#instantbird log on 11 30 2009

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07:49:42 <flo> hi :)
07:58:12 * flo is looking at the changelog for pidgin 2.6.4
08:18:02 <Chaz6> Hah, i just looked yesterday to see if there was a new version
08:18:09 <Chaz6> Must have just missed it
08:18:18 <Chaz6> Mostly bugfixes i think
08:19:14 <Chaz6> http://developer.pidgin.im/milestone/2.6.4
08:21:39 <Chaz6> I hate with pidgin that you have to manually --disable-whatever, it should just autodetect it
08:21:57 <Chaz6> checking for NETWORKMANAGER... no
08:22:04 <Chaz6> So just carry on, don't error
08:22:54 <flo> well, use instantbird if you hate pidgin ;)
08:23:02 <Chaz6> Oh I dO :)
08:23:18 <flo> ok, another 2 conflicts to fix and I can try to compile the  new libpurple in Instantbird
08:23:20 <Chaz6> It's useful to have just for testing
08:23:34 <flo> :)
08:25:59 <Chaz6> Unfortunately i can't run the linux version any more
08:26:06 <Chaz6> libxul.so: undefined symbol: gdk_x11_window_get_drawable_impl
08:26:15 <Chaz6> Must be using a newer gtk2 :(
08:26:37 <Chaz6> firefox/minefield/shredder all run still
08:27:04 <Chaz6> 3.5.5/3.7a1pre/3.0.1pre
08:27:05 <flo> I think Even reinstalled ubuntu and installed a 9.10 version on the build machine
08:31:09 <flo> which verson of gtk do you have?
08:31:20 <Chaz6> 2.14.7
08:31:23 <flo> apparently that symbol appeared in gtk 2.18
08:31:52 <Chaz6> Yeah, swiftfox >= 3.5.4 suffers from the same problem :(
08:32:25 * flo starts to thinks that building binaries for linux is a real pain
08:32:39 <flo> *think
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08:34:23 <flo> bonjour :)
08:35:13 <Chaz6> I could probably compile a newer gtk for those 
08:35:25 <flo> or compile instantbird yourself I guess
08:35:29 <Chaz6> Yeah
08:35:39 <Chaz6> But i'd rather not have to do that every day
08:36:00 <flo> if you have a correct libxul-sdk available somewhere, instantbird builds in less than a minute on a modern machine
08:36:18 <Chaz6> It's not so modern though :)
08:36:21 <Chaz6> Hence the old gtk
08:36:49 <Chaz6> One day i'll put opensuse on it
08:36:50 * flo wonders if he can request that Even use https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReferencePlatforms/Linux-Public for the build farm
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08:52:19 <flo> Chaz6: we will see if we can use the official mozilla linux reference platform
08:53:13 <Chaz6> It probably couldn't hurt, i would be thankful, but i could upgrade too
08:53:28 <Chaz6> I will have to sooner or later
08:53:36 <flo> yeah
08:53:40 <Chaz6> I do have another opensuse box here but it's not on 24x7
08:53:47 <flo> but you are most likely not the only one with a gtk older than 2.18
08:53:53 <flo> though 2.14 seems really old
08:54:03 <Chaz6> Still working ok with firefox binaries :)
08:54:19 <flo> that's why I tend to think we should use the same build machine as they do ;)
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09:04:08 <flo> a first attempt at release notes for the 0.2 beta1: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/112
09:05:20 <flo> I noted that quickly this morning by looking at the hg log. I was amazed by how much stuff we have done in the last 4 months. About 190 changeset, out of about 990, which means that about 1/5th of the commits on the project happened in the last 4 months!
09:11:00 <Chaz6> Excellent :)
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11:56:13 <Troy> Hi
11:56:23 <Chaz6> G'day
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11:57:23 <flo> so, it took 3 hours to find how you can build pidgin?
11:58:06 <Chaz6> It was broken
11:58:13 <Chaz6> It built okay but did not install properly
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12:00:05 <Troy> flo, you know that today released Pidgin 2.6.4?
