#instantbird log on 10 09 2009

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04:31:02 <Tro> Hi all
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08:38:25 <Tro> Hi Mic!
08:38:33 <Mic> Hi
08:40:41 <Tro> This is because you are the creator of Join Chat Extension?
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09:04:12 <Mic> Scripting would be fun ..
09:05:34 <Mic> onJoin() { if( HOSTNAME == "tymerkaev@*") say("yes, I am"); }
09:10:03 <Mic> (if it were as easy as this pseudo code)
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09:55:24 <Morian> who is tro1 ?
09:55:55 <Morian> he told me "tank you" but I don't know whatfor ... 
09:57:31 <Mic> The guy that I can only identify by his hostmask
09:57:52 <Mic> He's having a different name each time he joins as it seems
10:00:14 <Morian> ah
10:00:20 <Morian> the russian one ?
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10:10:56 <Mic> maybe
10:12:01 <Mic> It's hard to look up things on the log files if you've no idea what the users name was
10:12:11 <Mic> So I just can't tell
10:12:30 <Morian> hosts are not logged right ?
10:21:03 <Morian> they aren't :-/
10:27:14 <Mic> [ "The log files of this chat / channel can be found at" +<path goes here>]
10:27:50 <Mic> Might be a nice idea for an addon, either as bar or maybe a "Open log files directory" item in the context menu
10:29:50 <Morian> yes, but there is no proper way to get this url ^^'
10:30:04 <Morian> except if it is already in the topic
10:33:22 <Mic> I don't understand?
10:33:54 <Morian> how would we get the url where the log is available if the server or the channel doesn't provide it
10:34:11 <Mic> :D
10:34:24 <Mic> No, I'm talking about Instantbird's local log files
10:34:31 <Morian> ahhhh
10:34:40 <Morian> ahhhhhhhhhhh now I understand ok
10:35:05 <Morian> yes, this can be a good idea, this is something which is often asked
10:35:20 <Mic> Each chat/channel has its own folder, we could open it an maybe highlight the current session
10:35:39 <Morian> yes :)
10:36:11 <Morian> and firefox is able to do that kind of things, since after a download you can "open folder"
10:36:14 <Morian> (I guess)
10:37:53 <Morian> on linux this feature asks me which program to use ^^'
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10:39:32 <Mic> Congratulations, it seems you made it ;)
10:41:02 <Tro1> :)
10:45:10 <Tro1> instantbot: seen Morian
10:45:11 <instantbot> morian was last seen 7 minutes and 17 seconds ago, saying 'on linux this feature asks me which program to use ^^'' in #instantbird.
10:45:27 <Tro1> yeah
10:45:33 <Tro1> Morian
10:45:40 <Morian> instantbot: this is false!
10:45:41 <instantbot> Morian: But this is 'exactly the same with some patches (but i does not affect strings)' or 'what you need to be able to do it'...
10:46:04 <Morian> O_o
10:46:14 <Tro1> hahaha
10:47:00 <Morian> Tro1, are you tt ?
10:47:17 <Tro1> no
10:47:25 <Tro1> what is tt?
10:47:40 <Morian> an other person on this chan ^^
10:48:03 <Morian> you thanked me in PM, have I done something for you?
10:48:22 <Morian> I am not very active on IB for a few weeks
10:48:56 <Mic> oops, I guess I mixed the two of you up then
10:49:11 <Mic> sorry.
10:49:27 <Tro1> :)
10:50:39 <Tro1> Morian, can somehow extend the choice of status?
10:51:12 <Mic> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/log.h#326 :)
10:51:19 <Morian> This feature is planned, we would like to have it for 0.2, but this is short
10:52:38 <Morian> Tro1: But it is something we will do.
10:52:39 <Mic> Not scriptable if I'm right ..
10:53:48 <Morian> about libpurple ?
10:53:54 <Tro1> And is there any addons, temporarily replacing this function?
10:54:36 <Morian> Tro1: no :-/
10:54:50 <Tro1> Now wait, I have to restart instantbird.
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10:56:48 <Tro1> ok
10:57:55 <Morian> cool my patch that solves misalignment when you type --help in the Linux console has been pushed \o/
10:58:11 <Morian> (for firefox, thunderbird, instantbird, etc...)
10:58:32 <Tro1> Morian, ib 0.2b1pre is stable, or I should not have him moved?
10:58:39 <Tro1> from 0.2a1
10:58:47 <Morian> 0.2b1pre is stable
10:58:57 <Morian> quite as much as 0.2a1
10:59:36 <Tro1> more stable than 0.2a1? 
