#instantbird log on 12 26 2009

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16:59:27 <Mic> hi :)
17:04:14 <Morian> Hey Mic, merry Christmas (late for sure ...)
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17:06:29 <Morian> mmmh :-s
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17:11:14 <Mic> http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Possible_rework_log_viewer.png
17:11:37 <Mic> I felt like doing it .. and like the result :)
17:19:00 <Troy> hi
17:20:47 <Morian> Mic: you did a patch for this?
17:21:04 <Mic> Yes, that's a live screenshot, not a mockup
17:21:10 <Morian> ok :)
17:21:12 <Morian> nice
17:22:37 <Mic> I just noticed that using ordinal numbers on the date is most likely wrong (but that's good since I think there's no easy way of localizing ordinal numbers)
17:23:17 <Troy> Where flo today?
17:23:22 <Morian> there is a built-in translation for date things I think
17:23:38 <Morian> Troy: flo should be back tomorrow (maybe tonight ?)
17:23:58 <Troy> ok
17:25:41 <Mic> Shall I group by decade and century as well? :P
17:26:05 <Morian> I don't think this is necessary :)
17:26:24 <Morian> moreover this solution is temporary waiting for a better one in 0.4
17:28:49 <Troy> Morian, for new year, you also change Instantbird icon (as for Halloween)?
17:29:34 <Morian> We could have a surprise, but it's likely that it won't happen for new year
17:30:13 <Troy> Why?
17:30:19 <Morian> there is (used to be?) a private joke behind the Halloween theme, that's why it exists
17:39:54 <Mic> I guess such a patch is ok to bridge the time gap until 0.4 ;)
17:41:08 <Morian> probably
17:41:30 <Morian> (but I think that flo could want to have a nice log viewer at the very end of 0.3)
17:41:34 <Morian> we'll see
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21:16:00 <Mic> Instantbot failed to report a new entry on bugzilla btw
21:16:04 <instantbot> Mic: Sorry, I've no idea what 'failed to report a new entry on bugzilla btw' might be.
21:16:15 <Morian> ah ?
21:16:18 <Morian> mmh
21:17:35 <Morian> indeed :)
21:17:47 <Morian> should be fixed for the next ones, thanks
22:11:40 <Mic> hmm, hmm .. the Chatzilla regexp for URLs sucks sometimes :S
22:13:28 <Mic> It matches even things like (12:34:56) as protocol and adress .. 
22:14:04 <Morian> it's hard to know where the URL ends sometime
22:14:29 <Morian> and more since URL can contain any UTF8 char ... :(
22:15:15 <Morian> I saw a website to create short links .... http://A.xx/B (where A and B are UTF8)
22:16:00 <Mic> but wouldn't A be encoded as puny-code?
22:16:19 <Mic> scratch that ..
22:16:37 <Morian> A was a pair of scissors ... and was displayed as a pair of scissors in my FF bar
22:17:16 <Morian> I had fun time to catch URLs in Instantbot logs with regex ^^
22:18:21 <Mic> I'm trying for ages now to forge a good regexp into my linkTextModifier
22:19:22 <Morian> well, mine is probably fine on common URLs in IRC conversation, let's find it
22:19:51 <Mic> Having the linkification as module allows to easily change it and to apply it to the logs as well (which I'm actually doing at the moment)
22:20:12 <Mic> (well, in the same manner as the smilie modifier)
22:20:15 <Morian> /(https?:\/\/.+?)((,|\.)?( |&quot;)|\)|\]|\n|\<)/i
22:20:37 <Morian> still fun to read XD
22:22:48 <Morian> oh cool :), why wouldn't you get the same thing we already have in the conversation window?
22:24:06 <Mic> It's the builtin thing that breaks in so many cases
22:24:20 <Morian> ok
22:24:35 <Mic> It's not a textmodifier yet, that's why I'm working on it
22:26:20 <Morian> I am working on the IRC log parser and take the one from #instantbird as a "test set", I have to finish it for January 3rd, now I try to isolate conversations to know who speaks with who
22:26:43 <Morian> I now know why perl is reputed to be unreadable :)
22:27:42 <Morian> in the whole life of instantbot, flo told you directly 91 times (Mic: ...)
