#instantbird log on 12 05 2009

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04:05:38 <Troy> hi
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09:57:10 <Mic> Good morning
09:59:58 <Troy> hi Mic
10:18:05 <Mic> flo: messagestyle.xul and smileys.xul in instantbird/content/instantbird are relics of the old config if I'm not mistaken
10:19:13 <Troy> flo away
10:20:11 <Mic> That's ok
10:36:46 <flo> Mic: hi. I thought I hg remove'd these 2 files :-/
10:39:06 <Troy> flo!
10:39:08 <Troy> hi
10:44:59 <Mic> btw I also have a change for the locale files
10:46:18 <flo> Mic: ready for a few code review comments? :)
10:46:52 <Mic> I guess after the code review comments I'll have to redo everything again ;)
10:46:59 <flo> no :)
10:47:03 <flo> well, the hg diff probably
10:47:16 <Mic> Just kidding .. if it's not good it has to be done again
10:48:18 <flo> now that we have a nice gThemePane.init function, it would be nice to move "previewObserver.load(); setTimeout(function() { smileysPreview.load(); }" into it
10:48:35 <flo> on at least 2 separate lines of course :)
10:49:08 <flo> in the init function, "this" should be ok, so you can use this instead of gThemePane
10:49:36 <flo> In setGetMore, the variable type doesn't seem usefull.
10:50:04 <flo> you can just use aType, and add in the switch/case block these 2 lines at the end:
10:50:04 <flo> default:
10:50:04 <flo>   return;
10:50:40 <flo> (well, return; or throw <some random insult you want to throw at the head of the person calling this function with a bad type as parameter>;)
10:51:10 <flo> you don't need to initialize prefURL (the " =""" can be removed)
10:51:24 <Mic> hehe, the aType thing must be a webdevelopment thing ..
10:52:04 <Mic> "never trust any input" ;)
10:52:07 <flo> ah, and you don't need to check later that prefURL is not null. You know you have set it to something, or left the function
10:52:13 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/124
10:52:21 <flo> Mic: you don't trust it more with what I proposed
10:56:34 <flo> Mic: there seems to be an error in the jar.mn part. I'm not sure why the preferences.dtd line is changed, and you added messagestyle.dtd, I think you wanted to write themes.dtd there :)
10:58:00 <Mic> the preferences line .. no idea
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10:58:32 <Mic> Maybe it is just a whitespace thing (spaces instead of tabs or so)
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11:11:40 <Mic> It's half spaces half tabs in jar.mn ..
11:12:34 <Mic> Cleanly divided by /preferences/ and non-/preferences/ paths ;)
11:13:27 <Troy> http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Instantbird-addon-manager-0.2b2.png
11:26:26 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/125
11:26:35 <Mic> That's the move/merge of the locale files
11:26:55 <Mic> I wasn't able to get this preferences issue solved with hg
11:28:53 <Mic> One day I have to look up how the change numbers on top of the paragraphs are determined..
11:30:37 <Mic> Something's been fixed on this: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/126
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12:02:18 <Mic> flo: I could use some advice for working with hg
12:03:36 <Mic> if you work on two different things (here: moving/merging the locale files and adding the getMore links)
12:03:55 <Mic> which are affecting the same files
12:07:14 <Mic> When creating diff's there's the problem that they will contain things that they shouldn't (e.g. the new UI elements ended up in the last pastebin'ed code which should be changing the names of the references to the locale strings only)
12:12:35 <Troy> FLO AWAY
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12:46:17 <flo> Mic: there's a way to handle that with mq (an extension handling patch queues), but I don't know how to use it (yet). And I'm not sure that's usable with TortoiseHG
12:47:08 <Mic> well, maybe it's just not my day.. 
12:47:26 <Mic> .. I fixed all issues and are unable to create proper diff's.
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14:48:32 <Troy> flo, why my nightly build (Instantbird 0.2b1pre) is not updated with the day before yesterday?
14:49:29 <flo> the day before yesterday?
14:49:38 <Troy> 3 december
14:51:24 <Troy> and discontinued
14:51:41 <Troy> problems?
14:52:30 <flo> apparrently an issue with the virtual machines that do the linux and windows builds
14:53:39 <Troy> flo, you saw it? -> http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Instantbird-addon-manager-0.2b2.png
14:53:44 <flo> yes
14:54:42 <Troy> In my opinion, Message Styles and Emoticons there the place.
14:55:22 <flo> we already discussed that topic a while ago
14:56:26 <Troy> with me?
14:57:04 <Troy> flo
14:58:48 <flo> I don't know
14:59:21 <Troy> I can see it on log.bezut.info?
14:59:29 <flo> maybe
14:59:38 * flo asks google
15:00:08 <Troy> when was that?
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19:47:44 <Mic> ok, one last attempt: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/128
19:57:22 <flo> last because it's perfect? :)
20:00:59 <Mic> Either way ;)
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21:03:33 <Mic> Let me know when you have an answer if it is ok .. this time I won't add any other code before this isn't finished ;)
21:48:48 <flo> any idea of something fun that I can commit for the 1000th revision?
