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07:21:29 <instantbot> Evennnn! It's so good to see ya!'
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11:24:01 <instantbot> Floooooo! It's so good to see you...
11:29:25 <Eventreur> instantbot: be quiet!
11:29:28 <instantbot> Eventreur: you be quiet!
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12:33:31 <W> Hi
12:34:07 <Morian> hi W
12:34:50 <W> It's me, just changed the nickname.
12:35:04 <Morian> ah Snef
12:35:10 <Morian> ok
12:35:47 <W> What Instantbot?
12:35:56 <W> instantbot	Floooooo! It's so good to see you...
12:35:56 <W> 16:29	Eventreur	instantbot: be quiet!
12:35:56 <W> 	instantbot	Eventreur: you be quiet!
12:36:00 <instantbot> W: Sorry, I've no idea what 'It's so good to see you' might be.
12:36:01 <instantbot> W: Sorry, I've no idea what 'you be quiet' might be.
12:36:20 <Morian> it's a bot :)
12:36:41 <Morian> he answers automatically and is "happy" to see people he knows
12:36:50 <Morian> that makes him more human I guess
12:37:58 <W> It seemed strange that instantbot ordered something Eventreur.
12:38:18 <W> instantbot	Eventreur: you be quiet!
12:38:19 <instantbot> W: Sorry, I've no idea what 'you be quiet' might be.
12:39:14 <Morian> it's an automatic answer
12:40:33 <W> Wow. I was scared, I thought, Bot came out of obedience.
12:40:47 <W>  ;) 
12:42:06 <W> Sorry, who created a logo Instantbird (nightly and stable)?
12:42:15 <W> Morian
12:42:17 <Morian> idechix
12:42:29 <Morian> a friend of flo
12:43:15 <Morian> He has contributed with all graphic stuff and a lot of suggestions
12:43:32 <W> Cool! Especially like Instantbird Nightly Logo! Where he learned to draw?
12:44:23 <Morian> I don't know :), He was a student in a video game design school, that might help, but I don't know if he learned to draw there.
12:45:11 <W> 	And who created the sites instantbird.com, instantbird.org, wiki.instantbird.org, addons.instantbird.org?
12:46:25 <Morian> themes are mostly done by idechix on sites too. The creators of the content are Eventreur and flo
12:46:37 <W> Tell him from me, please, that he is master of his case.
12:47:15 <Morian> we'll tell him :)
12:49:06 <W> Allow me to another question - now that has a website addons.instantbird.org, what is the raison d'?tre of the site add-ons.instantbird.com
12:50:06 <Morian> There is no reason, Eventreur should investigate, where did you find the link to this site ?
12:51:12 <W> http://add-ons.instantbird.com/
12:51:34 <Eventreur> There's no problem.
12:51:40 <Eventreur> It is redirecting on addons.instantbird.org
12:51:51 <Morian> O_o
12:52:07 <Morian> http://add-ons.instantbird.com/ is showing a "coming soon"
12:52:15 <Eventreur> oO.
12:52:20 <Eventreur> It's not for me :P.
12:52:33 <Eventreur> I have probably a hosts file :D
12:52:39 <W> 	I was surprised, too!
12:52:40 <Morian> haha
12:52:44 <Eventreur> I think flo just forgot to do the redirection.
12:52:54 <Eventreur> That's a small issue.
12:53:27 <Eventreur> The server is OK so it means it's only the DNS that has an issue.
12:53:59 <W> I think so too, I go to the site to admire the logo Instantbird.
12:54:05 <Morian> yes but if the link if officially somewhere on the website, it would be better to have it working
12:54:26 <Eventreur> It's not.
12:54:37 <Eventreur> I think W just tried it.
12:54:48 <Eventreur> You have the same issue with addons.instantbird.com
12:54:54 <Eventreur> But add-ons.instantbird.org is okay.
12:55:17 <Morian> ah yes ... same issue with addons.
12:56:37 <Morian> will be fixed as soon as flo is back from "lunch"
12:56:42 <W> Ahem ... And in what sense the existence of so many sites?
12:57:21 <Eventreur> Well in fact I just look into the server configuration and .com is not even handled by the official one.
12:57:29 <Eventreur> In fact it won't do to ust change the redirection.
12:57:40 <Eventreur> But flo might decide to simply discard the .com one.
12:58:07 <Eventreur> I won't prepare for it before he has some time to do his choice about what he wants to do about it.