12:00:35 <flo> yeah
12:00:49 <flo> there's even 2 patches from me in it ;)
12:01:44 <Troy> As I understand it, tomorrow's nightly build will use libpurple 2.6.4?
12:03:26 <Troy> what exactly patches?
12:04:08 <flo> no
12:04:19 <Chaz6> Shame they don't have a git-style changelog (crediting the authors)
12:04:31 <flo> Chaz6: they do
12:04:35 <flo> it's just... well hidden
12:04:43 <flo> Chaz6: http://developer.pidgin.im/viewmtn/branch/shortchanges/im.pidgin.pidgin
12:04:50 <Chaz6> ah
12:05:04 <Chaz6> I mean, when they put out the release announcement, they should include it
12:05:43 <flo> I don't think there's any point in listing changeset like "darkrain42@pidgin.im  	Forgot to save." in a changelog
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12:06:53 <Chaz6> Not if the comments are that poor 
12:07:20 <Chaz6> I like this style - http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.gstreamer.announce/202
12:07:21 <flo> Troy: I have a patch ready to apply to upgrade libpurple in Instantbird. I've even tested it for a few minutes. But we decided that it's better to apply it just after we release 0.2 beta 1, so that the new libpurple will be tested for a few days in nightly builds before ending up in a release
12:07:42 <flo> new libpurple versions are usually a bit crashy ;)
12:09:15 <Troy> I understand
12:12:54 <flo> NawMoz: use pastebin for error logs!
12:13:05 <flo> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/
12:14:14 <NawMoz> ok 
12:14:49 <Troy> So 0.2b1 will use libpurple 2.6.3, and 2.6.4 will be used on nightly builds of instantbird 0.2b2pre(?) ?
12:15:29 <flo> ye
12:15:30 <flo> s
12:15:39 <flo> except if we change our mind of course :)
12:21:58 <flo> back later!
12:22:04 <Chaz6> Cya
12:22:06 <Chaz6> Me too
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12:22:12 <Troy> bye
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13:19:58 <Jeanlou> Hello everyone 
13:21:19 <Jeanlou> Can I Ask you a question about instantbird ?
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13:31:30 <Jeanlou> I have a problem to install instantbird using the command : python client.py checkout 
13:31:58 <Mic> hi
13:32:54 <Troy> send your problem to -> florian@instantbird.org
13:33:20 <Troy> hi Mic
13:33:22 <Jeanlou> thanks you
13:34:05 <Troy> florian@instantbird.com perhaps this
13:34:37 <Troy> He is busy, so it can not immediately answer.
13:34:43 <Jeanlou> It's not a problem i'm in contact with him because he is my contact for my project 
13:35:16 <Jeanlou> i just wanted to know if someone else could help me because he is note here :)
13:38:28 <Troy> bye
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13:39:14 <Jeanlou> Bye Bye
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15:03:56 <Troy> flo, you come back?
15:04:05 <flo> I'm here
15:35:37 <Troy> http://wiki.instantbird.org/images/5/53/WizWatermark-nightly-i1.png
15:36:08 <flo> ask idechix's opinion on that :)
15:37:14 <Troy> idechix@instantbird.org
15:37:18 <Troy> ?
15:37:47 <flo> yes. He is often connected here too.
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15:39:55 <Troy> What is his real name?
15:40:01 <flo> Quentin Castier
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16:06:24 <Troy> I sent him a message.
16:45:11 <flo> attempt at a better CSS for the nicklist on mac: http://queze.net/goinfre/macnicklist/
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17:07:01 <Troy> I saw it, but did not understand. Do you have screenshots for Windows?
17:07:55 <flo> no!
17:08:15 <flo> I don't do screenshot on Windows for changes to the Mac theme!
17:08:17 <flo> :-P
17:09:55 <Troy> Again I offended you. :(
17:10:02 <flo> no, don't worry ;)
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17:35:13 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/ce9fe129fbfa - Florian Qu?ze - Fix emoticon theme loading (regression caused by rev 89941cb4274d).
