#instantbird log on 12 02 2009

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09:36:07 <flo> hi :)
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09:49:53 <iLobster> greetings
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09:54:18 <iLobster> today went through the old HDDs, found a hard drive that was on my laptop in April of this year with Instantbird 0.1.3 installed on it =)
09:54:28 <flo> heh :)
09:54:41 <flo> does it look like a prehistorical thing? :)
09:56:02 <iLobster> can say that the work had been done a lot, and it was a good work =)
09:56:52 <flo> I discovered this week when starting to prepare the release notes for 0.2b1 that about 1/5th of the commits since the beginning of the project happened in the last 4 months!
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10:08:59 <Mic> mornin'
10:09:10 <flo> hi :)
10:10:56 * flo just renewed instantbird.net for another year
10:23:37 <iLobster> hello, Mic
10:23:52 <flo> if no serious bug is discovered today, the current nightly (20091202) is likely to contain the same code as what will be 0.2beta1, so don't hesitate to test it :).
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10:29:22 <iLobster> just remembered, may be it will be good to replace the description of the option "sound" in preferences to that was recently suggested by Mic?
10:32:30 <iLobster> "Play sounds on messaging or buddy list events" or something like that. One-string description is way better than 2-strings description, imho
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10:39:30 <Mic> hmm, is iLobster a native speaker?
10:39:48 <flo> I think he is Russian, but I may be wrong on that :)
10:41:03 <flo> but well, maybe we can consider it the other way around, instead of wondering "is it great?" I can ask myself "can it be worse than the current horrible string?" :)
10:41:24 <flo> maybe I should just commit it before the beta...
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10:50:30 <flo> ok, lunch time! :)
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10:51:08 <Mic> Still, there must be a native speaker out there ;)
10:51:32 <iLobster> yes, i'm from Russia
10:52:36 <flo> it seems we are all "Europeans" (not sure Russia is in Europe...) ;) Especially at this time of the day
11:07:19 <iLobster> Yahoo IM use "Enable alert sounds"; ICQ have "select sound mode" with "silent" option; QIP 2005 have "Disable sounds" checkbox... but in all these IMs there is the list of sounds///
11:18:28 <iLobster> heh, just checked wikipedia - "December 2, 1956 – The Granma yacht reaches the shores of Cuba's Oriente province and Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and 80 other members of the 26th of July Movement disembark to initiate the Cuban Revolution". Good day for nightly (20091202) goes to 0.2beta1 ;-)
11:20:08 <iLobster> Viva La Instantbird =)
11:23:26 <iLobster> gtg
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12:21:46 <flo> back later :)
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15:05:56 <Tro> hi
15:06:07 <flo> hi
15:09:48 <Tro> You have tested Pidgin 2.6.4 (and libpurple)?
15:10:43 <Tro> flo
15:10:47 <flo> is there anything I should test in that pidgin release?
15:11:04 <flo> You know, I tend to use Instantbird as my IM client ;)
15:12:45 <Tro> You said that new versions are very crashes. How do you check?
15:13:22 <flo> first I try it myself (which I said I've already done). Second, we put them in nightlies an look at the crash reports received in the next few days/weeks.
15:13:38 <flo> and we hear people complaining here about crashes.
15:15:08 <Tro> Way, flo, how to change the topic in the rooms and see their list (IRC). How did you get?
15:31:35 <Tro> But such a transfer to a new platform can be done pre-betas are very unstable. Maybe you should create a separate branch (Trunk?) for such experiments? After all, as you said, the current night build (0.2b1pre) more stable than current stable release ( Beta - it's still not the alpha, and it is possible that interest for betas (and possibly even pre-betas!) Increase dramatically, and the instability can scare users. In this case, you'd
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15:42:06 <flo> what you said was cut after "In this case, you'd"
15:42:53 <flo> people who fear instability should not use nightlies. We make them as stable a reasonably possible. If they sometimes break... well, that's the exact point of nightlies: breaking now as soon as possible, rather than discovering the issue once it's in a real release
15:44:41 <Tro> flo, sorry, I urgently need to go. See you later!
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21:24:33 <Mic> .. we really need a show log folder button.
21:28:24 <flo> you think we really need it before we release the beta?
21:30:05 <Mic> I was just a little annoyed because I had to look up something
21:52:39 * flo reboots :(
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22:25:53 <Mic> flo: if there's no specific reason why smiley.dtd and messagestyle.dtd are in the main content locale directory, then I'd move them into the preferences folder
22:26:21 <Mic> That's maybe just a legacy of the old emoticon and messagestyle windows?
22:26:34 <Mic> *dialogs
22:26:41 <flo> yes, that's the reason
22:27:18 <flo> I "feared" translators would not notice the move, and have to retranslate the whole files.
22:27:34 <flo> but that doesn't make a lot of sense given that we only have an experimental french locale at this point...
22:29:09 <Mic> ok, ..
22:29:10 <flo> and it's not even clear why we would need 2 separate .dtd files
22:31:27 <Mic> I can merge them when I move them ..
