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11:23:21 <flo> hi :)
12:01:20 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 282 to FIXED.
12:01:25 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=282 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO FIXED, Instantbird "latest-trunk" version on ftp show 0.2b1pre nightly builds
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14:24:54 <Mic> hi
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15:45:35 <flo> Mic: hi. How far did you go in your work on the tab tooltips?
15:51:56 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org added attachment 255 to bug 207.
15:51:58 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=207 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, URLs should not contain Smileys
16:55:40 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> tab tooltips?
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17:16:10 <Mic> re
17:16:54 <Mic> I haven't done anything beside what you saw in the mockup (ie adding a few extra lines to the createTooltip code in tabbrowser.xml (if I recall correctly))
17:17:14 <Mic> I was busy the last days and it was not quite a priority
17:17:22 <flo> ok
17:17:29 <Mic> I think I'll do the link creation textModifier first
17:17:30 <flo> it was just to make sure we are not duplicating work
17:17:44 <flo> (I'm currently refactoring the tooltip code of the buddy list)
17:17:50 <Mic> nice .. :)
17:18:36 <Mic> On your smilie problem: this would be fixed with a textModifier for links
17:18:51 <flo> no
17:19:05 <flo> it would fix it only for links that are added by the text modifier
17:19:14 <Mic> yes
17:19:14 <flo> not for links that are added before they are sent
17:19:52 <Mic> Aren't they stripped away during the markup cleanup anyways?
17:19:58 <flo> no
17:20:11 <Mic> Or was that just any link that was not pointing to http/ftp/.. resources
17:20:26 <flo> if you have code like <a href="http://www.instantbird.com/">Click here please!</a>, the link will appear as "click here"
17:20:44 <Mic> ok
17:20:49 <flo> yes, links can only point to http/ftp/https. Otherwise they are stripped
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17:21:14 <flo> I think we should remove them in this case too: <a href="http://yahoo.com/">http://google.com/</a> but that's more work ;)
17:21:18 <Mic> Maybe we should move that task to the textModifier as well to get a coherent behaviour
17:21:41 <flo> hmm no.
17:21:55 <flo> the text modifier are here to enhance the display.
17:22:23 <flo> the filtering is here for security purpose, and we should keep that code as clean and compact (in a single place) as possible
17:22:45 <Mic> sure, the filtering has to take place ..
17:22:56 <Mic> well, it's not a problem anyways 
17:23:40 <Mic> the textModifier could jsut "protect" existing links as well
17:24:55 <flo> I don't really see how that would work
17:25:24 <Mic> The settings I thought of were disabled, protect, (protect&) linkify
17:25:46 <Mic> "Disabled" would leave any content as it is .. 
17:26:28 <Mic> "Linkify" would add links which are automatically protected from treatment by other textModifiers if I understood you correctly
17:27:47 <Mic> Protect would not add a <a href=""> tag but add a <span> tag which would be a new node and prevent other textmodifiers to be applied
17:27:57 <Mic> Or do you consider that as "ugly hack"?
17:30:05 <flo> hmm, that seems ugly, yes
17:32:31 <flo> I was considering adding an "aIsURL" parameter to text modifiers
17:32:50 <flo> so that they can decide to behave differently (and the emoticon modifier would just do nothing)
17:34:27 <Mic> What was the reason that textmodifiers are not applied to new nodes?
17:34:40 <Mic> (beside recursing behaviour maybe)
17:35:02 <flo> making sure they don't apply on each other's content
17:36:25 <Mic> Why is that not wanted?
17:37:41 <Mic> Some could add a smilie text code or a text link
17:37:49 <flo> hmm, actually the real reason was efficiency
17:38:03 <flo> we apply the text modifiers one after another
17:38:16 <flo> once we have applied once modifier on all text nodes, we are done with it
17:38:37 <flo> if we start applying on each other's generated content, we should reapply all modifiers each time some content has been changed
17:40:31 <Mic> I need to look at the code to be able to go any further in this discussion
17:40:37 <Mic> So maybe I'll come back to it later
17:40:46 <flo> I would need to do it too ;)
17:40:55 <flo> what I said is just from what I can remember about it
17:42:09 <Mic> just one thing: it's picking a node and applies all modifiers consecutively?
17:42:12 <flo> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/instantbird/buddy.xml#166 can anybody see the point of these 6 lines of code?
17:42:19 <flo> it looks like dead code
17:42:37 <Mic> Not necessarily
17:42:45 <flo> yes.
17:42:52 <Mic> I saw a comment on such code at another place
17:43:23 <flo> I don't see any use of the "status" variable after that
17:44:25 <Mic> It's just about the declaration of the status vriable or the whole block?
