#instantbird log on 09 26 2009

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11:57:10 <Eventreur> Hi all !
11:57:20 <Morian> hi!
11:57:55 <Eventreur> I hate computers :P
11:58:13 <instantbot> Computers hate you too
11:58:32 <Morian> be quiet instantbot ><'
11:58:51 <Eventreur> I knew Windows and Linux nightlies were off because I checked everything was okay during my vacation week.
11:59:10 <Eventreur> But I couldn't connect to my computer so I had to wait to come back.
11:59:43 <Eventreur> This morning (I didn't look more into this yesterda because I came back at 23h45) I noticed my computer was turned off.
12:00:23 <Eventreur> Since I was positive I let it on the day I left, I started to worry.
12:00:35 <Eventreur> I was right... The computer was not willing to start anymore...
12:00:54 <Eventreur> After some time I figured out that without a graphic card it is running...
12:01:20 <Eventreur> So right know it is working but I can't use it myself :(
12:01:25 <Morian> wow, RIP Graphic Card :(
12:02:19 <Eventreur> I suppose I'll try to check that there is a garantee on thi one.
12:02:38 <Eventreur> But it means I'm not going to get a screen on my computer for a time.
12:02:48 <Eventreur> Really stupid..
12:03:25 <Eventreur> Well, at least now nighlies are going to be built every day as usual.
12:03:46 <Eventreur> But my graphic card is on top of my computer :P
12:04:12 <Morian> :(
12:04:21 <Morian> which model ?
12:05:14 <Morian> you don't have any extra graphic card like every good geek (even an old one)? ^^
12:06:22 <Eventreur> Np.
12:06:25 <Eventreur> I don't.
12:06:46 <Eventreur> I supose I can find one in AGP but I need one n PCI Express :-
12:06:48 <Eventreur> :(
12:06:49 <Eventreur> So...
12:07:00 <Morian> ah yes ... -_-'
12:07:29 <Morian> I had forgotten this issue ... In that case I am not a good geek either
12:07:43 <Eventreur> I just investigated in what might have happened.
12:08:30 <Morian> I was going to ask, power failure?
12:08:50 <Eventreur> I don't think so.
12:08:57 <Eventreur> I just looked into the problem.
12:09:41 <Eventreur> I think, but it's only a supposition, that the cooling fan got blocked...
12:09:50 <Eventreur> If I'm right you can probably figure out the rest...
12:13:15 <Morian> mmmh, have you seen any melted plastic?
12:18:14 <Eventreur> Nop.
12:23:23 <flo> you can also use a very old PCI card, if you still have one
12:23:58 <Eventreur> Never had aPCI card...
12:24:05 <Eventreur> So won't do :P
12:27:55 <Morian> In that case a minimalist video card on the motherboard is great :-D
12:28:27 <flo> a metro ticket to go to the station "montgallet" will do too ;)
12:28:38 <Morian> + a lot of money
12:28:41 <Morian> :(
12:29:13 <flo> a poor graphic card is cheap, and to wait for the replacement of the real one, that's ok
12:29:51 <Eventreur> Cheap...
12:30:02 <Eventreur> I won't find something for less than 20€.
12:30:04 <Morian> I don't know the prices of starter PCI-E cards
12:30:08 <Eventreur> It is still too much.
12:30:12 <Eventreur> I think I'm gonna wait :)
12:30:43 <Morian> How many other Computers do you have 'working'?
12:31:39 <flo> Morian: he has that desktop computer, a good laptop, and a mostly working but a bit old laptop
12:32:12 <Morian> still correct to work with for a few days
12:32:26 <Morian> I wonder if a vnc server on the desktop would work :)
12:34:51 <Eventreur> 14:31:45 - flo: Morian: he has that desktop computer, a good laptop, and a mostly working but a bit old laptop
12:34:51 <Eventreur> > Well, about the old one... The adapter is dead so even if it' working I can't turn it on since the battery has run out...
12:35:06 <flo> uh
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13:35:09 <Morian> is there a clean way to indent lisp code ?
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13:49:28 <Eventreur> Morian: I don't think so :P
13:49:48 <Morian> :(
13:51:43 <Morian> The teacher has decided to teach us LISP with `do these 15 exercises for the week after, there will be grades, and of course do a report on every exercise`
13:52:27 * Morian has never used ( and ) soo much before ...
13:52:46 <Snef> Hi
13:52:52 <Morian> hi Snef
13:55:42 <Snef> Thank you for today's nightly build of the instantbird 0.2b1pre!
13:57:56 <Snef> Morian, how can I use instantbird for communication on IRC-channels?
