#instantbird log on 01 09 2010

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14:29:07 <Mic> hi
14:32:32 <devfil_> hi Mic
14:42:10 <Mic> Even: how is the server coming along?
14:42:22 <Even> Well, it's going on.
14:42:43 <Even> I have a brand new one and I'm working on deploying the necessary elements for insuring security and ease of use.
14:42:47 <Even> That's a lot of work.
14:42:58 <Even> I'm jailing services and users...
14:43:19 <Even> So right now, I'm working on a "master jail" that has a basic configuration for all users & services jails.
14:43:34 <Even> When that part will be completed then it's going to be quicker.
14:44:00 <Even> I'll have to create the proxy jail and finally I'll be able to start migrating instantbird services to the ne server.
14:44:38 <flo> Even wants to put everybody in jail ;)
14:44:44 <Even> I hope to have bugzilla and the main site on the new servet tomorrow but I have a lot of things to do the week end so it's more likely to happn during next week.
14:44:46 <flo> that's safer. Freedom is dangerous. :)
14:44:54 <Even> I hope everything will be fine two weeks from now.
14:45:04 <Even> At least for everything noticeable since I'll still have a lot of work.
14:45:17 <Even> But from a user point of view, everything should be sound and running.
14:45:27 <Even> flo: completely
14:45:52 <Even> flo: when someone is in a jail, he can't put mess in it's neigboor jail. That's a strong principle.
14:46:36 <Even> flo: it is a very good thing. At least if we suppose it's not easy to get a hole between jails. If you manage one it's problematic.
14:46:41 <Even> I'll try to be a good guard :P
14:52:40 <Mic> Sure, doing things properly once is better than having much work or troubles later
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16:33:43 <Morian> Are the win32 nightlies broken? I have got no update for a while now
16:48:29 <Troy> http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/nightly/latest-trunk/
16:48:35 <Troy> No updates
16:48:43 <Troy> For all systems
16:48:52 <Troy> What's the problem?
16:57:43 <flo> the server
16:58:48 <Troy> Where I can download nightly builds?
16:58:59 <Troy> (for win32)
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17:40:13 <Mic> Troy: there is no more recent build then the one from first of January
18:31:16 <Troy> flo, you here?
18:36:55 <Troy> flo
18:39:05 <flo> how many times have I asked you to stop pinging my nick without asking a question?
18:55:30 <Troy> Can you update Instantbird options window to that it is supported Aero, as in Firefox?
19:03:38 <Troy> (That's the answer to your question. To wait for your response.)
19:04:23 <Troy> And do not ask the same question several times in a row.
19:07:11 <Troy> Here is someone?
19:07:26 <flo> you are talking about just changing this image http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/browser/themes/winstripe/browser/preferences/Options.png to http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/browser/themes/winstripe/browser/preferences/Options-aero.png ?
19:07:41 <Troy> yes
19:08:27 <Troy> and other /instantbird/ theme files optimized for aero
19:09:23 <Troy> http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Instantbird-options-window-aero.png
19:10:28 <flo> which are the other theme files that need changes?
19:11:18 <Troy> status icons
19:11:56 <Troy> Someone of the developers Instantbird uses Windows NT 6.x?
19:12:38 <flo> probably
19:12:45 <flo> not the theme author though
19:14:20 <flo> ok. That's very low priority, but we will get to it someday. (I can't promise it will be before 0.2 final though).
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19:18:40 <Mic> bye
19:19:17 <Troy> bye Mic
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19:19:36 <Troy> flo, I'm here
19:22:51 <flo> yes, Eventreur made the translation wiki page
19:36:38 <Troy> and he use Windows Aero, right?
19:49:26 <Troy> bye
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22:03:21 <devfil> flo, I'm testing my glib's main loop patch on adium and it seems to work fine, now let's build instantbird :)
22:03:51 <flo> :)
22:04:43 <devfil> I will have to work on the adium plugin now that I don't need to apply a patch on adium code, but I want to test instantbird+msn-pecan ASAP :)
22:06:40 <flo> why did you need a patch on the adium code?
22:07:01 <devfil> flo, glib's main loop
22:07:21 <flo> but hasn't adium used msn-pecan at least for some time by default?
22:07:48 <devfil> yes, but when it switched back to libpurple the glib's main loop patch was removed too
22:07:57 <flo> ah
22:08:19 <flo> what was the reason for switching back?
22:08:41 <devfil> features
22:09:17 <devfil> msn-pecan didn't have oims support and there were also some issues IIRC
22:09:42 <devfil> instantbird ftp is down :(
22:10:51 <flo> which file are you trying to get?
22:11:04 <devfil> 0.2b1
22:11:11 <devfil> source code
22:11:50 <devfil> well, let's clone the repo
22:12:00 <flo> http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/releases/0.2b1/instantbird-0.2b1.src.tgz
22:13:09 <flo> the ftp works for me by the way
22:13:22 <flo> (but not the http version of the hg repo :()
22:13:23 <devfil> now it works also for me :/
22:47:05 <flo> good night!
22:47:17 <devfil> good night
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