#instantbird log on 01 10 2010

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11:42:31 <Mic> hi
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13:59:13 <devfil> flo, I'm using msn-pecan+instantbird (mac os x), it seems to work fine
13:59:44 <flo> yeah, I kept an account connected with it in my debug build
14:00:00 <flo> sometimes it fails with the "passport not verified" error, sometimes it works fine
14:01:31 <devfil> flo, can you try with an adium build? the debug log can help to understand why it fails, I cannot reproduce that issue
14:01:58 <flo> I've never built adium, and I don't see why I would try
14:02:11 <flo> It's not like if there was no debug log with instantbird...
14:05:05 <devfil> flo, you don't need to build adium, you can use one of my adium builds, IIRC in instantbird pecan debug is disabled because a purple function was deleted
14:05:28 <flo> uh?
14:05:39 <flo> if you replaced it by a macro to return false, it's disabled
14:05:47 <flo> if you replaced it with true, it should work
14:08:02 <devfil> ok
14:10:59 <flo> the code around logging in pecan seems strange
14:12:16 <devfil> flo, purple_debug_is_enabled() is the function
14:12:38 <devfil> you also have to define
14:12:38 <devfil> 	      -DPURPLE_DEBUG \
14:12:39 <devfil> 	      -DPECAN_DEBUG_SLP \
14:14:12 <flo> why isn't that defined by default?
14:16:15 <devfil> it is in the pidgin makefile, not in the instantbird one
14:17:04 <flo> or actually, define that function to return false so that it doesn't spam the terminal
14:17:46 <flo> but why do you need a -DPURPLE_DEBUG instead of just reusing -DHAVE_LIBPURPLE for that?
14:18:26 <devfil> I don't know, I have to ask felipec
14:39:26 <flo> ok, I got it working correctly
14:39:57 <flo> in pn_log.h, you need to #include <debug.h> (from libpurple)
14:40:25 <flo> then, you need to replace that line (#define pn_base_log(level, ...) pn_base_log_helper (level, __FILE__, __func__, __LINE__, __VA_ARGS__)) and the 6 following
14:40:47 <flo> use that instead: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/696071
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14:53:07 <devfil> flo, debug.h is already included enabling purple_debug
14:53:13 <flo> no
14:53:27 <flo> it's included in pn_log.c, not pn_log.h
14:53:35 <devfil> oh, yes, sorry
14:54:46 <flo> oh, and it seems pn_log.c is of no use for instantbird
14:55:14 <flo> the system we have for libpurple debug messages already handles location information
14:55:41 <flo> you can even click on links in the error console to see immediately where an error comes from
14:56:48 <devfil> flo, so compiling this stuff is useless?
14:57:05 <flo> I think so
14:57:40 <flo> yes, just checked :)
14:58:04 <devfil> flo, is there a way to store pn_error... result?
14:58:55 <flo> there's no way to dump the whole content of the error console to a file, but you can copy/paste at least one entry
15:24:59 <Mic> flo: have you tried using Console² with Instantbird? I think it supports copying many/all errors at once
15:53:08 <flo> Mic: no, but someone should try :)
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16:27:48 <Mic> flo: Simply adding Instantbird to the list of supported application works for Console²
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16:32:25 <Mic> The change isn't even necessary. It works as is ( https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/1815 ).
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17:20:53 <devfil> flo, why did you add to msn-pecan source giowin32?
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18:00:56 <flo> devfil: because it will be needed on Windows
18:01:04 <devfil> flo, ok
18:02:15 <devfil> flo, still no crash :)
18:02:39 <flo> is there a reason why you expect it to be crashy?
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18:03:09 <flo> vicnet: hey!
18:03:15 <vicnet> hello
18:03:45 <devfil> flo, no, it just to say "it works fine!" :)
18:04:04 <vicnet> what's up?
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20:40:13 * flo just read http://steelgryphon.com/blog/2010/01/09/on-personas-and-themes/
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22:08:08 <flo> good night!
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22:18:06 <Mic> hej
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22:37:30 <Mic> flo: I've read the Jetpack article you mentioned (and some introductory article on Jetpack)
22:37:54 <Mic> Does Jetpack try to keep extension developers away from XUL-work and such?
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