12:59:02 <Eventreur> W: since they are not referenced it's not an issue
12:59:25 <Eventreur> W: this is an old URL that was never made public.
12:59:26 <W> No need extra sites, let it be only addons.instantbird.org.
13:00:40 <Morian> the extra site can be a HTTP redirection
13:01:11 <Morian> so that people don't get with an error if they misspell the address
13:02:40 <W> Why need a redirect, if all the links lead only to addons.instantbird.org?
13:03:52 <W> People used to it during the lifetime of the site addons.mozilla.org.
13:04:08 <Morian> because people may type the name by themselves
13:04:26 <Morian> but it has nearly any kind of importance ^^
13:04:34 <Morian> just a very small suggestion :p
13:04:59 <Morian> addons.mozilla.com redirects to https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/
13:05:03 <Morian> -fr
13:06:22 <W> Eventreur, Morian, you here?
13:07:04 <W> OOps, forgot to scroll down the dialogue, sorry.
13:08:19 <W> http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/090927/HGL9WB4h4u.jpg
13:09:28 <Eventreur> lol
13:10:05 <Eventreur> Looks like a pretty funny bug.
13:10:20 <flo> what's the bug?
13:10:47 <W> Yes, what's the bug?
13:11:05 <flo> about add-ons/addons.instantbird.com... I think they should just redirect to the good address. We can't make them alternative address of the same site because of the ssl certificate which is only for *.instantbird.org
13:11:22 <flo> W: you played a bit with about:config, right? :)
13:11:53 <Eventreur> Oh, I understand all that better now :P
13:12:37 <Eventreur> Yeah, about the redirection, I never supposed we might want to have alternative domains. The only thing was to know if you wanted to discard the URL or to have a redirection.
13:12:46 <W> 	By the way, as I understood, addons.instantbird.org is based on addons.mozilla.org.
13:12:47 <W> No, I just remembered this address when addons.instantbird.org not yet.
13:13:01 <Eventreur> W: yeah, it is.
13:13:23 <Eventreur> W: though it was adapted a lot
13:13:53 <W> Denied, you wasting money on additional sites!
13:14:01 <Eventreur> Money ?
13:14:07 <Eventreur> We don't have money...
13:14:15 <Eventreur> We can't waste what we have not :P
13:16:43 <W> Whose money was then set up your site?
13:19:05 <flo> he meant the project has no money yet. Everything that we had to pay for the project (servers, domain name, SSL certificate, trademark) was paid either by me or by Eventreur.
13:19:12 <flo> from our "own pocket"
13:20:29 <W> Your project anyone has donated money?
13:20:56 <flo> no
13:22:03 <W> You need PR
13:23:53 <flo> 'PR' as public relations?
13:24:44 <W> PR is advertising.  :) 
13:25:25 <flo> we need to create some sort of legal structure before we can accepte donations anyway
13:25:58 <W> 	So?
13:27:38 <Eventreur> So we don't have money and we are mainly doing with cheap thngs.
13:28:10 <Eventreur> Nearly everything is out of our own work and we did it for nothing.
13:28:26 <Eventreur> That makes the project affordable.
13:28:50 <W> About your project until we (users) can learn only from your blog and http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mozilla-based.html
13:29:02 <Eventreur> And planet mozilla.
13:29:23 <Eventreur> And a lot of other websites that communicated about it when the first release was out.
13:29:55 <W> From there I only once received a tape from planet.mozillamessaging.com
13:30:03 <Eventreur> And those are probably going to talk a little about us when we release 0.2 too.
13:31:17 <Eventreur> If you look on planet.mozilla.org you're going to see that they are aggregating our blog on it.
13:31:30 <Eventreur> Sing its RSS stream.
13:31:34 <Eventreur> *Using its.
13:32:02 <W> 	Maybe should make the site instantbird.com like namozillamessaging.com, to attract users?
13:32:05 <Eventreur> Just have a look on the subscriptions.
13:32:58 <Eventreur> What do you mean by "like" ?
13:34:02 <W> Like is Similarly
13:34:37 <Eventreur> Yeah, I understand the word.
13:35:04 <flo> I think W means "redesign it to convey a clear message, and be more user-oriented". And yes, we plan to do that. But it's a lot of work ;)
13:35:07 <Eventreur> My question is more like "What is wrong on our website that is right on mozillamessaging ?"
