#instantbird log on 12 17 2009

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08:51:20 <Troy> hi
08:51:52 <Troy> What does this phrase: "'Cause witches can also type!"
08:52:08 <Troy> hey
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09:28:47 <flo> hi
09:28:59 <Morian> hey
09:33:45 <Troy> hey!!!
09:33:58 <Troy> [12:50]	<Troy>	hi
09:33:59 <Troy> [12:51]	<Troy>	What does this phrase: "'Cause witches can also type!"
09:34:00 <Troy> [12:52]	<Troy>	hey
09:35:19 <flo> well, try to guess :-P
09:35:41 <flo> (it's a bit of a private joke, so if we give the "solution", it will lose some of its interest)
09:37:02 <Troy> I need to translate this phrase
09:37:57 <flo> are you making a localized version?
09:39:01 <Troy> yes
09:39:41 <flo> do you know harry potter?
09:40:35 <Troy> yes
09:41:20 <Troy> Read 10 times
09:41:39 <flo> wizard and witches use owls to communicate their messages. Then... suppose that witches can also type, and send instant messages through Instantbird.
09:42:08 <flo> that sentence is not at all a reference to harry potter, but thinking about it this way will produce the "right" translation.
09:48:15 <Troy> haps this phrase can not be translated. Can I leave her like this?
09:48:29 <Troy> Perhaps
09:49:11 <flo> That would not be a problem. Not understanding it wouldn't prevent anybody from using the software
09:51:01 <Troy> OK
10:12:53 <Troy> Once the translation is ready, what do I do with it?
10:13:24 <flo> we posted on the blog about that, and there's some documentation on the wiki
10:14:57 <Troy> Send it to you on florian@instantbird.org?
10:15:06 <flo> send what?
10:15:15 <Troy> locale
10:15:20 <flo> no
10:16:07 <Troy> Where to send it then?
10:16:20 <flo> read the documentation on the wiki
10:18:59 <Troy> I long to read it. My computer does not support HG. Let me just send you .jar file with localization.
10:20:26 <flo> Apparently my computer doesn't support emailed jar files
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10:21:06 <Morian> EPIC WIN XD
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10:37:40 <flo> hi :)
10:39:15 <Mic> hello
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14:10:54 <Mic> bye, have a nice day
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21:45:20 <tacoman> hello. I love instantbird!! keep it up!! please!:)
21:49:58 <flo> hi
21:50:45 <flo> if you could (if you had both time and knowledge), what would you love to improve in it? :)
21:52:40 <tacoman> not much!! just the little things you expect for a young program. being able to remove contacts, log manager, it is great program
21:53:02 <tacoman> I was looking for a new theme and I didn't know there were like 300 adium themes! I found like 10 awesome ones :)
21:53:19 <flo> :)
21:53:44 <tacoman> are the adium themes always going to be 'experimental' ? maybe people dont see them ?
21:53:46 <flo> do you use the beta or a nightlies?
21:53:55 <tacoman> I use the beta
21:54:02 <flo> most of them will stay experimental
21:54:10 <tacoman> 0.2b1
21:54:26 <flo> we will make public only the ones that we are confident work well in Instantbird
21:54:36 <flo> and... are nice :)
21:54:47 <flo> there are dozens of completely uninteresting themes
21:55:02 <tacoman> I've tried about 15 and only one didn't work. I liked the minimal ones
21:55:12 <tacoman> I've always liked adium themes but I have a PC now :(
21:55:23 <flo> very few don't work at all
21:55:25 <tacoman> I'm glad I can use them
21:55:45 <flo> but some don't work as well as they do in Adium, because they use things we don't plan to support
21:56:22 <tacoman> I like the potential with the addons
21:56:28 <tacoman> that is why I like to use mozilla stuff
21:56:28 <flo> :)
21:57:49 <tacoman> my friend just upgraded to windows 7 and he was using a really old version of AIM and he was upset with Miranda and Pidgin not being what he wanted. I showed him one of the themes that mimics the old AOL instant messenger messenger styles and now he uses Instantbird now
22:00:16 <flo> so, you are already spreading the word :)
22:00:24 <tacoman> haha I try!
22:01:03 <tacoman> for a beta it is really bug free. I have not had any problems in the past few months
22:01:35 <stevo> tacoman: yeah I use it as my primary IM :) it's been great, now I just have to find time to work on the spam stuff :(
22:01:46 * stevo thinks he should make a bug for that (or story)
22:03:07 <tacoman> does Instantbird get full support from Mozilla?
22:04:15 <flo> define "full support", but the answer is probably "no"
22:05:31 <flo> stevo: how often do you get spammed?
22:05:34 <tacoman> they should!! :)
22:05:42 <flo> tell them? :)
22:05:46 <stevo> flo: I woke up with 10 windows today of spam!
22:05:59 <tacoman> instant message spam?
22:06:08 <flo> that's a lot :(
22:06:21 <stevo> yeah, stupid msn :P
22:07:18 <stevo> flo: I think I can just add some comments to Bug 274, it is sort of what I was talking about.