17:44:38 <flo> the 6 lines
17:44:54 <flo> it seems to do nothing except putting the status message in a "status" variable, that I don't see used anyway
17:45:55 <flo> I think I'll rewrite the whole method
17:46:13 <flo> I'd like it to do something more similar to the code that sets the icon of tabs :)
17:46:31 <flo> anyway, I have to go
17:46:37 <flo> see you :)
17:46:42 <Mic> Is the attribue set if it breaks or not
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21:34:34 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> LXDE:)
21:37:47 <flo> AA :-P :)
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21:39:14 <Dragonito> Hi there
21:39:15 <stevo> flo: hey, any plans on a privacy setting for the accounts?
21:39:42 <flo> what do you mean by "privacy setting for the accounts"?
21:40:10 <stevo> flo: like with msn you can say only people on my list can contact me, gets rid of spam :)
21:40:34 <stevo> I guess I could make an add-on since the functionality is already in lib-purple.
21:41:04 <flo> we could also just prevent some conversation tabs from opening
21:41:57 <stevo> flo: so if they are not on my list don't open the conversation? that would work.
21:42:06 <flo> yes
21:42:29 <flo> Idealy, I'd like to make the conversation available somewhere. Kind of like the "spam" folder in most email boxes
21:42:34 <stevo> but lib-purple already has all that functionality in it and we just have to set the flags
21:42:58 <flo> the point is that we don't want to block completely incoming communication from strangers, but we don't want to be interrupted by it
21:43:10 <stevo> flo: hmm, that could be good, and then the user can select that they really do what to talk to them :) nice.
21:44:08 <Dragonito> Whats about Metacontactsupport?
21:44:37 <flo> Dragonito: will be in version 0.3
21:44:59 <Dragonito> flo: great :-)
21:45:13 <flo> (if you mean grouping several ways to contact a single person into a single contact displayed in the buddy list)
21:45:32 <stevo> flo, nice ;)
21:45:49 <Dragonito> yes right. Perhaps with an option to set a default protocol 
21:46:09 <stevo> Dragonito: priorities would be better
21:46:22 <Dragonito> right
21:47:04 <flo> You will be able to order the screennames of the contact
21:47:35 <flo> and you are already able to reorder your accounts in the account manager, the first account in the list for a protocol is your favorite account for that protocol
21:47:52 <Dragonito> okay
21:48:21 <flo> and we will probably try to contact automatically the person with the screenname (s)he used the last time there was a conversation
21:48:52 <flo> so that if the other person makes a choice about which account is his/her favorite, Instantbird respects it automatically without you even having to notice/care about it
21:48:53 <Dragonito> sounds good
21:49:06 <stevo> flo: it is little things like that that make this app rock :)
21:49:29 <flo> stevo: you mean, designing the UI? :)
21:49:56 <flo> it's hard to 'sell' little things though :-/
21:50:19 <Dragonito> i´ve some ideas for the chat window , if you want to hear them?
21:50:33 <stevo> yes, just the simple things that make our life easier :), I know how hard it is we are having quite a time with Songbird
21:50:46 <flo> sure. as long as you don't expect us to adopt them right away ;).
21:50:52 <Dragonito> ;-)
21:51:31 <Dragonito> My friends sometimes send me Youtube Links... perhaps its possible to integrate the Player directly to the Message Window
21:51:44 <Dragonito> Also for JPGs or Mp3
21:51:59 <flo> we plan to display an improved tooltip that would include the title and a few preview images for youtube videos
21:52:32 <flo> I don't think you want to play it from Instantbird, but you definitively want to know what the video is about, to make a good decision about whether you want to watch it or not
21:53:25 <Dragonito> i think its great to view it directly in the window as a little version off the player
21:53:37 <Dragonito> so you dont have to open it in a browser
21:54:10 <flo> I guess an extension could do that
21:54:16 <Dragonito> ;-)
21:55:34 <Dragonito> is there a howto to compile the source on mac?
21:56:12 <flo> http://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:Compiling
21:56:24 <Dragonito> thanks
21:58:24 <Dragonito> python?
21:58:39 <flo> the mozilla build system needs it
21:58:45 <Dragonito> okay
21:59:49 <Dragonito> hope i could install it with port
21:59:57 <Dragonito> the mercurial
22:00:44 <flo> yes, you install it with port
22:03:01 <Dragonito> slow mac ;-)
22:27:14 <flo> it takes a lot of time to polish the values of the CSS margins everywhere :-/
22:28:31 <Dragonito> is it allways the same value?
