#instantbird log on 11 21 2009

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02:34:37 topic changed by sand.mozilla.org to "Ask questions about Instantbird here. Official website: http://www.instantbird.com. Latest release: 0.2a1. Read http://blog.instantbird.org/. Nightlies: http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/nightly/latest-trunk/ (testing purpose only), IRC logs: http://log.bezut.info/."
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03:56:37 <Troy> hi
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11:29:24 <Tro> hi
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11:33:38 <flo> hi
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11:39:41 <Tro> flo, you are created the installer?
11:39:51 <Tro> for Windows?
11:40:50 <Tro> for Hg so, on the ftp I could not find it
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11:47:48 <Tro> flo
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13:34:03 <MattATobin> flo: does instantbird use the -profile /path/to/profile option in its exe
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13:43:31 <Mic> salut
13:44:32 <Chaz6> G'day
13:49:23 <Morian> salut Mic
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15:44:14 <flo> hey :)
15:44:18 <Morian> ho 
15:44:24 <flo> MattATobin: I think so.
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17:28:37 <flo> Troy: I'm here
17:28:59 <Troy> yeah!  :) 
17:30:03 <Troy> flo, you've already created the installer for Windows?
17:30:11 <Troy> nsis
17:30:34 <Troy> yes?
17:30:53 <flo> the current work in progress looks like this: http://queze.net/goinfre/installer/
17:32:32 <Troy> ah. Win98?
17:32:57 <Chaz6> Looking good :)
17:33:33 <Troy> "Use Instantbird as my default instant messaging client"
17:33:38 <flo> if you think Windows XP looks like 98, you should complain to microsoft that their skin upgrade is too expensive :-P
17:34:21 <Troy> What does this mean?
17:34:26 <Troy> Windows XP
17:35:08 <Troy> XP uses the Windows Luna style
17:35:28 <flo> the screenshots are on Windows XP with the "Windows classic" theme
17:35:44 <flo> which is not the one of Win98. It's the one of Win 2000 (and 2003 server)
17:36:44 <Troy> I understand that, but why do you use to show the ugly and outdated theme?
17:37:21 <flo> "ugly" is also applicable to the other themes in my opinion
17:37:22 <Chaz6> It looks fine to me
17:38:46 <Troy> oh, ok  :) 
17:40:37 <Troy> Suggestions are accepted?
17:41:30 <flo> of course
17:44:25 <Troy> http://queze.net/goinfre/installer/Image%2089.png
17:44:28 <Troy> Lateral image is too large, you need to do so, as in the installer Minefield, so you can consider the icon as it should.
17:45:19 <Troy> From the first time you can not understand the meaning of this picture.
17:45:50 <Troy> What do you think?
17:46:13 <flo> I don't know how the minefield installer looks
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17:46:40 <iLobster> greetings
17:46:44 <flo> hi :)
17:47:06 <Troy> hi
17:47:16 <Troy> flo, please wait
17:48:55 <iLobster> btw, that black bomb-style logo is logo of nightlies? or it will be logo of 0.2 release?
17:51:00 <Troy> no  :D 
17:51:16 <Troy> this is nightly branding
17:51:26 <Troy> flo (yes?)
17:57:26 <Morian> yes it is only for nightlies
17:57:47 <Morian> it's a way to distinguish them from the releases
17:59:31 <iLobster> why than installer use bomb-style logo instaed of stable blue? isn't installer for release 0.2?
17:59:43 <iLobster> *instead
18:00:12 <Troy> oh
18:00:43 <Troy> Firefox nightly builds installers look exactly the same
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18:00:55 <Morian> I suppose that the installer takes the overall skin, if it was tested on an unstable version it takes the skin of the unstable version
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18:04:07 <flo> Morian: right, with have 2 sets of images for the installers
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18:25:42 <iLobster> and one more question - is it possible for XUL notifies to "see" that one application is running in full screen mode (full screen game or full screen moovie) and do not show popups during that fullscreen application is in focus?
18:26:30 <flo> maybe
18:26:52 <flo> it would also be interesting to have a feature to change the status automatically when there's something fullscreen
18:27:14 <iLobster> can that be added to the wish list? ;-)
18:27:34 <flo> I don't think that's possible with a simple extension
18:27:53 <flo> but you can file a bug (severity: enhancement) in bugzilla
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20:09:59 <Troy> so?
20:17:54 <Troy> flo
20:17:56 <Troy> http://wiki.instantbird.org/images/e/ea/Mysuggestion2.png
20:25:04 <flo> Troy: please! Stay here, no more private message except if you have something really PRIVATE to tell me.
20:25:19 <flo> and please, don't include my nick in a message that doesn't contain anything else!
20:26:17 <Troy> sorry
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20:26:28 <flo> ...
20:26:38 <Morian> :-D
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21:33:19 <Mic> Good evening
22:19:57 * flo is searching for "MSN" in facebook groups, and... that's an interesting way to gather feedback about the frustration points
22:20:05 <flo> Groups like: "I see friends on MSN typing so I stop to see what they say, but so do they"
22:21:17 <flo> "The MSN Man (or woMAN) should be sexier" ahah, even there people complain about the logo
22:41:58 <Mic> hmm, sad
22:42:40 <Mic> The bug I wanted to add to Mozillas Bugzilla is already there
22:42:50 <Mic> for eight years now :S
22:44:32 <Mic> (a mouse wheel issue on focused, but unopened drop down lists/select elements)
22:49:12 <flo> which bug number?
23:05:04 <Mic> I was wrong on this ..
23:05:33 <Mic> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=506646#c2 is what I meant
23:07:27 <Mic> The first bug I found complained about a broken wheel functionality realted with drop down lists, but the reporter was referring to broken scrolling of the content area when a drop down menu is focused
23:08:17 <Mic> (nothing happeneded at all if I'm right. ie especially it didn't cycle through list items)
23:30:25 <flo> good night!
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