22:07:22 <instantbot> stevo: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=274 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Privacy mode
22:08:09 <flo> that doesn't seem related at all
22:08:38 <flo> that bug is about a feature similar to "private browsing" in Firefox: not letting any trace of your conversations go to disk
22:08:43 <stevo> flo: well instead of stop logging it could be, stop logging|log|log to spam
22:09:09 <stevo> hmm, true
22:09:20 <flo> the problem with spam is not logging or not
22:09:30 <flo> the point is you don't want to be disturbed/interrupted
22:09:47 <flo> I don't think you care if a few kilobytes of crap is stored to your disk
22:09:55 <flo> especially if we cleanup automatically after a few months
22:10:21 <stevo> yeah, definitely needs a clean up and probably a do not log spam for those who don't want it
22:10:49 <flo> I think we want to log it, and cleanup automatically after some amount of time
22:10:54 <flo> mostly like gmail does
22:11:52 <stevo> yes as a default, however i personally would not like to log, I don't want to hear or have anything to do with people not on my list, I will add them if I want them there :)
22:12:21 <flo> if think you just don't want to care. At all. ;)
22:12:51 <flo> and what about private IRC messages?
22:13:29 <stevo> I don't use it for IRC, I use Chatzilla...
22:14:04 <flo> what's so great about chatzilla by the way?
22:14:28 <stevo> ha ha, just use to it and it does what I need :)
22:15:18 <flo> I understand that Colloquy may be great
22:15:33 <flo> but chatzilla... I've never understood.
22:15:39 <stevo> not under windows ;)
22:15:48 <flo> don't you use a macbook?
22:15:56 <tacoman> colloquy is a good theme for instantbird ;-)
22:16:00 <stevo> yup, Mac Book and Mac Pro
22:16:13 <flo> tacoman: ;)
22:16:21 <stevo> But I run Windows 7, OS X and Ubunut
22:16:25 <flo> I think there are some interesting features to "steal" though :)
22:16:31 <stevo> oops for got a u :)
22:17:38 <tacoman> will there be a new beta release?
22:17:58 <flo> at some point yes.
22:18:06 <flo> but let us some time to add more stuff in it ;)
22:18:15 <tacoman> the adium themes will still be supported yes??
22:18:26 <flo> of course
22:18:37 <tacoman> cool :-D
22:20:10 <tacoman> im not to fussy for new features. the only problem i had was editing the buddy list. but I just used the web version of AIM to do that
22:20:52 <flo> are you using only one protocol?
22:21:03 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 288 filed by steven.bengtson@gmail.com.
22:21:05 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=288 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Implement a spamming system for messages from people not on your list.
22:21:49 <tacoman> yes. i used AIM long time ago in 1995 and still use it :-p
22:22:18 <tacoman> Instantbird is miles better than the bloated advertisement AOL ships now as AIM
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22:49:01 <flo> bouh, crashed :(
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23:01:32 <tacoman> I tried to download this, https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/addon/220 , and instead of having a .xpi file it was .jar, does it not work anymore?
23:02:55 <stevo> tacoman: jars are for themes generally, they are just a different package
23:03:09 <stevo> xpi is generally for extensions
23:03:25 <tacoman> but when I add it. it only looks for .xpi files
23:03:32 <tacoman> how do I get in the program?
23:04:05 <stevo> when you install, select all files instead of xpi
23:04:20 <stevo> or you can drag it into the add ons window
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23:04:41 <tacoman> oooh.. i knew that :P
23:04:56 <tacoman> thank you it works :)
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23:06:01 <stevo> tacoman: np
23:06:07 <stevo> stevo_test: ping
23:06:20 <stevo_test> stevo pong
23:17:46 <flo> stevao: is the test satisfying?
23:19:18 <flo> (clearly, the lack of completion is *not* satisfying... :()
23:20:46 <stevo> Bug 288
23:20:49 <instantbot> stevo: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=288 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Implement a spamming system for messages from people not on your list.
23:21:05 <stevo_test> flo: it's ok, the lack of tab completion is definitly a -, also the lack of bug number detection.
23:22:24 <flo> there's an addon for that
23:22:28 * stevo_test wonders if we should read in users lists from irc as part of the buddy list when checking for spam
23:22:35 <flo> https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/addon/4
23:23:11 <stevo_test> nice
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23:23:35 <flo> it's not clever enough to guess which bugzilla installation is relevant in each IRC channel though
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23:24:50 <stevo> hmm, yeah restricted to global setting :( oh well, it's a start
23:24:56 <stevo> Bug 288
23:24:59 <instantbot> stevo: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=288 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Implement a spamming system for messages from people not on your list.
23:25:09 <stevo> instantbot helps :)
23:25:13 <instantbot> stevo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'helps :)' might be.
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23:25:25 <stevo> well not always ;)
23:25:51 <flo> ahah
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23:31:12 <Ornthalas> o/
23:39:02 * flo looks forward to trying the nightly build of tomorrow
23:46:51 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/235ff3623921 - Florian Qu?ze - Fix JS error in buddy tooltips.
23:46:52 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/71078f5bf78f - Florian Qu?ze - Add a basic log viewer.
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23:52:18 <flo> good night
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