17:35:14 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/199e5c08e859 - Florian Qu?ze - Remove workaround for 'bug 494901 - label and textbox misaligned when using align=baseline' now that it is fixed in the mozilla-1.9.2 branch.
17:35:15 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/379123471e15 - Florian Qu?ze - [Mac] Bug 267 - CSS improvements on conversations (especially the nicklist).
17:37:09 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 267 to FIXED.
17:37:12 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=267 enh, --, 0.2b1, florian, RESO FIXED, CSS improvements
17:42:15 <flo> time to go home! :)
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19:42:37 <Mic> Good evening
20:20:00 <Mic> flo: "Play sounds on messaging or buddy list events"
20:21:07 <flo> good evening
20:23:38 <flo> Mic: sounds good to me :). I'd like to have a confirmation from a native English speaker though... I already made enough mistakes with my "texts" ;)
20:33:46 <Mic> How much space do you want to save on this dialog?
20:34:31 <Mic> Merging the Startup and the Accounts-groupboxes (would be ok imo since both are account related) would gain about 30px
20:34:50 <flo> I don't think I actually have a need to save space. I was mistaken about that because on mac that label looks like it's the one expanding the window, but in fact that's the normal size of the window
20:35:14 <flo> ah, that's about vertical space? :)
20:35:23 <Mic> exactly
20:35:53 <flo> I think you have a good point here :)
20:36:14 <Mic> well, right now the Startup box doesn't contain anything else ..
20:36:21 <flo> though, if we add "Start minimized to the system tray", it's not so much account related
20:36:46 <flo> but if the wording is "connect my accounts and minimize instantbird"... :)
20:36:50 <flo> (a bit long though)
20:37:23 <Mic> And another option would be "Start minimized and open account manager in backgroup" ? :P
20:37:29 <Mic> *background
20:38:02 <flo> bah...
20:38:21 <flo> what about a "crash asap" option?
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20:38:38 <flo> it would be nice to ensure the crash reporting UI is accessible
20:38:53 <Mic> A 2x2 radiobutton field with rows being minimized/not minimized and columns being connect/open account manager!
20:38:57 <Mic> scnr
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20:39:23 <flo> :)
20:40:26 <Mic> btw the vertical extent of the options dialog is still less than on Firefox' options dialog
20:40:41 <flo> yes
20:40:46 <flo> we don't have a urgent need to save space
20:41:01 <flo> but I'm almost sure we will have more options to add as soon as we add more features in the application
20:41:16 <flo> the systray icon, ordering in the buddy list, ...
20:42:54 <Mic> Now for something else:
20:43:49 <Mic> There's the blink-taskbar-item option which is a nice idea
20:44:09 <Mic> but suffers from the fact that you still don't see in which of the tabs you've received a new message
20:44:39 <Mic> I think we could replace the caption of the window with something like "Mic (1)" if there's one new message on the Mic-tab
20:45:05 <Mic> Switching back to the normal caption when the blinking stops .. ?
20:45:09 <flo> it would probably help to put the number first
20:45:36 <flo> (in case the taskbar entry is really small)
20:45:59 <flo> how do you handle the case of multiple messages waiting from different conversation?
20:46:32 <flo> also, if I click on a taskbar entry which title is "Mic", it will expect Mic's conversation to become visible, so it should switch tab automatically
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20:47:36 <Mic> Sounds good
20:47:42 <flo> and what about the situation where I want to focus Instantbird to say something I just copied from firefox in the conversation where I was talking just before using firefox, and Mic told me something a few ms before I click, which makes my paste accidentally into your conversation?
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20:48:10 <Mic> Does it blink on foreground windows as well?
20:48:25 <flo> I don't know.
20:48:35 <Mic> flo: blob
20:48:47 <flo> I'm not even sure I've seen that blink recently (on Windows)
20:48:47 <Mic> And?
