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08:37:06 <Mic> hi
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10:23:02 <flo> hi :)
10:41:18 <Mic> hi:)
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16:18:49 <flo> question for people who like to display offline buddies:
16:19:14 <flo> does it make more sense to have a global toggle "display offline buddies" somewhere, or to have it in the context menu of each group?
16:28:40 <Mic> How do you want to group them?
16:28:58 <Mic> Into the groups where the buddies belong or into a separate "Offline" group?
16:30:39 <Mic> I haven't checked whether it is possible to change it, but having all offline buddies in their respective groups terribly clutters the buddy list in Pidgin
16:31:30 <Mic> Having a separate group would allow to have the group e.g. at the bottom of the list where it doesn't interfere with the display of the online buddies
16:32:10 <Mic> Though you're loosing the grouping if you don't take means against it
16:32:25 <Mic> Well, just my 2 cents
16:32:30 <Mic> (back to work)
16:45:47 <flo> displaying all the offline buddies adds a lot of clutter, yes
16:45:58 <flo> that's why I think I'd like to have them displayed only for some groups
16:46:23 <flo> but I tend to think the people I talk to really often are more interesting even when offline than people I'll never talk to again
16:46:36 <flo> so putting all the offline buddies at the bottom is not very appealing to me
16:48:42 <Mic> For me the purpose of offline buddies is to be able to contact them
16:48:54 <flo> contact them, or see the logs ;)
16:48:55 <Mic> That is, look up their item and open a new conversation
16:49:37 <Mic> The extra work of going down the list is ok for me in this case
16:49:54 <flo> if you know exactly who you want to contact, you don't need a list at all
16:50:16 <flo> you can just type the first few characters of the name, and press enter once the completion is right
16:50:17 <Mic> As it is nothing I do every few minutes (in contrary to having a glance at the online buddies)
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16:52:03 <Mic> ok, I could toggle offline buddies on and off if I need to contact someone, but that doesn't sound good to me either
16:52:21 <iLobster> Greetings
16:52:54 <flo> well, I think you really don't want a list for your usecase
16:53:07 <flo> something like the location bar of Firefox 3+ would be a lot more efficient
16:53:20 <Mic> Would be awwesome :)
16:53:32 <flo> 0.3 though :-/
16:54:32 <flo> I tend to think I only want to see offline buddies in 1 or 2 groups where I have interesting contacts
16:54:40 <Mic> "Find as you type" filtering that hides non-matches from the list would be a suitable solution for my usage as well
16:55:15 <flo> but the detail that sucks: if we don't have anybody connected in the group, the group is not visible here to open its context menu on it and click "display offline buddies"'
16:55:56 <flo> adding a search box that would act as a filter is another option, yes.
17:01:34 <Mic> Maybe try several things as extensions first?
17:02:57 <Mic> two tabs on the list:
17:03:12 <Mic> one with online, one with offline buddies
17:03:22 <Mic> Groups on both alike
17:03:48 <flo> is someone using twitter online or offline?
17:04:25 <Mic> I've got to leave
17:04:33 <flo> see you :)
17:04:41 <Mic> I don't know anyone using twitter by the way ;)
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23:04:05 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/62621138419d - Florian Qu?ze - Add a debug function to dump the whole buddy list.
23:04:07 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/918b5a3fae1d - Florian Qu?ze - Make purpleTag handle observers, and let group bindings handle changes to their content themselves.
23:04:09 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/f0404d3cbd04 - Florian Qu?ze - Remove obsolete convtab binding.
23:04:11 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/32ba0df4f330 - Florian Qu?ze - Do not send buddy list notifications while quitting.
23:04:13 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/59deeb593290 - Florian Qu?ze - Refresh the UI when libpurple indicates that the alias of a buddy has changed.
23:46:38 <flo> good night
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