22:32:20 <flo> you are working on the de locale already?
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22:33:35 <Mic> No
22:33:59 <Mic> I did some work on the prefwindow
22:34:16 <Mic> I added links to the addons page on the message styles tab and the emoticons tab
22:34:43 <flo> cool :)
22:34:47 <Mic> And put a moz-appearance: listbox on the browser window
22:35:33 <Mic> (ie same border as the emoticons list, though I don't know whether this has some side effects or not)
22:36:01 <flo> I hope blind users won't see the preview as a listbox :)
22:38:04 <Mic> http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Emoticons.png
22:39:01 <Mic> I think the place next to the selection box is good, other option would be to put it in the lower right corner which would increase the vertical size
22:39:14 <flo> have you copied the code from the add-ons manager?
22:39:30 <Mic> I copied the code from the engineManager
22:39:52 <flo> ok :)
22:40:03 <Mic> It uses preference values with %LOCALE%, %APP% in the url ..
22:40:11 <Mic> I think I did it properly ;)
22:40:15 <flo> :)
22:41:00 <Mic> btw the message style preference names are inconsistent
22:41:01 <flo> which url does it point to?
22:41:45 <Mic> https://addons.instantbird.org/%LOCALE%/%APP%/browse/type:1/cat:5
22:42:01 <Mic> That is .. emoticons, I think
22:42:50 <flo> I think we have a more explicit URL for that
22:42:51 <Mic> Somewhere "add-ons.instant..." is used, which doesn't work with these categories
22:44:37 <flo> we should add something similar to extensions.getMoreThemesURL;https://add-ons.instantbird.org/%LOCALE%/%APP%/%VERSION%/themes/
22:44:39 <Mic> ah, the search engines/dictionaries/new extensions urls are pointing to "add-ons.instant..."
22:46:47 <flo> apparently we only have: extensions/ themes/ dictionaries/ search-engines/ plugins/ configured on the server :-/
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22:47:28 <Mic> I think we should fix the subdomain issue
22:47:38 <flo> the subdomain issue?
22:47:52 <Mic> Both addons and add-ons are existing 
22:47:59 <flo> and are different, yes
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22:48:32 <flo> add-ons is used for redirections, so that we can count how many people came to the addon website from links in the application
22:48:46 <flo> and also, so that we can change the structure of the real site with only a server side change :)
22:49:07 <Mic> ok
22:49:49 <flo> there's also services.instantbird.org to handle the get addons tab
22:49:58 <flo> I don't remember all the details :-/
22:50:02 <flo> but that was painful at the time ;)
22:51:26 <flo> apparently it's easy to add additional redirections :)
22:52:34 <Mic> btw the preferences branch is called "messenger.options.messagesStyle"
22:53:41 <Mic> The additional "s" in messagesStyle is different from the other use of the term
22:53:50 <flo> :(
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22:59:27 * flo wonders if we should change these 2 dtd files before the beta or if we can do it just after
23:02:05 <Mic> The messagestyle.dtd from todays nightly contains some strings that aren't in my copy of hg
23:02:35 <Mic> Namely the noPreview.* strings
23:02:58 <Mic> Have they been removed?
23:04:13 <flo> they were added yesterday
23:04:36 <Mic> hmm, I updated hg right before starting to work on it .. :S
23:04:44 <flo> used for that: http://queze.net/goinfre/safe-mode-no-preview.png http://queze.net/goinfre/safe-mode-no-preview-win.png
23:05:15 <flo> not sure how it works with the tortoiseHg UI, but from the command line, you should "hg pull" before you "hg update"
23:05:56 <Mic> Where do default values for preferences go, btw?
23:06:10 <flo> a file called all-instantbird.js
23:06:29 <flo> in instantbird/app/<something (I don't remember the full path)>
23:07:00 <Mic> k
23:08:03 <flo> if there's no objection, I think I'll change the version number tomorrow, and create a first set a "release candidates" of the beta tomorrow.
23:09:38 <Mic> ie no new features, just bug fixing on them?
23:11:50 <flo> there'll be a beta2
23:11:58 <flo> so, we are still adding features before 0.2 final
23:12:02 <flo> if that's the question
23:14:21 <flo> I'd like to release the beta1 as soon as possible so that we can start making "dangerous" changes again on nightlies. The first one will be the upgrade of libpurple
23:15:20 <flo> then, I want to change a few things in the way libpurple is built. It'd like to try building with 32bit time_t on Windows. And I'll try a different way of loading protocol plugins so that it can be more suitable for packaging in linux distributions.
23:15:47 <flo> I'll also work a bit on the buddy list
23:16:37 <flo> hmm, it's late already. Good night :)
23:20:26 <Mic> Good night
23:20:37 <Mic> I'll post a diff with my patch on pastebin later
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23:40:37 <Mic> Here's the diff:
23:40:38 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/118
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23:54:14 <Mic> "Get more message themes..." should be "Get more message styles..."
23:54:39 <Mic> I'll fix it myself if there's anything else that you think should be changed
23:54:44 <Mic> Good night
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