#instantbird log on 11 17 2009

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13:52:48 <flo> hey :)
13:52:59 <Tro> hi flo
14:04:17 <flo> Tro: look at the log of the conversation here yesterday evening.
14:04:55 <flo> http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/091116/#m380
14:08:36 <Tro> Ok, I look.
14:09:22 <Tro> So it will be?
14:09:34 <Tro> in next releases?
14:11:56 <flo> we are still discussing the UI design
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14:17:31 <Tro> bye
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15:38:51 <iLobster> greetings
15:43:17 <flo> hi
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15:49:57 <Mic> hej
15:50:01 <flo> hi :)
15:50:38 <iLobster> I've noticed Account_quickaccess4.png mockup. Looks good, but i think about width of buddy list windows. What if user use many different protocols, 10 or more? Sounds crazy but can be... So he will need to stretch window
15:54:36 <flo> it will probably be a bit like for the tabs. The status bar will display some of the accounts, and there will be a way to open a menu with all accounts.
15:59:16 <Mic> Eventually this should hold icons instead of labels on the buttons
15:59:48 <flo> Mic: what would you think of stacking several icons (with a small offset) when there are several accounts of the same protocol?
15:59:56 <Mic> maybe we could get down to 20px per (icon + border) that would make 200px total 
16:00:03 <flo> we would do that using a canvas context instead of using image tags
16:00:04 <Mic> hmm, good idea
16:00:45 <Mic> what about two images?
16:01:08 <flo> I'm not sure of how good or bad that would look. Not sure if we need to play with perspective stuff, shadows, ...
16:01:26 <Mic> both grey = none, one coloured + one grey = some connected, both coloured = all connected
16:01:59 <Mic> we'll figure out
16:02:22 <Mic> What about the basic concept applied on the mockup?
16:02:25 <flo> why not :)
16:02:30 <iLobster> i look on status bar of buddy list with "standart" width (the width with it opens) - see place for about 9-10 icons
16:02:57 <flo> would you put the connected (coloured) or not connected (grey) on top?
16:03:00 <Mic> we need to take the case of too little space into account
16:03:14 <Mic> (no pun intended btw)
16:03:27 <flo> I think when one account has a connection error (and is likely to need attention), it should be on top
16:03:51 <Mic> I guess color on lowest level and grey on top would be easier to distinguish than vice versa
16:04:00 <flo> but when one is online and another just not connected, it doesn't really make sense to put the offline image on top
16:04:21 <Mic> I guess we just need to try how it looks
16:04:26 <flo> yeah
16:04:56 <iLobster> in create new account i see 13 different protocols (14, but 2 are yahoo), it's more than 10... and there can be more protocols from addons...
16:05:38 <flo> apparently we are not taking the issue from the same side. I was wondering "what needs the attention of the user?" (and an account that is voluntarily not connected doesn't), and it seems you were answering "what will be more readable when the user looks at it?"
16:05:38 <Mic> Maybe multiple rows?
16:06:24 <Mic> Let's talk about this another time, I'm at work right now
16:06:29 <flo> iLobster: you have exactly the same problem with tabs in conversation windows. There's an overflow, and a menu to see the whole list
16:08:25 <iLobster> multiple rows will get too many info, imho, and too many info in one small place is not good
16:12:34 <iLobster> btw, can i register on wiki and take part in discussion in brainstorm?
16:12:49 <iLobster> or it's closed section?
16:13:34 <flo> some pages are write protected (especially the roadmap), most are open
16:13:45 <iLobster> oki
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16:34:37 <Mic> flo: your request for an extension is just a special case of "do *this* on *that event*" ;)
16:35:01 <flo> yeah...
16:35:58 <flo> the idea in my head was "code something as powerful (that is, with as many checkboxes :-P and drop downs) as what pidgin currently has, and we don't care if the UI is (very) poor, because it's an extension"
16:40:22 <flo> gtg!
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17:02:54 <instantbot> Just appeared in Pidgin News - default :
17:02:55 <instantbot> http://theflamingbanker.blogspot.com/2009/11/quest-for-perfection.html - John Bailey: The Quest for Perfection
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19:34:14 <DGMurdockIII> have any of you used songbird
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20:33:26 <instantbot> romain@bezut.info granted review for attachment 234 on bug 231.
20:33:29 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=231 enh, --, 0.2b1, romain, RESO FIXED, Replace "connected" by "connected for XX minutes"
20:34:25 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> really? 
20:35:41 <Morian> I granted review for myself :p
20:35:47 <Morian> for an already FIXED bug
20:35:52 <Mic> flo, Morian: is there something like a greyscale filter on images?
20:36:08 <Mic> I'd know how to do it on IE but that is of little use here ;)
20:36:12 <Morian> mmh, haven't seen such a thing
20:36:51 <Morian> oh you wsant to apply a grey filter
20:37:40 <Mic> Yes
20:38:34 <Mic> Does that change your answer?
20:38:46 <Morian> you can use a background color + opacity, but there may be a cleaner way to do it
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20:59:41 <Mic> One more time: http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Account_quickaccess5.png
21:00:03 <Mic> Make sure to read the explanation below if you're interested in discussing this
21:06:52 <Chaz6> Is it safe to update the win32 nightly now?
21:07:06 <flo> I think there's a way to obtain an grayscale filter using SVG filters
21:07:39 <flo> Chaz6: I think so.
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21:29:32 <flo> Comments about the mockup:
21:29:33 <flo> There are several ICQ accounts, why only one ICQ icon?
21:29:33 <flo> If this popup only displays information, then it can be a tooltip displayed when hovering the icon, so the icon will not look like a pressed button
21:29:33 <flo> I would have moved the icon in the back to the right, not to the left. I really don't know why though :).
21:30:43 <flo> I see the interactions of the users with this area of the UI a bit like the system tray on Windows. So there would be an informative popup. Some action (a menu poping up) when clicking, and another action (opening the account manager with the account selected?) when double clicking
21:35:01 <Chaz6> I like the kopete way, one icon per "Identity" and when you click it it shows all the accounts associated with that identity
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21:42:09 <Mic> The second icq icon is replaced by the exclamation mark
21:43:06 <Mic> It's not just a display-info-popup, it's an actual menu with altered menuitems 
21:43:31 <Mic> Like the systray on the righthand side .. why not
21:46:06 <Mic> The menu implies that there is an onclick-action (connect/disconnect in my opinion)
22:09:50 <Mic> We could put an icon for each account there maybe (just an extra icon on the button, not a separate button)
22:12:25 <Mic> Would look like this: http://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Account_quickaccess6_sketch_%28small%29.png
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23:15:35 <flo> "an icon for each account there maybe" I thought this was the idea. With a max number of icon of the same protocol (2 or 3). And the "/!\" icon would be above the icon representing the account if there's an error
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