10:59:54 <Morian> b1pre is updated everyday
11:00:07 <Morian> it can happen that one day it becomes totally broken
11:00:56 <Morian> it is quite stable, but we can't be sure that tomorrow's build will be ready to use
11:01:32 <Morian> If you want to have new features as we add them, you can use b1pre, but if you want something really stable, a1 is fine
11:01:39 <Tro1> I for some reason it is not updated for a week.
11:01:55 <Morian> the build system for windows was "broken"
11:02:07 <Morian> but is works anew :)
11:02:44 <Mic> We have a new Windows nightly today
11:03:00 <Morian> that's why he said "<Tro1> Now wait, I have to restart instantbird."
11:03:00 <Morian> :)
11:03:04 <Morian> I guess
11:03:20 <Mic> :D
11:03:26 <Mic> I didn't think of that
11:04:15 <Mic> I disabled automated updates, it interferes if I change something ..
11:04:48 <Mic> So I'm not used anymore to restart every day
11:04:59 <Morian> :)
11:05:19 <Tro1> Oh, then add in the next version of the panel emoticons, please, I somehow can not find it.
11:06:01 <Morian> you mean smileys addons don't work ?
11:06:04 <Mic> You mean the selection screen?
11:06:29 <Morian> ah, Mic's version is better :-D
11:07:14 <Tro1> 	I mean the panel emoticons in the dialog window.
11:07:24 <Mic> In "Tools->Emoticons..." you should have a screen on which you can choose between *installed* emoticon themes (they're extensions as anything else)
11:08:30 <Morian> but yes there is no panel for emoticons in conversation like in pidgin (yet (?)).
11:08:52 <Tro1> Just like in ICQ.
11:09:57 <Tro1> But Ib unlike Pidgin is more extensible?
11:10:34 <Morian> IB is more extensible using mozilla's extension system
11:10:41 <Tro1> That is, it is still impossible?
11:11:01 <Morian> such a panel in an extension would be "easy" I think
11:12:31 <Tro1> That is, you can do that?
11:13:08 <Mic> I guess we'll have something like that on the markup-deck one day?
11:14:27 <Morian> maybe. But I still don't really get the point of it. I mean that I don't know whether people need it.
11:15:11 <Mic> I'm using such stuff only for more obscure emoticon names, but who knows if the other client supports them ?
11:15:29 <Morian> Tro1: I would be able to do this, but I have already 5 school projects, an internship to find (in mozilla technologies if possible), and a lot of other things to do at the moment.
11:16:46 <Morian> Mic: no one can know that, and surely if an emoticon is too complicated, like --->[], the other client won't handle it ... (unless it is MSN with personal emoticons ^^')
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11:17:01 <Mitch> Morian!
11:17:39 <Tro1> All the same, manually uncomfortable panel emoticons (or button) will be very handy.
11:17:43 <Tro1> Mic
11:17:53 <Mic> I think it would be a toolbaritem+grid+emoticons listed in it+insert at current cursor on click
11:18:08 <Mitch> Hey, Mic.
11:18:14 <Mic> hey Mitch
11:18:34 <Tro1> Can you do it? Please.
11:18:54 <Morian> this kind of toolbar will appear one day, at least with rich html, to start a file transfert (?) or things like that
11:19:27 <Mic> You'll also have ways to make bold and italic text and colours and such
11:19:32 <Mic> (then)
11:20:19 <Mic> Has anyone checked the new mobile status btw?
11:20:37 <Mic> I think https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/7b5701f4c763 is the fix for https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=242 ?
11:20:40 <instantbot> Mic: Bug 242 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Need indicators for Mobile buddys
11:21:48 <Morian> wow, flo did that ?
11:22:15 <Mic> No, he just faked it? :P
11:22:22 <Morian> lol
11:22:42 <Morian> He seems so busy atm that I didn't think he would do such a patch
11:23:04 <Morian> but yes I think you can close 242 and add a link to the changeset
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11:23:12 <Mic> One day he said: "oh, that's so easy to do"
11:23:19 <Morian> lol
11:24:48 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de set the Resolution field on bug 242 to FIXED.
11:24:50 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=242 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO FIXED, Need indicators for Mobile buddys
11:26:27 <Mitch> FWIW, WLM has mobile indicators, FTW.
