feature is only available in the not-free version
10:05:39 <flo> but if you start it with -jsconsole on the command line, and then type openDialog("chrome://instantbird/content/blist.xul") a full instantbird starts
10:06:37 <flo> Instantbird's aboutDialog (when forced to open from the JS console) says version 2.7 (2009122313), Gecko (2009122313), libpurple 2.5.8, Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; fr; rv: Gecko/2009122313 Celtx/2.7
10:07:54 <Mic> What protocol is Celtx chat using?
10:08:11 <flo> I think they use a private XMPP server
10:08:31 <flo> the account manager of Instantbird is not available from the menu of the buddy list, so I guess it's not supposed to show up at all
10:08:44 <flo> (but it does when you open the buddy list without any configured account)
10:08:57 <flo> all the protocols are available there, even Netsoul!
10:11:03 <Mic> I'm always a little lost when it comes to licenses
10:11:24 <Mic> is it ok for them to include it in such a way?
10:11:48 <flo> probably
10:12:22 <flo> they have changed the name and logo, so there's no problem with our trademarks
10:12:48 <flo> and all the binary files that a GPLed (or that link to them) come directly from an Instantbird release, so the source code is available online
10:13:35 <flo> all the other code seems to be either from other open source projects with the Mozilla licences, or to be interpreted XUL/JS (so the source code is directly there)
10:16:06 <flo> I'm a bit puzzled by the fact that instantbird files have various modification dates: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/696453
10:17:05 <Mic> What is this?
10:17:14 <flo> the content of the instantbird.jar file
10:17:20 <Mic> ok
10:18:25 * flo is downloading the source code of instantbird 0.2a1 so that he can create a diff and see what was modified
10:19:00 <Mic> hehe
10:20:20 <flo> hmm 12 files changed, 127 insertions(+), 258 deletions(-)
10:20:37 <flo> ah
10:20:46 <flo> I should have taken already preprocessed files of instantbird :-/
10:22:56 <flo> ah,  7 files changed, 87 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-) more realistic!
10:23:36 <Mic> Can you pastebin a diff?
10:23:44 <Mic> I'm curious what they changed
10:29:44 <flo> sure
10:29:45 <flo> http://pastebin.mozilla.org/696454
10:29:56 <flo> nothing exciting (nothing we can copy!) though
10:38:26 <flo> http://www.mail-archive.com/dev@api.openoffice.org/msg09775.html I don't understand this :-S
10:46:25 <Mic> This posting is strange
11:25:30 <Mic> They've taken a bit of everything as it seems;) http://www.celtx.com/images/schedule.png
11:30:39 <flo> yeah, they have calendar too
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14:28:20 * flo is updating lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird
14:30:11 <flo> done
14:30:12 <flo> added 100 changesets with 657 changes to 511 files
14:45:40 <Troy> flo, you can send nightly builds to other server?
14:48:04 <flo> they are not produced at all
14:48:09 <flo> hg clone fails
14:48:23 <flo> but Eventreur is configuring a new server right now
14:48:41 <flo> hopefully everything will get back to normal (and get more reliable!) in a few days
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14:51:30 <Chaz6> Heya, i've not been able to connect to aim/icq for a few weeks with the nightly on windows
14:51:50 <flo> try unchecking "use clientLogin" in the advanced options of the account
14:52:08 <Chaz6> Aha thanks
14:52:39 <Mic> flo: is this fixed already?
14:52:51 <flo> the clientLogin thing?
14:52:54 <Mic> yes
14:53:08 <flo> I guess I'll just uncheck it by default...
14:53:20 <Mic> well ,that's what I meant ..
14:53:31 <flo> looking at it now
14:55:20 <flo> sounds like I jsut need to change this line: http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscarcommon.h#48
14:57:45 <Mic> nice
14:58:21 <flo> yes!
15:00:33 <flo> ok, will be fixed the next time I hg push
15:02:31 <Chaz6> Cool :)
15:05:38 <flo> heh, apparently I haven't used windows since I commited the log viewer :)
15:05:53 <flo> (that's the uncommited changes I just found there)
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16:13:22 <Chaz6> The log viewer is very handy
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17:09:39 <Mic> chaz6: it's nice if you want to find a recent log
17:09:51 <Mic> It's not so good if you want to find one by date
17:11:08 <Mic> I've got a patch that replaces the list by a tree, but flo doesn't like that he can't go through the list just by pressing the down-cursor key
17:12:03 <Chaz6> I could do with a tool to combine all my logs from instantbird/pidgin/meebo together
17:12:48 <Mic> Do they also have plain text log files?
17:13:00 <Chaz6> pidgin does, not sure about meebo, it's all hosted online
17:13:26 <Mic> Pidgin could have exactly the same as logging here is done by libpurple atm
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17:21:19 <Mic> Maybe including external logs would really be a nice thing
17:22:07 <Mic> The thing is that this log viewer is only there to have a basic one
17:22:16 <Chaz6> Yeah that's fine :)
17:22:35 <Chaz6> Maybe eventually it could integrate with kde's akonadi/nepmuk for semantic log viewing/searching
17:22:42 <Mic> If bugzilla was up, you could add an enhancement request
17:23:23 <Chaz6> I dont really expect instantbird to be able to view logs from other clients
17:23:38 <Chaz6> kde integration would be a plugin of course
17:23:58 <Mic> other clients could be the same ..
17:24:14 <Mic> an extension could parse them and provide access in the log format we have
17:24:44 <Mic> there could be extra fields saying from which client the log came, where it lies (on the disk) and so on
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17:45:02 <Mic> flo: chaz had a nice idea
17:45:06 <Mic> "(18:12:05) Chaz6: I could do with a tool to combine all my logs from instantbird/pidgin/meebo together"
17:45:52 <flo> for 1.0, we plan to import automatically the logs of all the IM apps found on the system
17:46:01 <Mic> What about a system that allows extensions to fetch logs from other IMs, parse them and provide them to the log viewer
17:47:36 <Mic> Having log parsers as extension would be nice, so someone can add support for things we haven't thought of easily
17:47:53 <flo> log parsers to import them
17:47:59 <flo> not to give them to the log viewer
17:48:13 <flo> as the log viewer needs to be able to search accross all the logs at once, and quickly
17:49:05 <Mic> well, "having log parsers as extensions" then ..
17:49:38 <flo> yes
17:49:43 <flo> not only log parsers actually
17:49:53 <flo> anything that is stored in the profil of any other IM application
17:50:07 <Mic> oh, reminds me of something:
17:50:09 <flo> we will have an import wizard running on the first startup.
17:50:22 <flo> and I think each supported app will be handled as an XPCOM component
17:50:23 <Mic> I want to check whether there is an easy system to share settings with others
17:50:58 <Mic> (e.g. for helping them configure something on Firefox..)
17:51:16 <Mic> creating something like these .reg files for registry patches on windows
17:52:54 <flo> it's probably relatively easy to create an addon for that
17:53:49 <flo> well, it depends how easy you want the installation to be for the person who receives the settings
17:54:00 <Mic> Let's see
17:54:02 <Mic> bbl
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