22:28:52 <flo> that would be way too easy ;)
22:29:06 <Dragonito> hehe
22:30:11 <Dragonito> oh i have to upgrade my ports
22:30:18 <stevo> flo: so configure is not being created when running make -f client.mk build
22:30:57 <flo> just run autoconf2.13
22:31:39 <flo> hmmm
22:31:48 <flo> wait, it should be done automatically
22:31:58 <stevo> that's what I thought
22:32:15 <flo> it's only on WinCE that for some reason we have to do it by hand
22:32:32 <stevo> I am on OS X 10.5.8
22:33:04 <flo> did you run python client.py checkout ?
22:33:10 <stevo> it says Generating /Users/steven/Projects/instantbird/configure using autoconf but never does.
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22:33:14 <stevo> yes
22:33:30 <flo> that's strange
22:33:48 <stevo> yeah, I am trying it again with a fresh checkout
22:34:03 <stevo> not very many steps to mess up ;)
22:34:09 <flo> :)
22:34:34 <stevo> what do you use from mozilla? a full source checkout?
22:34:40 <flo> yes
22:34:43 <flo> mozilla-1.9.2
22:35:04 <stevo> ok, I have been working on an app that uses the xulrunner and xulrunner-sdk packages
22:35:08 <flo> our build system is an adapted copy of comm-central
22:37:01 <stevo> I guess I don't really have to build it to make an extension :P
22:37:27 <flo> yeah, you can just use a nightly
22:37:38 <flo> but maybe building looks more attractive to you? ;)
22:37:45 <flo> and you can build with --enable-debug
22:38:22 <stevo> flo: yeah probably, better for some testing. I do have some experience with mozilla building ;)
22:39:27 <flo> ok, it works. Now time to cleanup my patch before commiting :)
22:40:16 <flo> (refactoring of the code used to display buddy list tooltips, to make it work for conversation tabs too!)
22:41:40 <stevo> nice
22:41:55 <flo>  13 files changed, 401 insertions(+), 257 deletions(-)
22:41:56 <flo> I didn't think it would require such a big change...
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22:49:28 <Mic> Good evening
22:50:29 <flo> good evening :)
22:53:56 <Mic> I'm interested in seeing this patch
22:55:38 <Mic> Especially if the code went into a separate script file .. 
22:56:02 <Mic> Including script files from binding doesn't seem to be trivial
22:56:25 <flo> I put the tooltip in a separate binding
22:58:26 <stevo> flo: hmm, not good did a new checkout, ran the python checkout to get deps and then ran make and still get the same error :(
22:59:02 <flo> pastebin it with some context maybe?
23:03:14 <stevo> flo: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/690136 <- This is with standard Mozilla build setup, I am able to build Songbird and a personal Mozilla App.
23:03:27 <stevo> on Mac OS X 10.5.8 as I said before :)
23:03:54 <stevo> I can also build xulrunner
23:04:22 <flo> that's very strange :-S
23:04:57 <stevo> I agree
23:04:59 <stevo>  :)
23:06:17 <flo> and if you run it yourself, does it work?
23:07:06 <stevo> you mean the build?
23:07:40 <instantbot> losgarbo@libero.it added attachment 256 to bug 165.
23:07:43 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=165 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, A libpurple from pidgin takes precedence instantbird's libpurple while building libpurplexpcom
23:08:23 <flo> autoconf
23:08:28 <flo> is the file 'configure' created correctly?
23:09:30 <stevo> nope : http://pastebin.mozilla.org/690137
23:09:37 <flo> I should probably just take that patch (the one in bug 165)
23:10:09 <flo> hmm
23:10:18 <flo> and you can build xulrunner?
23:10:36 <stevo> yup, I have before
23:10:45 <flo> I like that error message: "error: possibly undefined macro: AS_BIN"
23:10:56 <flo> possibly undefined...
23:12:08 <flo> this one is probably the problem: AC_OUTPUT_SUBDIRS
23:19:01 <Dragonito> all dependencies are compiled :-)
23:19:07 <Dragonito> now checkout
23:19:10 <Dragonito> :-)
23:19:23 <flo> :)
23:19:57 <stevo> Dragonito: let me know if you get build errors when you run the make -f client.mk build :)
23:20:09 <Dragonito> okay i´ll
23:21:32 <stevo> flo: you indicate a log viewer for 0.4 so do you log conversations now?
23:21:44 <flo> as plain text, yes
23:21:46 <flo> libpurple does it
23:22:01 <stevo> oh there it is in the profile :) ok nice.
23:22:09 <flo> for 0.4 we would like to do something really good with the logs
23:22:22 <flo> we want fulltext search ;)
23:22:52 <stevo> are you planning on implementing your own logger or keep using libpurples?