11:26:59 <Morian> (sorry Mic, I edit the patch to add target, assigned to, version, and platforms)
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11:30:18 <Mic> It's possible to selecte Message Theme Variants again
11:30:49 <Mic> Works for me with Minimal 2 theme at least
11:30:54 <Morian> oho
11:30:57 <Mic> I think we can close https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=211  as well
11:31:00 <Morian> Mozilla may have fixed it :)
11:31:01 <instantbot> Mic: Bug 211 maj, --, 0.2, nobody, NEW, Message Themes Variants are not recognized
11:31:13 <Morian> let me look at this
11:31:38 <Mic> I'll have a look if the patch on bug 514872 is pushed
11:32:03 <Morian> http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-1.9.1/rev/fb0c1de78c61
11:32:14 <Morian> here is it
11:32:30 <Morian> it is *
11:33:19 <Mic> ok, I'll close the bug
11:34:21 <Morian> I like when things got repaired by "magic" :-D
11:34:21 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de set the Resolution field on bug 211 to FIXED.
11:34:23 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=211 maj, --, 0.2, nobody, RESO FIXED, Message Themes Variants are not recognized
11:34:47 <Mic> brb
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11:35:21 <Mic> ah, we should be able to change message themes without closing the conversation
11:35:29 <Mic> but it's not so easy I think
11:36:15 <Morian> It's not :/
11:36:56 <Mic> We'd a sort of "replay chat" function if we'd want to do it with the current system
11:37:17 <Mic> *need
11:37:44 <Morian> Yes, but that's a weird solution, it will be too slow and anyway it's ugly ^^'
11:38:13 <Morian> there are other ways to apply CSS on live
11:39:04 <Mic> but it's not just css
11:39:28 <Mic> message styles can run javascripts as well afaik?
11:40:17 <Morian> mmmh maybe
11:40:30 <Morian> what I would like to have working is textbox ...
11:40:45 <Morian> it still flickers, resizes in a strange way etc...
11:40:47 <Morian> :(
11:40:47 <Mic> The magically resizing textbox?
11:41:00 <Morian> yes, the magic breaking of the textbox ^^'
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11:42:43 <Tro1> bye
11:43:17 <Morian> bye
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11:49:57 <Mic> Morian: what's your opinion on a "Get Help" item on the Help menu that automatically brings users into this chat room?
11:50:45 <Mic> Tro1 had issues joining irc channels (most likely because he forgot to add "#" to the name) and many other might not even have heard of IRC before
11:51:03 <Morian> it sounds like a good idea, but we have to imagine a lot of things that can happen with this feature
11:51:35 <Morian> first we have to create an extra account, then connect it, join the channel, and explain to the user what is going on
11:51:59 <Mic> indeed
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14:15:17 * ChanServ sets mode +qo flo flo 
14:24:07 <Mic> hej flo
14:24:15 <flo> hi
14:25:45 <flo> how are you? :)
14:27:02 <Mic> I'm fine, thanks
14:27:06 <Mic> How are you?
14:27:15 <flo> depressed :-P
14:27:48 <flo> (but I can fake a smiley and say I'm very happy today :))
14:27:58 <flo> *smile
14:28:26 <Mic> Faking smilies doesn't help much in such a case ..
14:28:54 <flo> it helps a lot. It makes other people around smile too, and smiles are contagious ;)
14:33:21 <flo> usually, a good night of sleep helps a lot too :)
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14:40:49 <instantbot> New Websites - Addons.instantbird.org bug 250 filed by pjdkrunkt@lycos.com.
14:40:51 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=250 nor, --, ---, raynaudquentin, UNCO, Need Categories for Themes.
14:42:36 <Mic> ach, es ist alles eitel .. :s
14:51:33 <Mic> https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24
14:51:37 <instantbot> Mic: Bug 24 nor, P5, ---, florian, NEW, Command-W Does Not Close Buddy List Window
14:51:52 <Mic> Do we want that (I'd say yes)?
14:52:19 <Mic> If yes, I'd fix it on buddy list, message style and emoticon selection
14:52:36 <Mic> If not, we might as well close the bug as wontfix or such 
14:54:38 <flo> I think we want Ctrl+W to minimize to tray (on Windows/Linux)
14:54:55 <flo> and closing (not minimizing) the buddy list should not stop the application on mac
14:57:04 <flo> oh, and don't worry about message style and emoticon selection windows. These window will disappear as soon as I finish the preference window (and hopefully, this is "soon")
14:57:36 <Mic> That's good, I just wanted to suggest to fix at least these
14:57:55 <Mic> and add a regular close button in the process ;)
14:59:39 <Mic> gtg
14:59:45 <Mic> Have a nice day
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15:16:46 <instantbot> raynaudquentin@gmail.com set the Resolution field on bug 250 to FIXED.
