#instantbird log on 01 11 2010

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08:46:54 <flo> hi :)
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08:52:05 <Mic> hi
09:01:44 <flo> hi :)
09:02:15 <flo> I don't think Jetpack actually tries to keep extension developers away from XUL, but it tries to prevent compatiblity issues when upgrading
09:08:14 <Mic> There are some nice attempts
09:09:13 <Mic> I read a JEP about settings that plans to create UI for a settings dialog from a datastructure that holds the settings and the descriptions
09:11:01 <Mic> The developer doesn't specify how the UI should look like, only which settings should be changeable and some other things like e.g. 'maybe use a slider with range 0-10'
09:11:06 <flo> I guess there are lots of interesting ideas there (in jetpack)
09:11:28 <Mic> If such a thing works, it's pretty powerful
09:12:00 <flo> I'll probably need to spend some time looking into that, and see what we need to do so that instantbird can benefit from it
09:13:46 <Mic> I was referring to https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Jetpack/JEP/24 this btw
09:16:03 <Mic> From such a thing you could create other ways to change the settings easily
09:16:15 <Mic> e.g. generate commandline parameters for the settings on the fly (no idea if this is reasonable though;)
09:26:15 <flo> the upgrade from libpurple 2.6.4 to 2.6.5 is not very big:  9 files changed, 115 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)
09:30:55 <Mic> So I guess it's serious instead?
09:32:50 <flo> there's a very serious security issue in the MSN plugin
09:35:14 <flo> I'm not sure if Instantbird users are exposed or not though
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10:02:18 <Mic> flo: you changed the keyboard shortcut of the account manager recently
10:02:29 <flo> yes
10:02:34 <flo> so that it doesn't conflit with "select all"
10:02:52 <Mic> To prevent a conflict or two prevent two different actions having the same shortcut?
10:02:57 <Mic> *to
10:03:10 <flo> 2 implies 1. ;)
10:03:21 <Mic> i.e. is it supposed to work from the conversation window for example?
10:03:28 <flo> on mac it does
10:03:32 <flo> the menus apply on all windows
10:03:54 <Mic> I think it doesn't on Windows
10:04:14 <Mic> At least I can't recall that it's possible to open the error console from the convesation window
10:04:52 <Mic> I think a keyboard shortcut to open the most recently used chat window would be useful (from whatever window/dialog that is opened right now) 
10:05:14 <Mic> Or maybe having it cycle through the conversation windows
10:05:31 <Mic> *right now at this moment
10:06:43 <flo> shortcuts to go through tabs too
10:07:01 <Mic> hmm?
10:07:08 <flo> hmm
10:07:08 <Mic> ctrl-tab does that already?
10:07:15 <flo> we have ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab
10:07:30 <flo> we would need something similar for conversation windows
10:07:51 <flo> but I think all the modifiers have already some use associated with the "tab" key :-/
10:07:52 <Mic> alt-ctrl-tab, alt-ctrl-shift-tab :P
10:08:11 <flo> oh by the day, alt-tab is not used on mac :)
10:08:12 <Mic> Do we have other keys for the second hand?
10:08:39 <flo> is window-tab used on Windows?
10:08:58 <Mic> yes
10:09:22 <Mic> I think on Windows Vista it does cylce through the whole-window-display of the running programs
10:10:37 <Mic> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/126449
10:11:29 <Mic> I was wrong as it seems but it's used anyways
10:38:29 <Troy> hi
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11:16:32 <Troy> flo, you here?
11:19:34 <flo> I think so, but I've already asked you to ask your question, not ask if I'm here!
11:22:10 <Troy> o_0
11:29:44 <Troy> Again about aero...
11:29:54 <flo> what has changed about it?
11:30:56 <Troy> If you want I can send you aero icons
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11:33:34 <Troy_Away> Do you agree?
11:33:59 <flo> why not
11:34:21 <Troy_Away> yes or no?
11:35:33 <flo> you can email them to me
11:36:22 <Troy_Away> florian@instantbird.org?