22:29:51 <Mic> What sort of rules are you using to tell if someone is still discussing with someone?
22:31:41 <Morian> the "XXX:" is a good indicator, but when there are more than 2 people speaking, I just mix the whole thing until an incativity, or a new people arrives or someone "leaves" or stop talking for some time
22:31:49 <Morian> it's very heuristic :p
22:33:33 <Mic> Has this channel a sufficient base for heuristics?
22:34:19 <Morian> this is small but I can still extract some information (it has more than 15k entries right now)
22:34:40 <Morian> and I prefer doing my tests here because it's faster than on 100MB of logs :-D
22:35:36 <Morian> once I'll be able to draw nice graphs and charts, I'll move on a new Input Module for an other log format and try on 100MB+ :)
22:36:28 <Mic> There are some things I'd like to try I just don't know when ..
22:36:55 <Morian> what things? about what?
22:37:16 <Mic> Just for Instantbird there are some things that will take some time
22:37:48 <Mic> Completion, account quick access bar on the buddy list, account selection on conversations, ..
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22:38:22 <Mic> .. some newer things: show most recent log in the conversation window when a new conversation starts
22:39:36 <Mic> Adapt the Firefox grab&drag addon to work on IB which allows use my graphics tablet to do kinetic scrolling (once you tried it you never want to miss it)
22:39:46 <Morian> there's still a lot of things to do, I'll consider doing some of these during my Internship period of 6 months ^^'
22:40:48 <Mic> I think I'll the quick access bar on the buddy list next, I think I figured out the problem I've encountered
22:41:15 <Mic> *I'll do
22:42:25 <Mic> The account selection on conversation windows is partially done as well, but is missing its c-code part that actually allows to change the account
22:42:32 <Morian> grr, I don't understand why my hash has two times the same key ... associated with different objects O_o
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22:43:25 <Mic> oops, ctrl+w :D
22:43:41 <Morian> :)
22:45:32 <Mic> Your results are due January, 3rd?
22:46:05 <Morian> yes or 4th, I have a presentation on this subject for 20minutes and I have to have results ^^'
23:07:59 <Morian> ok ... I am so a f*** dumb*ss -_-
23:08:19 <Morian> I use two channels ... I wondered why the nicks were printed two times -_-'
23:08:53 <Morian> yet another screen-chair interface problem solved
23:09:43 <Mic> :)
23:09:48 <Mic> Thanks :)
23:09:57 <Mic> Idea: a bad-word-filter extension
23:10:59 <Mic> So people won't have to hide bad words themselves when they feel like cursing
23:18:09 <Morian> :-D
23:18:14 <Morian> instantbot: insult me
23:18:15 <instantbot> Morian: You are nothing but a horn-beat mound of lewd-minded pus.
23:18:21 <Morian> ahem
23:27:55 <vicnet> wow, I take a quick peek here and find this... awesome
23:28:59 <vicnet> is there a list of instantbot commands somewhere?
23:30:29 <Mic> instantbot: help
23:30:31 <instantbot> Mic: help info /msg'ed
23:30:46 <Mic> works for me
23:31:21 <Morian> yes you can tell instantbot, he is a bit dumb but well ... it's a bot :(
23:35:36 <vicnet> should I read some more "The Now Habit", or should I procrastinate some more about it?
23:35:38 <vicnet> !8ball
23:36:04 <vicnet> hey! instantbot is a liar!
23:36:28 <Morian> instantbot: !8ball
23:36:31 <instantbot> Morian: Sorry, I've no idea what '8ball' might be.
23:36:31 <Morian> mmh
23:36:40 <Morian> !8ball meuh?
23:36:41 <instantbot> Morian: It is possible.
23:36:59 <vicnet> !8ball "should I read some more "The Now Habit", or should I procrastinate some more about it?"
23:37:00 <instantbot> vicnet: It is so.
23:37:10 <vicnet> meh, whatever
23:37:25 <vicnet> !8ball Am I stupid?
23:37:26 <instantbot> vicnet: Come again?
23:37:30 <vicnet> >_<
23:39:20 <vicnet> still, that was one kick-ass insult earlier...