#instantbird log on 10 06 2009

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09:14:45 <Mic> hi
09:15:07 <Mic> Eventreuer: your captcha seems to be quite efficient
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09:18:20 <Nekto> hi
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09:29:51 <Mic> Morian: does the issue with wrong typing notifications (people aer shown as typing all the time under certain conditions?) still exist?
09:31:44 <Mic> a possible fix: a timeout for typing notifications (I guess saying "Nobody keeps typing for longer than one/two/a few minutes if he's really, really slow" holds for most cases)
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19:11:22 <Mic> Good evening (CEST)
19:17:18 <Morian> hi MIC
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19:50:59 <flo> good night :)
19:51:27 <Morian> already ...
19:52:49 <Mic> nn
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20:37:05 <deOmega> where is everyone?
20:37:14 <Morian> <-
20:37:27 <deOmega> ah
20:38:05 <deOmega> Morian: did you see about the issue with teh message input area?
20:38:36 <deOmega> where it isa different size when you launch it and after uou have sent the first messsage?
20:38:56 <Morian> yes
20:39:01 <Morian> it has already been reported
20:39:04 <deOmega> ok, great
20:39:07 <Morian> on bugzilla
20:39:42 <deOmega> Thank you
20:41:09 <deOmega> and finally, i  restarted  Instantbird after adding a friend to my  AOL  contacts
20:41:26 <deOmega> and siince that time, i  am not   seing anyone in my buddy list on that    side
20:41:41 <deOmega> it is showing that i am connected under accounts andi know that   there are folksonline
20:41:56 <deOmega> but i am not seeing them OTRteh account in the contact list
20:42:07 <deOmega> . and so, that is teh end of my whining today :)
20:43:05 <Morian> :)
20:44:01 <deOmega> I guess i am gonna have to bite teh bullet for a  bit  with another messenger. just cannot decide which one to go back to
20:44:43 <deOmega> I really do not think  that pidgin is really for windows, because you have to go through hoops to customize many things
20:45:14 <Morian> pidgin is not made to be windows native
20:45:25 <deOmega> makes sense
20:46:59 <deOmega> well, i have instantbird updates on my homepage... so i will know when  something newis out
20:47:19 <deOmega> And i do want to keep helping out, bu   the history  debacle mainly has me somewhat trapped
20:47:39 <deOmega> So, i really have to  get that back under control
20:48:40 <deOmega> SO, i am not going to be  completely gone.. but just  sitting it out for a moment
20:49:16 <Morian> things are going slowly these days
20:49:18 <deOmega> it is amaziing how  dependent  we have  become even in business, on messaging
20:50:48 <deOmega> it is just weird that all of a sudden i cannot search windows and find my history
20:52:37 <Morian> still possible but not from UI
20:53:10 <deOmega> oh  right.. iw as doing it through a wondows keyword search... but lately
20:53:17 <deOmega> i have been getting no results
20:53:32 <deOmega> even on old keywods i have used
20:54:07 <deOmega> no idea what happened, and now i am relying on others to feed me the history from their side
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21:29:39 <Mic> Morian: what would it take to use Instantbird as handler for irc:// links?
21:30:11 <Mic> Afaik the link will be passed via a command line parameter .. 
21:30:24 <Morian> mmmh
21:30:29 <Morian> I don't know :(
21:30:30 <Mic> No idea what happens if the program is already running
21:30:39 <Morian> I don't think it is very hard
21:30:51 <Morian> but surely it requires time ^^'
21:30:57 <Mic> parsing the link, checking if there is an account for the server, connect, join
21:33:25 <Morian> yes, the problem is "where to catch the link"
21:33:55 <Mic> Oh, in my case I was considering irc:// links in browser windows
21:34:02 <Morian> command line parameters is good for a first launch, but I don't know how it works if IB is already opened
21:34:20 <Mic> precisely
21:55:49 <Mic> I'm off for tonight
21:56:54 <Mic> btw such a thing like calling an already running program as handler for a protocol seems to be done via DDE on Windows? 
21:57:34 <Morian> what DDE stands for ?
22:01:22 <Mic> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_Data_Exchange
22:01:55 <Morian> ah
22:02:14 <Morian> i don't know windows enough :)
22:02:30 <Morian> But I guess something like this already exists in Mozilla itself
22:04:40 <Mic> I guess it does .. starting an url from windows run dialog opens a tab in an already running Firefox window
22:04:49 <Morian> yep
22:04:52 <Mic> That looks pretty much like the expected behaviour
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22:24:40 <deOmega> take care guys :)
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