11:40:41 <flo> yes
11:42:57 <Troy_Away> done
11:53:02 <Troy_Away> You can submit a patch now?
11:54:08 <flo> which are the files you edited, and which are directly taken from Firefox?
11:55:00 <Troy_Away> "themes" tab
11:55:21 <Troy_Away> as you
11:59:31 <flo> have you changed anything in preferences.css ?
12:01:12 <Troy_Away> no
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12:42:45 <Troy> You have submitted a patch?
12:44:50 <flo> no
12:47:59 <Troy> working on it?
12:48:13 <flo> no
12:48:26 <Troy> why?
12:53:52 <flo> I don't really know how to do it
13:12:52 <Mic> flo: as far as I can see Jetpack is something that should have been there a long time ago to support developers in writing their (classic) extensions
13:13:45 <Mic> I'd more see it as an additional API than a replacement for the existing system
13:13:59 <flo> I think that's what they are doing
13:15:43 <Mic> "Deprecating the old" doesn't exactly sound like that
13:18:10 <flo> yeah, that's where the troll started
13:18:41 <flo> but he meant "discouraging use for new addons and encouraging migrations", not "deleting" ;)
13:26:20 <Mic> Well, I think it's evolution ..
13:27:51 <Mic> If it's really better then people will change .. if it's not and they force it .. well, then Darwin might take care of it ;)
13:28:51 <flo> sure
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13:42:44 <Mic> Don't get me wrong: I think this looks promising, I'm just not sure if they haven't chosen their way a little early
13:43:16 <flo> that's probably still experimental
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17:20:28 <Mic> bye
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21:36:39 <Mic> Just an idea concerning extension: allow them to be flagged as broken/not functioning with a certain version (by users), after confirming that there is indeed a problem, there would be an email to the author
21:37:40 <Mic> After not being fixed for a certain time, there could be a "I can fix this" link on the extension page allowing people to submit a fix instead of the real author. It would undergo the usual review process and so on ..
21:37:50 <Mic> Well, just my 2 cents ;)
21:38:08 <flo> The idea is nice. I don't think we have anybody in the team willing to spend time to add features to the addon website though :-/.
21:38:34 <flo> but maybe you can submit the idea to the authors of the original site?
21:38:54 <Mic> I thought about that already .. 
21:41:48 <Mic> ah: https://wiki.mozilla.org/AMO:Projects/ACR
21:42:20 <Mic> That's half the work already ;)
21:50:06 <flo> I thought you looked at that first
21:55:22 <Mic> No, I had the "I can fix this"-idea the moment I read about the orphaned extensions preventing users from upgrading
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22:09:13 <flo> Mic: oh so it was also "I volunteer to own this" ;)
22:10:40 <flo> good night
22:12:29 <Mic> good night
22:12:38 <Mic> flo: I didn't get you last comment
22:12:59 <Mic> like "It's _my_ baby" ? 
22:13:30 <flo> if the original author has not fixed it for months and you volunteer to fix it once, you will defacto become responsible for fixing it the next time too ;)
22:14:51 <flo> people start an addon, they think they will maintain it "for ever", and actually a few years later they move on to others project and they lose interest in their original (comparatively small) projects.
22:16:28 <flo> for example, if I could give this addon a new good owner https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/2214 I'd be happy to give ownership of it :)
22:17:22 <Mic> bah, you didn't have a bigger screenhot btw?
22:17:47 <flo> 5 years ago it was the first thing related to mozilla that I did. I guess I was proud of it. Now... I have a bigger project and I no longer have the motivation for this addon
22:18:09 <flo> http://mozilla.queze.net/pict/ViewDep0.3.1.png
22:18:52 <flo> http://mozilla.queze.net/pict/viewdep0.3.1-german.png apparently it was still Firefox 2.0
22:19:24 <Mic> hehe, "heise.de"
22:19:46 <flo> oh well, good night! :)
22:19:53 <Mic> That's the most reknown german IT news page (and they covered the jetpack thingie today)
22:19:57 <Mic> nn
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23:38:31 <Mic> hmm :(
23:38:34 <Mic> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=539084