#instantbird log on 10 04 2009

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00:02:53 <instantbot> Just appeared in Pidgin News - default :
00:02:54 <instantbot> http://theflamingbanker.blogspot.com/2009/10/pidgin-and-incredible-shrinking-finally.html - John Bailey: Pidgin and the Incredible Shrinking (Finally!)--And Growing‽--About Box
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10:53:40 <tt> instantbot
10:53:41 <instantbot> tt: hello
10:53:57 <tt> http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/l10n/
10:54:34 <tt> instantbot: http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/l10n/
10:54:37 <instantbot> tt: Sorry, I've no idea what 'http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/l10n/' might be.
10:54:44 <tt> instantbot: What's this? 
10:54:45 <instantbot> tt: Was it not... er, someone, who said: this is exactly the same with some patches (but i does not affect strings)
10:55:12 <tt> instantbot: Morian icq
10:55:14 <instantbot> tt: Sorry, I've no idea what 'Morian icq' might be.
10:55:28 <tt> instantbot: morian
10:55:29 <instantbot> tt: hmm... I think Morian is my master.
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11:24:17 <Mic> hi
11:24:29 <Morian> hi Mic
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11:47:22 <tt> Hi Mic, Morian  :) 
11:47:46 <tt> http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/l10n/instantbird-fr-4ac657f92c11e.xpi
11:47:53 <tt> What's this?
11:47:56 <tt> Morian
11:48:43 <tt> French Locale?
11:50:00 <Morian> yes
11:55:32 <tt> 	The lines are frozen for a beta?
11:55:50 <Morian> don't know
11:56:50 <tt> Can I begin to do the translation on its basis?
11:57:10 <Morian> I think you can, ask Eventreur for more information
11:57:55 <tt> I will try to finish by tomorrow evening.
11:58:33 <tt> You can post it on the site?
11:58:39 <tt> instantbird ftp
11:59:08 <Morian> preference window is still pending, so a translation would be outdated quickly
11:59:43 <tt> 	How do I contact him?
11:59:45 <Morian> I know nothing about translation system, but Eventreur is working on it
11:59:53 <Morian> mmmh
12:00:23 <Morian> quentin.raynaud@instantbird.org
12:00:41 <tt> If anything, I'm adjusting. I will translate at least part of it.
12:01:45 <tt> I simply replaces the string with the French locale on its own, to me it's easier.
12:04:37 <tt> Morian
12:04:50 <Morian> mmmh ?
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12:07:37 <tt> In Beta 1 will be the Preferences window, or it will have to release?
12:07:40 <tt> 0.2
12:08:24 <Morian> it will be in beta1
12:09:18 <Morian> that's why you should wait until beta1 to translate
12:10:03 <tt> It will be the same as in Firefox and Thunderbird (I mean appearance)?
12:10:17 <Morian> yes
12:10:48 <tt> Make a separate file, to make it easier to translate.
12:11:21 <tt> preferences.dtd and preferences.properties
12:12:25 <Morian> I don't know how it's going to be, that's basically why you should wait
12:12:51 <Morian> but if you can't wait until beta1, just do what you want, and we'll see what to do
12:13:29 <tt> Okay, I'll wait for candidates to 0.2b1.
12:15:06 <Morian> note that we will be very demanding on translations, so using google to make translation will send the result to trash.
12:17:12 <Morian> We won't accept a we won't accept an approximate translation. Don't apply in translating instantbird if you can't speak and read english by yourself.
12:21:41 <tt> Hmm. The presence of the English language in Instantbird makes me doubt whether you need to transfer the general knowledge of the English language?
12:23:28 <tt> But if anything, I have a friend, he knows English much better than I do.
12:24:03 <Morian> we'll see
12:25:40 <tt> By the way, how can you check?
12:26:00 <Morian> in doubt, we won't publish it :)
12:26:04 <Morian> :p
12:27:01 <Morian> and surely there are people at mozilla or if we make a public announcement for translation we can find people to help us translating or checking translations
12:32:02 <tt> You said they are indifferent to Instantbird.  ;) 
12:33:08 <Morian> if we ask for a quick check they probably won't decline
12:35:06 <tt> Well, your case.  ;) 
12:39:55 <tt> bye
12:40:11 <Morian> bye
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12:55:41 <tt> That's me again.
12:57:57 <tt> Morian, but not you afraid that translators can translate from Mozilla is worse, and the lie that the translation was bad, and set informal interpreters idiots (like envy)?
12:58:34 <tt> What would you do?
12:59:03 <tt> instantbot: seen Morian
12:59:04 <instantbot> morian was last seen 18 minutes and 52 seconds ago, saying 'bye' in #instantbird.
12:59:21 <tt> hmm
12:59:24 <Morian> Sorry I don't even understand you ...