13:35:46 <W> I kind of found the source of the site, although it was mozilla.com.
13:35:50 <flo> the current message of instantbird.com is "hey, look, we have a cool project", it should be "this is the instantmessager you have always dreamed of, click here to install it"
13:36:13 <Eventreur> Well, about that, I already complained about the home page containing too much information.
13:37:52 <W> At the same time can be transferred home to other languages.
13:43:03 <W> You here?
13:48:35 * flo goes away for about an hour
13:48:38 <flo> see you all! :)
13:48:48 <Eventreur> see ya
13:51:54 <W> 	Ah, you here!
13:55:12 <Eventreur> Well, we don't disappear. But we have a lot of things to do so we might need time to answer.
13:55:23 <Eventreur> Sometimes it takes minutes to get one, at other times it takes hours.
13:55:26 <Eventreur> No need to worry.
14:08:38 <W> You can create a resource l10n.instantbird.org for translators?
14:10:17 <W> analog l10n.mozilla.org
14:13:25 <W> Maybe we better communicate through ICQ?
14:21:21 <W> Hey!
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14:36:29 <baka> how can i save chat history
14:37:37 <baka> hi
14:38:10 <Morian> hi
14:38:17 <Morian> chats are logged automatically
14:38:22 <Morian> you are under windows ?
14:38:28 <baka> yes
14:38:52 <Morian> C:\Documents and Settings\<you>\Application Data\Instantbird\Profiles
14:39:13 <W> 	So somewhere in your profile folder.
14:39:21 <Morian> this is your instantbird profile, inside it there is a folder "logs" and all the logs inside
14:39:56 <Morian> these are in txt format (similar as Pidgin's), we have plans to improve it of course, but not until 0.4 :)
14:40:11 <baka> k thks
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14:42:47 <W> Windows vista or 7 is X:\users\you\appdata\roaming\instantbird\profiles
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14:47:09 <W> Morian
14:47:16 <Morian> yeh
14:48:44 <W> And indeed, why the history of communication and can not look directly into the instantbird?
14:49:21 <W> A?
14:49:29 <Morian> Because we don't have 90 hours per day ^^
14:50:05 <W> i don't understand
14:50:36 <Morian> this feature is planned for 0.4, we have more important things to do first. And we haven't brainstormed on this right now
14:51:59 <W> À êîãäà áóäåò Ib 0.4?
14:52:08 <W> And when will Ib 0.4?
14:52:25 <Morian> wow, surely more than a year
14:52:36 <Morian> maybe 2 years ^^'
14:53:35 <W> 	That is, it depends on the Gecko platform.
14:54:11 <W> Or not?
14:54:19 <Morian> it depends on how fast we release 0.2 and how fast we implement things for 0.3
14:55:04 <Morian> things may go faster or slower in a few months, it is unpredictable
14:58:23 <W> Rapid change of status is scheduled for Ib 0.2?
14:59:38 <Morian> it's a feature we would like to have for 0.2 and improve it in 0.3, but we are already short in time for 0.2 so we may just cut it and do all in 0.3
15:01:48 <W> Can you then want to create 0.3a1pre, to introduce there all the experimental features, and gradually add them to 0.2?
15:02:35 <Morian> I don't know, in my ming it would be nice to have a 0.2.5 before 0.3
15:02:50 <Morian> but it's a personal opinion :p
15:05:08 <W> 	0.3a1pre sounds better, do not reduce the version number.
15:05:57 <Morian> yes but having several months without stable release sounds odd :/
15:06:56 <W> Corrections can be made so - Ib 0.2.x (0.2.1, 0.2.2, 0.2.3, etc.)
15:08:15 <W> So you can get the testers to assess their capabilities, to decide what's worth adding, but it is not.
15:09:02 <Morian> we'll see, but to answer more precisely on your original question, we probably won't implement a new way to change one's status for 0.2
15:10:47 <W> Tested in Ib 0.3a1pre, you can add it in 0.2.1.
15:11:32 <W> 	For this purpose, there are Branch and Trunk.
15:13:43 <Morian> I know ^^'
15:13:56 <Morian> we'll see what we do once 0.2 is out
15:15:06 <W> In Mozilla Firefox, first tested the possibility to 3.7a1pre, and then add them to 3.6b1pre.
