#instantbird log on 01 02 2010

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10:02:16 <Mic> good morning
10:02:27 <bittin> good morning
10:02:49 <Mic> Here's some mockup how the items on the quick access menu on the status bar could look like
10:02:51 <Mic> http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Account_quickaccess7.png
10:03:18 <Mic> I guess the go button and the cancel/close button are self-explaining from the context
10:07:17 <flo> I don't think we want to handle having different status for different accounts (at least in the near future) without extension
10:54:56 <Even> hi!
11:04:41 <Even> I'm really tired of this updating...
11:04:57 <Even> This morning I had a compilation issue and I don't know if it was during buildkernel or buildworld.
11:05:01 <Even> That's a shame...
11:10:28 <Even> If I'm running make buildworld and it was OK on this one it's going to start by cleaning everything :(
11:10:32 <Even> Hate this...
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17:16:00 <iLobster> Greetings
17:25:15 <Mic> hi
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17:50:55 <iLobster> I have one strange question... there is one hmm... OS - Windows CE, google search tell me that "There is no available version of Pidgin for Windows CE.  Windows CE doesn't support GTK+ (which is a core dependency of Pidgin)." And question is: is it possible (in theory) to have (to port or something like that) Instantbird to Win CE? Or Instantbird depends to things which are not supported in Windows CE too?
17:52:52 <flo> We have WinCE version of Instantbird
17:52:59 <flo> do you have a wince netbook? :)
18:00:09 <iLobster> I'm thinking to buy a device running wince (6.0), it's not a netbook or notebook, it's some sort of PDA with ARM CPU
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18:01:01 <flo> with a touch screen?
18:01:06 <iLobster> yes
18:15:38 <flo> so, starting instantbird won't be hard
18:15:51 <flo> but the UI will probably need some tweaking to be usable with fingers
18:21:58 <iLobster> that's great that it's possible =)
18:31:18 * flo thinks it would be fun to add a protocol plugin in Instantbird for http://omegle.com/
18:42:28 <iLobster> hmm... "talk to strangers"... sounds frighteningly...
18:45:59 <iLobster> I more liked the idea of "radar" in Odigo IM, but there is no more Odigo IM now
18:51:44 <Mic> iLobster: what is this "radar"?
18:54:22 <Mic> Nevermind, I found it on Wikipedia
18:54:45 <iLobster> Mic: "Odigo also allows you to see who is surfing the same sites as you and talk to people with your same interests."
18:55:06 <Mic> thanks
18:55:21 <Mic> WP wasn't that specific
18:58:17 <Mic> Just tried it and someone said "asl" first thing
18:58:36 <Mic> I responded "38, male, FBI headquarters" and he instantly disconnected .. :D
19:04:30 <flo> lol
19:08:49 * flo just got the email address on a 25 years old american girl who would like to talk to me more
19:15:56 <vicnet> way to go, flo!
19:17:21 <Mic> flo: ++ !
19:17:23 <Mic> ;)
19:17:27 <Mic> gtg
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