#instantbird log on 09 18 2009

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11:25:09 <deOmega> gm, that windows shutdown bug seems to have  been resolved.   No longer an issue for me.  However, I do not know when it was resolved seeing that this is the first time i  have restarted my computer  in a number of days.
11:49:16 <flo> ok :)
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11:58:35 <flo> deOmega: oh, by the way. Ctrl + up/down doesn't work (yet), but you can get the last message by using Ctrl+z which cancels the emptying of the input field
12:01:10 <deOmega> ohh
12:01:55 <deOmega> that works
12:02:11 <deOmega> lol, of course... wil make another ote.. thanks
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12:42:26 <Mic> hello
13:02:35 <flo> hi
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13:21:47 <Mic> flo: you wanted to have a way to chose buddies / local account from the conversation window
13:21:56 <Mic> has someone done something on that yet?
13:22:04 <flo> no
13:23:14 <Mic> would a "dropdown box, graphics, dropdownbox" layout as bar on top of the conversation window be ok (I think that's how you described it?)
13:23:25 <Mic> -as +in a
13:24:36 <flo> hm, yes. It depends on what you put in each of the boxes and what the graphics are :)
13:24:46 <Mic> I'm not sure if it takes two dropdown boxes or just one ..
13:25:16 <flo> 2. One for your account, and one for the account of the person you are talking too
13:25:18 <flo> *to
13:25:27 <Mic> yes, that's what I though
13:25:40 <flo> but I plan that for 0.3, when we add support for contacts with multiple account
13:25:51 <Mic> but why would you want to change your conversation buddy from there
13:26:22 <flo> why would you change your account from here?
13:26:45 <Mic> because you might have the same buddy in both accounts and right now can't choose which account you want to talk from
13:27:15 <Mic> It shows up in the list just once afaik?
13:27:24 <flo> actually, I don't really see the drop down for the remote person as a list of accounts, but more as a list of locations/resources. So you would see each account, but for accounts that support having connections from multiple locations, you would see a line per location
13:28:08 <flo> yes, it shows up just once. But the contacts will several accounts will also look as only one row in the buddy list.
13:29:25 <Mic> I don't have any buddies that (can) connect from several locations (yet) .. 
13:29:32 <Mic> but ok ..
13:29:51 <flo> nobody using gtalk or MSN or AIM?
13:30:09 <Mic> nope, not actively
13:30:41 <flo> I'm not sure if the client can differentiate locations for MSN and AIM (libpurple can't, but I don't know if the server provides information or not)
13:30:50 <flo> for XMPP, it's clear that we have that information
13:31:49 <Mic> How does it tell them apart?
13:31:59 <Mic> Are they treated as different buddies?
13:32:07 <flo> no
13:32:18 <Mic> ok
13:32:45 <flo> if you send a message to someone@server.com, then the server decides where the message goes to. If you sent it to someone@server.com/home, then the message goes there, even if the user is away at home and available at work
13:33:03 <flo> so you can either decide to which location you talk, or let the server decide for you
13:33:12 <Mic> ok
13:33:27 <Mic> well, I'll hopefully figure it out
13:33:39 <flo> currently in Instantbird, it's only visible as multiple statut messages displayed in the buddy list tooltip
13:34:57 <Mic> On the graphics:
13:35:52 <Mic> I thought about connectors with wire in between at both ends (facing the boxes) and the protocol icon displayed in between
13:36:11 <Mic> I hope that's not too fancy and symbolizes the connection via a certain protocol
13:36:41 <Mic> [ Remote user |v] :D----- (Protocol icon) ----- C: [ Local user  |v]
13:37:03 <Mic> well, something like that ;)
13:37:56 <Mic> "[ ... |v]" are supposed to be the drop down boxes
13:38:21 <flo> hmm. So the protocol information is part of the conversation information, not part of the buddy
13:39:20 <Mic> yes, so far
13:39:26 <flo> we will need a way to display the statut text there too
13:40:41 <Mic> In the same bar as well ..
