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09:25:43 <flo> hi ! :)
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09:34:25 <Troy> hi ! :)
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10:00:50 <Mic> Hi
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10:36:26 <flo> Mic: is the smiley.css --> theme.css change only to add browser{  -moz-appearance: listbox; } ?
10:46:42 <Mic> yes
10:47:48 <flo> ok, then I think I'd rather put that in preference.css in the theme, not in content/
10:48:16 <flo> also, I'm not sure that's the right thing to do for linux and Mac. I guess we'll need to try it to see if it looks good there :)
10:50:52 <flo> I don't like the code duplication of the loadAddMore function. Both links could use the same function, with a parameter
10:51:48 <flo> I was also looking at a way to use a single function for that and the engineManager, but a few details are a bit annoying (the function closes the engine manager after opening the link, the prefname is completely different, ...)
10:52:43 <flo> I think I'd like the pref name to be similar to: pref("extensions.getMoreThemesURL", "https://add-ons.instantbird.org/%LOCALE%/%APP%/%VERSION%/themes/");
10:53:28 <flo> extensions.getMore(Emoticons|MessageStyles)URL, and an url starting with add-ons.ib.org and finishing with something explicit (I'll add the redirections on the server ;))
10:54:52 <flo> I was also looking at the way it works in the add-on manager
10:55:15 <flo> apparently they format the URL when displaying the tab, and the hide the link if the url ends up being about:blank
10:55:20 <flo> http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.js#474
10:56:18 <flo> after that, the code used to open the link is openURL(this.getAttribute('getMoreURL')); at http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.xul#261
10:56:30 <flo> the openURL function is at http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/content/contentAreaUtils.js#1031
10:56:49 <flo> not sure if that's better (or even interesting). Was just sharing my thoughts :)
10:57:00 <flo> lunch! :)
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17:08:39 <flo> any native English speaker around? Is "Play sounds on messaging or buddy list events" correct/understandable?
17:13:57 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> Its a little coommbersome but I know what you are saying
17:14:35 <flo> Is it better than "Use sound for events such as receiving/sending an IM, or when a buddy signs on/off" that we had before?
17:15:06 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> I find Use sound for events... easier to understand
17:16:29 <flo> at this point that feature is not going to produce a sound for all events though :-/
17:17:06 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> simply "Play Sounds" I would find suffienct
17:17:33 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> Unless we have different settings for each different sound
17:17:55 <flo> we will have in a later version (probably 0.3)
17:18:08 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> in thermory we could have PLAY SOUNDS and then when you select that you could have check boxes for each event, 
17:18:32 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> but for now if we just have a sounds on or sound off, "play sounds" would be sufficient, I thing 
17:18:43 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> *think
17:19:16 <flo> would some user wonder if the sounds are sound files sent by their contacts?
17:19:42 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> I couldn't imagine that confussion
17:22:01 * flo doesn't know what to do :-S
17:22:29 <flo> Is "Play sounds on messaging or buddy list events" better than "Use sound for events such as receiving/sending an IM, or when a buddy signs on/off" or not?
17:24:54 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> I don't think so, simply because I don't know if its clear what a messaing or buddy list even is, now ovviously once one changes this setting they'll quickly learn, so I don't think it really matters, but if your just trying to be less wordy, I would think "play sounds" would be just as clear as "play sounds on messing or buddy list events" IMHO
17:24:55 <flo> (I don't expect most users to read more than the first 2 words anyway ;))
17:25:32 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> right
17:26:45 <flo> ok, I'll take that change for beta1, and we may (or may not) reconsider this later :)
17:27:08 <flo> thanks for the comments! :)
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17:42:03 topic changed by sand.mozilla.org to "Ask questions about Instantbird here. Official website: http://www.instantbird.com. Latest release: 0.2a1. Read http://blog.instantbird.org/. Nightlies: http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/nightly/latest-trunk/ (testing purpose only), IRC logs: http://log.bezut.info/."
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17:48:26 <flo> back later!
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19:16:41 <DGMurdockIII> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Test_Pilot/ExperimentAPI
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19:40:20 <DGMurdockIII> flo have you seen this https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Test_Pilot/ExperimentAPI
20:36:25 <flo> the first (and hopefully also the last!) set of 0.2beta1 release candidate builds: http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/releases/0.2b1-candidates/2009-12-03-18-instantbird/
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20:41:43 <Mic> flo, DetroitLibertyPenguin: do you intend to be just less words on the sounds option or do you want something that sounds better than "Use sound.." (especially "Use sound" is strange in my ears)
20:42:14 <flo> Mic: it's too late, I checked in your original suggestion ;).
20:42:21 <Mic> ah, ok
20:42:41 <flo> and we have a set of beta1 release candidates ready for testing: http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/releases/0.2b1-candidates/2009-12-03-18-instantbird/
20:46:58 <Mic> flo: on your openURL suggestion: I'm not sure if we need it here ..
20:47:19 <flo> I was typing as I was thinking.
20:47:37 <Mic> .. we're going to open an external browser in any case. So there's little use of checking if we need one or not
20:47:49 <Mic> If you don't intend to open a builtin-browser window
20:48:46 <flo> yes
20:49:36 <flo> just that's some code that we already have, and is shared across several applications (Firefox, Thunderbird), so the cost of having the check is very small
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20:51:50 <flo> I think it's been months since the last time I started an Instantbird with the official logo on it!
20:54:53 <Mic> brb
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20:58:50 <Mic> What are the "pages" mentioned on Advanced Options->General->Accessibility
20:59:23 <flo> :(
20:59:25 <Mic> "Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages" (= inside conversations)?
20:59:28 <flo> that's the content of conversations
20:59:51 <flo> that checkbox is the toggle for caret browsing (also works with the key F7)
21:00:16 <flo> as far as I know, that's the only way blind users can make a text selection
21:01:36 <Mic> Maybe we should change the wording on this
21:01:41 <flo> sure!
21:01:51 * flo suggests adding a line about that on the wiki page
21:02:57 <Mic> sure, don't hesitate to add one :P
21:03:07 <Mic> gtg (cinema)
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21:15:24 <DGMurdockIII> mic: what about when you click on links in a website that are supposts to open a im mesage to someone with out you having to type in the name and you can send the im after message typed
21:16:23 <flo> you mean links like aim://screenaname ?
21:16:32 <DGMurdockIII> yes
21:17:00 <DGMurdockIII> i have one qustion why is there not a way send IM to person that not on you buddylist without having to add them to you buddy list
21:20:55 <flo> because nobody created a way to start such a conversation
21:20:58 <flo> that's a bug
21:21:18 <DGMurdockIII> dose pidgin support that
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23:49:09 <flo> good night!