13:58:30 <Morian> just create a new IRC account, enter the host, your nickname, and then File -> Join chat
13:58:37 <Morian> and type the channel name
13:59:52 <Snef> 	Thank you, now try.
14:00:23 <Snef> Irc.mozilla.org?
14:00:27 <Morian> yes
14:02:15 <Snef> 19:02:02 - NickServ: (notice) Your nick isn't registered.
14:02:37 <Snef> What does this mean?
14:02:42 <Morian> yes this is normal if your nickname is not registered
14:02:57 <Morian> it means that there is no password for the given nickname
14:03:15 <Morian> are you familiar with IRC ?
14:04:58 <Snef> No 
14:04:58 <Snef> I'm used to just click on the link to the feed in the browser and it automatically opens at the opera (and in Chatzilla, too)
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14:05:43 <Morian> ok
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14:06:14 <Morian> If you want to be the only owner of a nick on a server, you can register it, and then provide a password
14:06:16 <Snef> 	so what do I do?
14:06:28 <Morian> but if you haven't registered yet the password is useless
14:06:57 <Morian> This messages just tells you that the password is useless since your nick is not registered with the server
14:07:30 <Snef> 	How do I register?
14:08:12 <Morian> nickserv register
14:08:14 <Morian> erf
14:08:21 <Morian> wait :p
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14:09:24 <Morian> try /msg NickServ help
14:09:39 <Morian> here are all the commands available with the server :)
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14:10:12 <Morian> NickServ is a bot used to handle and register nicknames
14:12:06 <Snef> Oh, I can not! Please describe the entire process!
14:13:15 <Morian> Have you a NickServ or any channel tab opened ?
14:14:57 <Snef> Yes
14:15:44 <Morian> in that tab, type: /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>
14:15:56 <Morian> where <password> is the password you want
14:16:03 <Morian> and <email> your email
14:16:38 <Morian> then NickServ will answer, you'll receive a mail and you can start to use the given password in instantbird (you are now registered with the server)
14:17:12 <Snef> 	I did all this 
14:17:12 <Snef> What next 
14:17:12 <Snef> Bot gave me some ***. ip
14:18:34 <Morian> so you can use your new password and no one can use your nick unless they have the password
14:22:30 <Snef> I can not! Describe the entire process of creating my account, IRC, please!
14:23:11 <Morian> there is nothing more than "/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>"
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14:29:56 <Snef> http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/090926/014I3r5jqO.jpg
14:30:12 <Snef> Morian, what's this?
14:30:19 <Snef> Bug?
14:30:52 <Morian> I don't know, I don't think it's a bug
14:31:52 <Snef> Theme Version not is 0.2, as 2.0!
14:32:26 <Snef> 	Is not this a bug?
14:33:43 <Morian> I don't know
14:34:09 <Morian> flo knows, but he is away from keyboard
14:34:38 <Snef> By the way, there will be released after Firefox 3.5.4 Instantbird 0.1.4 on Gecko
14:34:53 <deOmega> Morian:gm .. you have a pm
14:35:47 <Snef> Update for Instantbird 0.1.x.x long time no see. That's scary!
14:43:10 <Morian> Snef: we are concentrating on 0.2
14:43:28 <Morian> focusing *
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15:16:21 <Snef> Может вам стоит создать Google Group, например 
15:16:21 <Snef> http://groups.google.ru/group/instantbird.dev
15:16:31 <Snef> Maybe you should create a Google Group, for example 
15:16:32 <Snef> http://groups.google.ru/group/instantbird.dev
15:23:46 <Snef> Morian
15:23:47 <Snef> !
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16:04:26 <DGMurdockIII> hey
16:05:21 <DGMurdockIII> the msn-pecan dev team my start wooking with us
16:05:33 <DGMurdockIII> or i meanyou guys
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16:08:22 <flo> uh ?
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16:10:26 <DGMurdockIII> you know http://code.google.com/p/msn-pecan/
16:11:35 <sonny> DGMurdockIII: my or may?
16:11:44 <DGMurdockIII> may*
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16:13:48 <DGMurdockIII> i have been talking with them the dev to eather make a plugin or possable if he want to come abbord as a protocol for dev for msn at least
16:15:04 <DGMurdockIII> #msn-pecan on freenode
16:19:42 <flo> what makes you believe they are interested by Instantbird?
16:45:54 <DGMurdockIII> iv ask
16:46:03 <DGMurdockIII> they said they might be
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17:39:07 <Snef> 	Hello again everyone!
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18:02:37 <Snef> Hey!
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21:43:39 <flo> good night
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