15:17:09 <W> It is possible to release 0.2b1, then 0.2b2 and 0.2RC, by year-end release 0.2.
15:17:43 <Morian> I hope 0.2 will be released within one or two months
15:21:14 <W> You basically can not do it, mistakes are inevitable. In this case, you can release 0.2b1 this week to create a version 0.2b2pre, if it proves stable, renamed 0.2pre and after the RC release.
15:23:10 <Morian> All major features and possibly all strings for translation have to be done for 0.2b1, then we'll add a few small features, and a lot of bug fixes until RC
15:23:38 <Morian> major features are nearly done
15:25:16 <Morian> current nightlies are more stable than 0.1.3 release
15:26:13 <W> I understood this.
15:27:32 <W> Candidates 0.2b1 appear on this week?
15:28:07 <Morian> I don't think so, I don't know how close to release the preference window is
15:28:35 <Morian> This is the last major feature planned for 0.2
15:32:21 <W> Oh please! Already unbearable! Add the rest in 0.2b2!
15:33:03 <W> I'm tired of waiting  :( 
15:35:12 <W> Morian
15:35:14 <flo> hmm, we could have released an alpha2 with the new tabs
15:35:40 <flo> but the current version is numbered b1pre so releasing an a2 now would suck
15:35:54 <flo> I guess it's better to just wait until the preference window is ready
15:40:03 <flo> W: if you don't want to wait, you can start coding ;)
15:41:56 <W> 	What?
15:47:18 <flo> if you are tired of waiting, you can contribute to making the thing happen ;)
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15:49:39 <W> How?
15:50:49 <Morian> https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=OPEN :-D
16:05:22 <W> What problems exist at the moment is for Ib 0.2 for Windows Xp?
16:06:24 <Morian> There are a lot of problems, but not very very visible
16:08:52 <W> I never have time to use Ib 0.2b1pre not noticed any errors.
16:09:46 <Morian> there still are a few bugs related to the "new textbox", and also some with the "new tab system"
16:17:01 <W> https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=134
16:17:06 <instantbot> W: Bug 134 min, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Forums on site
16:17:13 <W> What's this?
16:17:22 <Morian> create a forum
16:17:31 <W> In instantbird.com
16:17:35 <W> ?
16:17:39 <Morian> yes
16:18:31 <W> 	And what is the bug?
16:19:03 <Morian> a Bug can be a bug or a request for improvement
16:19:23 <Morian> here it is a request, someone want a forum on ib.com
16:20:00 <Morian> the state is Unconfirmed, that's because we don't know if we really want that thing
16:20:14 <W> 	That is, you need a forum?
16:20:23 <Morian> I don't know
16:20:23 <Morian> :)
16:20:38 <Morian> one day maybe
16:22:53 <W> http://www.punbb.fr/
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16:24:45 <W> http://fluxbb.org/
16:24:51 <Morian> we probably want something like http://forums.mozillazine.org/ but it is * NOT * a priority at all
16:25:46 <W> Then you can temporarily use Google Groups  :) 
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19:52:42 <Mic> hi
19:54:05 <DGMurdockIII> hi
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20:13:38 <DGMurdockIII> would there be a way when you add a buddy id there allready on your list send send a message back telling you the person your trying to add is allready on you buddy list
20:14:51 <flo> in 0.3 I guess it will suggest you edit that existing contact
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20:28:17 <Eventreur> mdr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyo2RoxUowU
20:28:23 <Eventreur> The last seconds are great :).
20:28:32 <Eventreur> Very funny :P
20:37:55 <DGMurdockIII> ok
20:38:09 <DGMurdockIII> is instantbird multithreaded
20:39:59 <flo> yes and no. be more specific for a better answer ;)
20:40:38 <Morian> haha Eventreur is an INpactian XD
20:40:56 <Eventreur> ^^
20:41:00 <Eventreur> For sure :P
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20:46:12 <Mic> btw I hope I can show you some preliminary account/buddy selection bar tomorrow
20:46:25 <Mic> I had some time to work on it today and made some progress
20:50:56 <flo> cool!
20:52:23 <Eventreur> This thing is really amazing : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBxPYhOnKv0
20:52:28 <Mic> well, wait until you see it .. it's still looking quite opensource-ish :P
20:52:36 <Mic> gtg
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21:16:15 <DGMurdockIII> man green day is good
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21:46:17 <flo> good night
21:48:56 <DGMurdockIII> later
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