20:49:37 <flo> idechix: would you like an option/extension for check for update BEFORE starting the connection of the accounts?
20:50:42 <Mic> It only blinks if the window is not focused
20:50:45 <idechix> sûre !
20:50:51 <idechix> *sure!
20:51:09 <flo> Mic: and if it's visible but not focused?
20:51:30 <idechix> it's incredible, it was exactly what I was thinking about 2 minutes ago !
20:51:39 <Mic> do it again
20:51:44 <flo> the issue was obvious ;)
20:54:10 <flo> hmm, if we add an option to check for updates before connecting, we could also use if in case of a crash, especially a startup crash
20:54:44 <Mic> It blinks on visible unfocused windows as well
20:57:46 <flo> It's like to have a way to know that a window is visible
20:58:06 <flo> when a window is inactive but visible, sending popup notifications for new messages in it is stupid :-/
20:58:46 <Mic> I don't think so
20:58:59 <Mic> What is "visible" for you?
20:59:29 <flo> I typically use 2 conversation windows side by side on my screen. One with chat rooms, the other one with private IMs.
20:59:37 <flo> both are completely visible (and are on my second screen)
21:00:01 <Mic> Is a window visible if a part of it is covered by another window?
21:00:13 <flo> the conversation of the active tab in the active window is a lot more visible to me than the conversation in the inactive tabs of the active window, yet it fires popup notifications...
21:00:51 <flo> Mic: I don't know. And it gets even worse if there's a transparent window above it...
21:01:21 <flo> which is often a case I have, I use semi transparent terminal windows above chat windows when I'm lacking screen real estate on the first screen :)
21:01:37 <Mic> Maybe you should consider closing some windows ...
21:01:49 <Mic> you might wanna start with the account manager :P
21:02:13 <flo> you would be terrified by the number of window I have ;)
21:02:20 <flo> *windows
21:02:31 <Mic> I think there's no easy way to work around this problem
21:02:45 <Mic> If there's a reliable way at all
21:02:49 <flo> that's clearly not easy :)
21:03:10 <flo> it should just read my mind: Have I noticed? If not, do I care?
21:17:30 <flo> if we merge the "Startup" and "Accounts" groupboxes, do you have an idea for the name of the new groupbox?
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21:20:03 <iLobster> greetings
21:21:20 <flo> hi
21:25:49 <iLobster> about sound notifications: it's planned that it will be only one checkbox for sounds in preferences (sounds on/off) or it can be possible (in future) to set own sounds for different events?
21:27:41 <Mic> The roadmap says "sounds: advanced choices and preferences " for 0.3
21:30:47 <iLobster> sorry, my bad, missed that string... :-/
21:31:22 <flo> my current idea (it can change a lot before we implement it!) is to have a sound theme (another tab in the themes preference tab) to select the sounds to use. "None" would be an option there.
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21:32:03 <flo> and having a way to select a specific sound theme for each contact from properties of the contact (when we have a better contact list, so... --> 0.3)
21:32:48 <flo> and I don't think adding lots of checkboxes in the UI to disable each sound would be a great idea. We can let extension authors provide that for people who really want that :)
21:35:40 <flo> ok, I have the "emoticons" part of the Themes tab working with <preference> tags :)
21:35:48 <flo> now, the "Message styles" tab...
21:38:20 <Mic> Different emoticon or message style themes depending on the account/protocol is something that someone requested once
21:38:56 <Mic> I remember he wanted to use a message theme without names for chats and one with nicknames for MUCs (a reasonable choice;)
21:39:28 <Mic> (ie IRC in this case)
21:39:46 <flo> I'd like to use different message themes (or at least variant, or background image!) depending on the contact
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21:49:34 <Mic> replace "contact" by "context" maybe?
21:49:51 <Mic> with context being contact, account, protocol, ..?
21:59:46 <flo> from an extension author perspective, yes.
22:00:00 <flo> but for the UI, no.
22:00:15 <flo> we don't want the regular user to care about accounts or protocols
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22:42:21 <Mic> byed
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