13:00:03 <Morian> and honestly I am tired of reading sentences 5 times
13:04:13 <tt> What happens if an interpreter from the Mozilla will lie, that the translation was bad, and make own little different from the previous (possibly worse) as you will understand what is better?
13:04:42 <Morian> translators from mozilla are by definition reliable :)
13:05:34 <tt> But still, there is such a thing as envy.
13:06:25 <tt> You give users a choice?
13:07:09 <Morian> choice of what ?
13:08:23 <tt> Select translation.
13:10:09 <Morian> they won't have choice. But I hope they'll report bad translation if they find them
13:22:58 <tt> You amaze me. What users will compare the translation? I have not once encountered by those who have found in my words typo (note, not a bug!), And instead tell me about it, just paraphrased my words, and appropriated it to himself, and my be removed!
13:23:05 <tt>  :@  :'( 
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13:56:08 <Eventreur> plo
13:56:09 <Eventreur> plop
13:56:22 <Morian_> hey
13:56:24 <Eventreur> I just added a captcha to create accounts.
13:56:28 <Eventreur> (on the wiki)
13:56:34 <Morian_> good idea :)
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13:56:44 <Eventreur> I also thought about email validation but it seems that very bot has a validated page.
13:56:49 <Eventreur> validated email
13:56:54 <Morian> ah
13:56:55 <Morian> :(
13:56:55 <Eventreur> I don't know how they do that...
13:57:02 <Eventreur> We don't even send validation emails...
13:57:13 <Eventreur> Or I don't know we do.
13:57:38 <Eventreur> capcha looks more reliable :)
13:58:34 <tt> but it has already learned to decipher
13:58:53 <Eventreur> Morian: If you could make me a list of bots usernames, I would be very grateful.
13:59:17 <Eventreur> And if you have some SQL knowledge, I would love to have it on a delete from table basis :
13:59:18 <Eventreur> :P
14:00:12 <Morian> haha ...
14:01:04 <Eventreur> Something like 'DELETE FROM user WHERE user_name IN ("user1", "user2", ...)
14:01:06 <Morian> just create a page with a list of username of something like this, and a list of checkboxes, and then tab + space :p
14:01:12 <tt> You need to prevent long and meaningless nicknames.
14:01:45 <Eventreur> Yeah, I would love to do that but honestly I don't have time to think about it.
14:02:26 <Eventreur> But if someone do the biggest part of the work to disable the unwanted accounts, I'll go through the process of deleting them.
14:03:12 <Morian> disable or just do a list ?
14:04:06 <Eventreur> I'lkl delete them.
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14:04:19 <Eventreur> Just give me a list and I'll do the rest.
14:04:43 <Eventreur> Let's say something like :
14:04:43 <Eventreur> username1
14:04:43 <Eventreur> username2
14:04:43 <Eventreur> (one username per line) is going to be great enough.
14:05:12 <Morian> yeah yeah the problem is not syntax or SQL, the problem is to do the list itself XD
14:11:29 <Eventreur> Yep.
14:11:32 <Eventreur> I know that :P
14:38:30 * Morian is fighting differential equations of second order in electronics ... I hesitate to add the clean wiki spammers on my todo list ^^'
14:38:44 <Morian> erf my /me is broken ...
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14:59:55 <instantbot> Evennnn! It's so good to see ya!'
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15:20:00 <Mic> Even: what is a spammer to you?
15:20:07 <Mic> Someone who has actually spammed
15:20:22 <Mic> or even someone who just matches their naming pattern?
15:20:59 <Morian> I guess they are someone with a strange nickname and "viagra" on their personal page
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15:34:43 <Mic> Users with strange nicknames (filtered user list): http://pastebin.instantbird.com/34
15:35:13 <Mic> OBS: These users don't nceessarily have spam on their user pages, they just have strange names
15:36:01 <Mic> I checked the list twice, still: be careful what you do with it ..
15:36:35 <Morian> Mic: This looks correct
15:36:47 <Morian> people usually don't have such long nicknames ...
15:37:58 <Mic> I just sorted out DGMurdock, Morian, Mic, Shredder, and another guy whose name I can't remember right now (flo and even don't appear in the list of normal users)
15:38:50 <Morian> (haha)
15:39:14 <Morian> I don't think we are more than that registered in the wiki
15:43:50 <Mic> "underscore", that was him ..
15:54:19 <Mic> btw I think I haven't changed the time to keep the item in pastebin, so if you choose to use it, remember to copy it in time
15:59:43 <Morian> I guess eventreur can already use this list to delete these users
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16:10:07 <Mic> Make sure the users don't contain anything evil ;) (cf http://xkcd.com/327/ )
16:13:25 <Morian> haha
16:13:38 <Morian> I've already seen this one :)
16:13:41 <Morian> this is funny
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