23:23:12 <flo> it needs to be indexed so that we can search efficiently
23:23:40 <Dragonito> where is client.mk?
23:23:56 <stevo> should be under instantbird
23:24:13 <stevo> after you clone it
23:24:37 <Dragonito> there is a build.mk
23:24:43 <Dragonito> but no client.mk
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23:25:54 <stevo> that's not right, there should not be a build.mk, only client.mk
23:26:04 <Dragonito> i found it
23:26:24 <Dragonito> first error ;-9
23:27:10 <Dragonito> mozconfig2client-mk: No such file or directory
23:27:37 <flo> did you run python client.py checkout ?
23:28:07 <Dragonito> no, i´ve done hg clone http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird
23:28:46 <flo> so, that's your next step ;)
23:28:49 <Dragonito> okay :-)
23:28:54 <stevo> ha ha, oh yeah you need to check out the dependencies first ;)
23:29:22 <Dragonito> yes, its my first time with this tool
23:29:25 <flo> maybe we should add a check in client.mk
23:29:42 <flo> detecting that some of the important files from mozilla are missing, and printing an explicit error message
23:30:38 <flo> it's at least the third time this month that someone is stuck on that meaningless "mozconfig2client-mk: No such file or directory" message
23:31:02 <stevo> yeah we do that for Songbird, it reduces the support requirement :)
23:31:16 <Dragonito> lol
23:31:30 <flo> comm-central should do that! :-P
23:31:36 <Dragonito> Perhaps you have to add some notice to wiki
23:31:37 <Dragonito> ;-)
23:32:05 <stevo> he does! ha ha, it says do this then this then this ;). We do the same but sometimes people miss it.
23:32:34 <flo> that's a poor solution (because the command to execute was written on the wiki, so if it was missed, the note about the error is likely to be missed too)
23:33:05 <flo> but it's better than doing nothing at all I guess :)
23:33:19 <stevo> you can only do so much
23:33:38 <flo> I prefer the "make the error message explicit" solution, if it's possible ;)
23:34:08 <Dragonito> its learning by doing ;-)
23:38:17 <Dragonito> now :)
23:38:44 <Dragonito> ohhh new errors ;)
23:39:06 <Dragonito> "instantbird/configure: No such file or directory"
23:41:55 <flo> ah ah
23:42:07 <stevo> same error :)
23:42:12 <Dragonito> :)
23:42:17 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> Moo
23:42:24 <flo> stevo: any idea of the real cause?
23:42:46 <flo> Mic: https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/0c1fbf17d5d4
23:43:44 <stevo> I noticed that in you changed AC_OUTPUT_SUBDIRS to AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS in instantbird/mozilla-ac.patch, but it seems to be in the mozilla stuff too
23:44:21 <stevo> meaning the mozilla/configure.in
23:45:22 <stevo> changing it to AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS works in the configure.in but we still have AS_BIN
23:47:28 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 165 to FIXED.
23:47:31 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=165 nor, --, 0.2b2, nobody, RESO FIXED, A libpurple from pidgin takes precedence instantbird's libpurple while building libpurplexpcom
23:47:34 <stevo> hmm, AS is not defined on mac?
23:48:10 <flo> I don't know:-/
23:48:37 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/0c1fbf17d5d4 - Florian Qu?ze - Refactoring of the buddy tooltip code so as to use it on conversation tabs too.
23:48:38 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/ed411bf5de49 - Connor Behan - Bug 165 - System libpurple takes precedence over instantbird's libpurple while building libpurplexpcom
23:50:52 * flo is cloning a clean repository to test that ^^
23:51:01 <Dragonito> my bed is waiting :) Cu u tomorrow
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23:54:06 <stevo> flo: oh, so AS is only used on windows
23:54:22 <stevo> to configure the ml
23:57:32 <flo> stevo: I just checked (cloned a clean instantbird repo and a clean mozilla repo), autoconf213 executes without any warning
23:57:41 --> Morian has joined #instantbird
23:58:17 <flo> I'm on OS X 10.5.8 too
23:58:31 <stevo> hmm, wonder if it is cause I am using autoconf 2.64 :P
23:58:40 <flo> ...
23:58:48 <flo> have you ever built Mozilla?
23:58:49 <flo> :-P
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23:59:39 <stevo> I did, but maybe I reinstalled ports? who knows on this computer ;)
23:59:40 <flo> 23:30:56 - flo: just run autoconf2.13
23:59:40 <flo> I told you an hour and a half ago to use that specific version (the only one that works with Mozilla)