13:41:09 <Mic> hmm, I imagined it would add a notification like topics do on IRC
13:41:24 <flo> it would use the same area
13:41:46 <flo> not sure if it would be a notificationbar. Does this need to be closable? If so, how do we reopen it?
13:42:25 <Mic> how do we reopen the topic bar btw? :P
13:43:25 <flo> heh
13:44:54 <flo> one we have decided how we want to display the status information in regular IM conversations, I guess we'll need to decide how the chat topics can fit into that model
13:51:21 <Mic> I'll think about it again
13:51:29 <Mic> Maybe I'll post some mockups later
13:51:38 <flo> :)
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17:59:56 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> i missed you too instantbot
18:02:22 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> instnatbot: FUCK YOU
18:02:31 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> instantbot: FUCK YOU
18:02:32 <instantbot> DetroitLibertyPenguin: FUCK YOU is your mom
18:07:46 <Mic> oh, it has come to that ..
18:07:56 <Mic> Bots doing 'your mom' jokes
18:08:00 <Morian> ><'
18:08:06 <Morian> it is an automatic answer !
18:11:15 <Mic> instantbot: yo momma's so fat! :P
18:11:19 <instantbot> Mic: Sorry, I've no idea what 'yo momma's so fat! :P' might be.
18:11:31 <Mic> And for that - you can be glad
18:11:47 <Morian> hey ... I am his mother and his father at the same time ...
18:11:55 <Morian> ><'
18:17:57 <Mic> I'm off
18:18:40 <Mic> Let's see how "District 9" is .. 
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18:20:15 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> morina, that's gross
18:24:13 <flo> ... :(
18:28:04 <deOmega> such language :(
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18:51:56 <wollac> hey guys i think instantbird should hav the following features: abilty to change stauts from as list: online, away etc.., change personal status message, connection stauts in the status bar on application launch, a show offline buddies feature, a right click menu on buddies so u can rename them and remove them or block them, a tray icon that it closes to and notifications without an addon
18:53:34 <sonny> wollac: most of these features are in progress :)
18:54:09 <sonny> wollac: if you are interested you also can write extension
18:55:26 <wollac> glad to here it and also i would love 2 write extesnion but i am still learning code and i don't know how to make them for instantbird is there a tutorial
18:56:02 <wollac> (i hav made one simple addon for firefox before so i guess it will be similar)
18:56:12 <sonny> very similar
18:56:46 <sonny> if you know how to do on firefox, the only thing you need for instantbird is the code of instantbird: http://lxr.instantbird.org/
18:56:50 <wollac> yes thats what i thought but there will be a differnt application id etc so id there anyhwere that tells you all of that?
18:56:55 <sonny> to know xul element id etc
18:56:55 <wollac> oh ok cheers
18:57:02 <wollac> yeh thats
18:57:05 <wollac> *thanks
18:57:19 <wollac> i'll give it s shot when i have some free time
18:58:04 <sonny> don't hesitate to look at code from extension from https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/
18:58:21 <wollac> ok thank u
18:59:18 <sonny> if you can't find something, I think there will be always someone here to answer you
18:59:40 <wollac> oh ok thats gd :)
19:00:21 <sonny> http://instantbird.org/ "How to create an extension" 
19:00:50 <wollac> cheers
19:00:59 <wollac> i'll hav a look at them all
19:02:05 <wollac> i hav to go now but i'll save all the links and check them out and see if i can create an addon, the other thing is i would also love to make a theme is this possible atm?
19:02:33 <sonny> a theme for conversation or window?
19:02:37 <sonny> both are possible :)
19:03:20 <sonny> for conversation theme you can take a look on addons.instantbird.org, for window theme you can take a look on firefox theme to see how it work
19:03:35 <wollac> ok thanks i meant window theme
19:03:53 <wollac> i'll have a look 2morro bye
19:04:10 <sonny> you also can take a look at http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/themes/winstripe/instantbird/ the instant default theme
19:04:11 <sonny> bye
19:04:16 <sonny> instantbird*
19:04:42 <wollac> oh cool thanks a lot cya
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19:15:44 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> :-D
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23:54:34 <Mic> ping
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23:58:42 <Mic> timeout :P
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