21:48:56 <flo> (we are at the 999th)
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21:57:44 <iLobster> greetings
21:59:10 <iLobster> is it normal that last nightly do not like "Disconnect al"l add-on? Windows version
22:00:56 <flo> hmm
22:01:10 <flo> I guess I should bump the maxVersion
22:01:52 <flo> the maxVersion is currently set to: 0.2b1pre
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22:03:07 <flo> ok, I set it to 0.2.*
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22:05:05 <flo> iLobster: I think I've fixed it. Thanks for reporting the issue :)
22:12:21 <iLobster> good night
22:12:25 <Mic> good night
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22:19:13 <flo> Mic: so, how many patches from you do I have to commit this evening? :)
22:19:34 <flo> this one, the string change in the advanced tab
22:19:44 <Mic> Was this one ok?
22:20:04 <flo> I'm going to try it locally, but it looks good.
22:20:10 <flo> well, trying now
22:21:30 <flo> hmm, it doesn't apply
22:21:32 <flo> :-S
22:22:03 <flo> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/129
22:22:59 <Mic> hmm, I guessed as much ..
22:24:39 <Mic> Somehow TortoiseHG fails to include the contents of a newly added file
22:25:14 <flo> if that's the only problem, I can create the file myself
22:25:26 <flo> but what about the 3 hunks that fail to apply?
22:25:35 <flo> have you hand-edited the diff?
22:26:28 <Mic> Wait a minute..
22:27:49 * flo is starting to think that he's going to 'just apply the changes listed in the diff manually'
22:28:36 <Mic> I manually added diff for themes.dtd .. 
22:28:57 <Mic> (that's the malformed one) 
22:29:15 <Mic> Anything else is taken exactly as shown on the commit window
22:30:26 <flo> that's... strange
22:30:39 <flo> oh well, I'll just apply it manually and we'll move on :)
22:31:14 <Mic> I'm sorry for the troubles with my diff's
22:35:23 <flo> hm, I think I fixed that part of the diff
22:35:29 <flo> the line should have been: @@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
22:36:06 <flo> your diff indicated 17 new lines instead of 16, and the " @@" was missing at the end of the line
22:39:55 <Mic> I don't see what's special about the three hunks that fail to apply to themes.xul
22:53:57 <flo> for some reason, it doesn't work
22:54:05 <flo> I'm not yet sure why
22:54:20 <flo> at least the dtd change is missing in themes.xul
22:54:27 <flo> but I fixed that and it's not enough
22:56:59 <Mic> I forgot to change the dtd indeed ..
22:57:57 <Mic> pff, I cleaned up everything to make sure it works this time .. forgot adding this, diff's are screwed up anyways ..
22:58:41 <Mic> .. well, no further patches from me tonight.
22:59:05 <Mic> Seems it's just not my day today ..
22:59:40 <flo> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/130 anything that can be wrong int that?
23:01:19 <flo> when I select the "Themes" tab it doesn't show anything, and I have this in the error console:
23:01:19 <flo> Error: undefined entity Source File: chrome://instantbird/content/preferences/themes.xul, Line: 33, Column: 9
23:01:20 <flo> Source Code:
23:01:20 <flo>         <tab label="&messageStyleTab.title;"/>
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23:03:48 <flo> and when I enter openDialog("view-source:chrome://instantbird/locale/preferences/themes.dtd") in the error console, it shows the right file content, so I can't even say it's a caching issue :(
23:08:49 <Mic> I haven't found any obvious problem in #130
23:09:03 <flo> I don't see anything either
23:09:07 <flo> and yet, it doesn't work :(
23:10:12 <Mic> I'm back in ~ 10 minutes
23:11:02 <flo> ah, the encoding of '...' seems wrong in the new file
23:14:08 <flo> Mic: that was the problem. It works now
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23:24:16 <Mic> It should be UTF-8 afaik?
23:25:20 <flo> yes, it should
23:25:26 <flo> but apparently it wasn't
23:25:32 <flo> anyway
23:25:34 <flo> next patch!
23:25:44 <flo> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/122
23:27:30 <Mic> I think I like "within content of conversations" better if that isn't too wordy
23:28:28 <flo> ok
23:29:38 <Mic> Maybe we should call it "Caret navigation" as well
23:30:20 <flo> I'm not sure average users know what the caret is
23:32:16 <Mic> I'm not sure .. but I'm neither sure whether he would be the one to use such an option
23:36:01 <flo> ok, so the remaining not-ready-yet is http://pastebin.instantbird.com/123
23:40:08 <Mic> line 73 - 123 is the styling of the preview window .. 
23:40:24 <Mic> Doesn't have anything in common with the rest beside that it's on the same window
23:41:17 <flo> let's apply the libpurple update :)
23:50:47 <flo> Mic: yes, I can commit that part
23:51:24 <flo> by the way, don't you think we should choose a better name for the id of that browser element?
23:51:35 <Mic> That's the patch on top of the first one: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/131
23:53:01 <Mic> messagestylepreviewbrowser would leave very little space for interpretation 
23:53:17 <Mic> previewbrowser maybe
23:53:32 <flo> ok, previewbrowser :)
23:57:36 <Mic> Have you checked if it looks ok on Linux and Mac?
23:58:17 <flo> I checked on mac
23:58:22 <flo> I trust you on Windows
23:58:36 <flo> and I guess linux will work ok if both of the others look good
23:59:38 <flo> I'll also add the margins used for listboxes
23:59:55 <flo> http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/themes/pinstripe/global/listbox.css#48