#instantbird log on 10 17 2009

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08:56:44 <Mitch> WTF? I think Mic doesn't use Windows, or he'd move the update check item to the help menu for Windows too. https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=249
08:56:48 <instantbot> Mitch: Bug 249 enh, --, 0.2b1, leeraccount, RESO FIXED, Menu cleanup/restructuring
09:03:56 <flo> Mitch: ?
09:05:33 <Mitch> flo: Was what I said so hard to understand? :P
09:05:55 <flo> it was moved to the help menu on Windows
09:07:03 <Mitch> Oh, sorry. I read it in reverse. :)
09:21:59 <flo> that's why it was hard to understand ;)
09:22:17 <Even> Hi everyone :)
09:22:56 <Even> I would like to know your feeling about the wiki now I added the captcha for account creation. Does it seems to be fine now?
09:26:09 <Even> The special pages showing recent changes seems to say it is. But I would like to be really sure it is.
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10:44:35 <Tro_> hi
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14:25:57 <Mic> hi
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16:33:34 <flo> hey :)
16:34:13 * flo is finishing the account manager "redesign"
16:56:51 <Mitch> Cool.
17:06:12 <Mic> ah, ok
17:07:23 <Mic> Did you hide the checkboxes on unselected accounts .. (assuming you go on from the design shown on the ...-icons2 screenshot)?
17:08:32 <Mic> I guess that could have quite an impact on the overall appearance
17:08:49 <flo> Mic: yes
17:09:07 <flo> http://queze.net/goinfre/am-state-icons3.png
17:12:44 <flo> what I currently have on linux: http://queze.net/goinfre/am-linux.png
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17:38:28 <Mic> What about this:
17:38:29 <Mic> http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/3103/accountitem.png
17:39:06 <flo> nice way of doing a mockup :)
17:39:10 <Mic> Anything important (icon, name, connect button) is in the top part
17:39:25 <Mic> oh, I put my new gfx tablet to a test.
17:39:50 <Mic> Seems like I could use some more practice ;)
17:41:12 <flo> would the connect button be visible when the account is not selected?
17:42:32 <flo> my comment wasn't ironical. It's better for a quick UI mockup to not show any OS specific toolkit, and not be too precise (otherwise people focus on very minor details like misbalanced margins, some elements being a little too small/big, ...)
17:43:11 <Mic> Being able to draw a straight line would be useful anyways ;)
17:43:51 <Mic> The button could be visible, so you can press it without selecting the account first
17:44:01 <Mic> Or do it as it is right now
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17:44:56 <flo> the idea is interesting
17:45:16 <flo> but for an unfortunate reason, moving any of the buttons to the top part is a lot of coding work
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17:45:59 <Mic> The separator should ensure that people keep their scanning pattern sideways (and don't go top down)
17:47:18 <flo> yes
17:49:45 <Mic> Just something I want to try:
17:50:14 <Mic> Is it possible to set an account to selected via css?
17:50:57 <flo> what does this mean?
17:51:22 <Mic> I'd like to try the feel if you "select" account "on hover"
17:52:02 <flo> I don't think you can do that
17:52:21 <flo> to do it we would need to have all the buttons for all accounts, and hide them with css
17:52:38 <Mic> ah, it's not done like that right now?
17:52:54 <Mic> ok .. nevermind
17:52:55 <flo> oh well, if you just want to try to see how it looks, you can attach the binding of the buttons to all accounts anyway
17:53:15 <flo> and then, hide the buttons whenever an account is not hovered
17:54:38 <Mic> Most likely the buttons would be too close to the borders
17:55:09 <Mic> So people could accidently change accounts when aiming for them
17:56:14 <flo> it may be possible to workaround that
18:01:33 <flo> ok, I'm satisfied by what I have on linux
18:01:37 <flo> let's try windows now
18:10:39 <Mic> Is it alternating row colours on Mac, btw?
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18:18:55 <flo> Mic: yes
18:19:55 <Mic> It's a bit hard to distinguish the selection between the darker rows .. but I guess you're using system colours for both?
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18:27:43 <flo> Mic: the "selected" color is wrong, I need to fix that :)
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19:04:50 <flo> I think that's ready to go now :)
19:14:23 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/47ed950e6459 - Florian Qu?ze - Account manager redesign.
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21:22:21 <flo> Mitch: I just timed a linux debug build of Instantbird with your patch from bug 462381. It took 7 minutes and 50seconds. The build before applying the patch took 8 minutes and 3 seconds. (and I have 4 cores and use -j8)
23:27:52 <Mitch> flo: Nice. There are probably more parallelisable things though. :)