15:16:49 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=250 nor, --, ---, raynaudquentin, RESO FIXED, Need Categories for Themes.
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15:38:47 <instantbot> New purplexpcom - General bug 251 filed by awillo@gmail.com.
15:38:49 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=251 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, unable to authenticate : unknown error
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16:35:37 <Mic> seen flo
16:35:43 <Mic> !seen flo
16:35:44 <instantbot> flo was last seen 1 hour, 38 minutes and 39 seconds ago, saying 'oh, and don't worry about message style and emoticon selection windows. These window will disappear as soon as I finish the preference window (and hopefully, this is "soon")' in
16:35:46 <instantbot> #instantbird.
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16:55:19 <Tro> hi
16:55:39 <Tro> I'm back.
16:55:44 <Morian> hi back
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19:46:45 <Mic> What encoding/charset do strings in javascript as we use it have?
19:48:29 <Mic> Or doesn't it matter, because it's e.g. automatically converted to utf-8 if we call a scriptable function?
19:48:47 <Morian> I was not sure of the encoding but it doesn't matter
19:48:59 <Morian> since xulrunner is converting all of these
19:49:00 <Mic> ok
19:49:37 <Mic> I'm getting a strange error on the error console when trying to add an IRC  channel to the buddy list
19:50:26 <Mic> https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=232#c1
19:50:30 <instantbot> Mic: Bug 232 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Can't add IRC channels to the buddy list
19:51:12 <Morian> mmmh
19:52:18 <Morian> it must be UTF8, and anyway a channel doesn't have special chars
19:52:34 <Morian> so .. I don't understand this error either
19:52:48 <Mic> It happens after calling addBuddy on purple core services
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19:56:36 <Morian> mmmh
19:56:57 <Morian> This error sounds like out of context ...
19:57:21 <Morian> but it is indeed a bug, since purple Core service should work in all cases
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20:15:40 <Morian> an idea would be to see if addBuddy can be used for IRC chans or if libpurple has something else
20:23:42 <Mic> :)
20:24:14 <Mic> Getting closer..
20:28:09 <Morian> I woke up this morning with the idea that the NASA crashed a rocket on the moon. I felf stupid of thinking such a thing.
20:28:19 <Morian> but it was true ... -_-'
20:28:58 <Mic> TRUE, but FAIL :P
20:29:46 <Morian> ah they haven't found what they were looking for?
20:31:46 <Mic> The crashed the rocket and sent the satellite in right behind .. unfortunately the first crash didn't create the cloud of material that they expected
20:32:10 <Mic> So in worst case, there was no material that could have given any data
20:32:43 <Morian> ok, I didn't hear that it was such a fail :)
20:32:49 <Mic> This function only adds buddies :s
20:32:56 <Mic> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/purplexpcom/src/purpleCoreService.cpp#570
20:33:11 <Mic> unfortunately we'd need to call http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/blist.h#407
20:33:29 <Morian> :)
20:33:30 <Mic> #420 actually
20:34:03 <Morian> nice find
20:35:18 <Morian> would be nice to create a binding for this, or adapt the current function so that it is more "generic"
20:38:27 <Mic> I'd really like if people were able to use the same dialog for either
20:39:39 <Morian> this should be the same dialog yes.
20:40:04 <Morian> making the function generic so that it has an optional parameter or something like that
20:40:58 <Morian> and depending of the protocol it would be possible to specify whether it's a chat or a simple buddy
20:42:53 <Mic> we could add some logic to make it work on irc channels automatically as they're marked by a # 
20:43:21 <Morian> yes
20:43:27 <Mic> On xmpp and others that support chats this might be more difficult (if there's no such indicator)
20:43:47 <Morian> but I though of something more "generic" so that all protocol even those which we don't know about would work
20:44:13 <Morian> that's why I came with the "choice of buddy or chat" thing
20:44:34 <Morian> but it may be overkill, I don't really know
20:44:38 <Mic> It could still automatically tick the box if the account is IRC and the name starts with #
20:44:51 <Morian> for example yes
21:08:01 <Mic> I think the choice if buddy or chat is a simple as it can get
21:39:26 <Mic> http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/8132/accountsubmenu.png
21:40:01 <Morian> "No accounts configured yet" is unnecessary
21:40:13 <Mic> Such a menu could allow to connect/disconnect quickly
21:40:14 <Morian> it would be displayed in < 1% of cases
21:40:52 <Mic> There should be the toolbar in the status bar one day
21:41:29 <Mic> Having it in the menus as well would make it easier to access it using the keyboard
21:50:24 <Mic> nn
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