#instantbird log on 09 12 2009

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00:00:37 <Mic> The height doesn't decrease until sending the message when I enter many lines and remove some of them later
00:01:07 <Morian> this is expected to avoid a bumping textbox
00:01:09 <Morian> ^^'
00:01:29 <Morian> bouncing *
00:04:13 <Morian> generally you won't delete a lot of what you are typing, so this case is also quite rare
00:04:40 <Morian> (Don't you agree?)
00:05:30 <Mic> I just expected it to change between initial height and a maximal height as it is necessary to show the content
00:05:44 <Mic> It's a rare case, that's true 
00:07:04 <Mic> Somehow I made the scroll vanish, but I can't reproduce it any longer
00:07:17 <Mic> *scrollbar
00:07:48 <Mic> (I don't talk about the case in which the textbox is just too low to fit the bar inside)
00:08:20 <Mic> Might have been related to the conversation window resize problems
00:08:56 <Mic> the status bar went away in some cases as well, but I guess you know that already
00:09:28 <Morian> yes this is what I try to fix for 4 days :(
00:10:00 <Morian> it works ... but epsilon some "small" "bugs"
00:10:16 <Morian> the kind of small bug with many lines in the patch :-D
00:16:17 <Mic> Good luck
00:16:28 <Mic> and good night
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10:39:04 topic changed by gravel.mozilla.org to "Ask questions about Instantbird here. Official website: http://www.instantbird.com. Latest release: 0.2a1. Read http://blog.instantbird.org/. Nightly builds are at http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/nightly/latest-trunk/ (for testing purpose only)."
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10:54:58 <Mic> Welcome back, instantbot. I missed you.
10:57:03 <instantbot> If i had a mouth I would kiss you Mic ;).
10:59:11 <flo> such a lovely bot :-P
11:00:04 <flo> DetroitLibertyPenguin: "its kind of impressive to see how far we've made it in a month" :)
11:41:45 * DetroitLibertyPenguin smiles at Flo :-)
12:21:18 <DetroitLibertyPenguin> so as I continue to have problems connecting to Facebook, as evident by ** (instantbird-bin:3024): CRITICAL **: fb_send_typing: assertion `fba->post_form_id != NULL' failed, is there a different way to connect to Facebook chat?
12:32:48 <Morian__> there is no other way, the facebook plugin seems broken for a few weeks, we will have a new plugin for 0.3 written in Javascript, and it will be Much better ^^', until then ... I don't know if anythingwill change
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13:01:53 <Mic> :o
13:02:02 <Mic> We have an Instantbird Pastebin now?
13:02:08 <flo> yes
13:05:18 <Mic> Nice
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13:13:59 <FAQ> Hi
13:16:07 <Morian__> hi FAQ 
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13:19:12 <FAQ> 	Do you remember me under the name Raven?
13:19:20 <Morian> es
13:20:49 <FAQ> 	When you have finally released Instantbird 0.2 Beta 1?
13:21:10 <Morian> we don't know, "when it's ready"
13:21:19 <FAQ> 	Already tired of waiting
13:22:40 <FAQ> There is no need to add all possible, add only part of them, the rest will do in 0.2 Beta 2 or 0.2 RC
13:23:31 <Morian> we need to have major features for beta 1, and currently it is not ready
13:24:09 <Morian> we also need to fix "important" bugs so that the beta version is quite stable.
13:24:41 <Morian> why do you need the beta? Translation?
13:25:04 <FAQ> Yes
13:27:23 <Morian> We can't release a beta with dozen of missing strings to translate ... translation occurs near the final release, just be patient.
13:27:35 <FAQ> By the way, could you create an extension - replacement brake and uncomfortable Chatzilla?
13:28:37 <Morian> FAQ: sorry I don't understand. An extension to do what exactly?
13:29:33 <FAQ> Replacement IRC client in Opera.
13:31:45 <Morian> ah ... I start to understand, you want Chatzilla in Instantbird
13:32:36 <FAQ> http://wiki.instantbird.org/images/0/01/Irc.png
13:32:38 <FAQ> No
13:34:46 <FAQ> I want you to integrate the IRC in Firefox as a replacement for Chatzilla. But what you suggest, is also a good idea.
13:36:05 <Morian> A replacement for chatzilla in firefox has nothing to deal with instantbird, you should ask on #chatzilla ^^'
13:36:32 <Morian> (if the chan exists ^^')
13:37:02 <FAQ> People are difficult to use Chatzilla, if you create it more convenient to replace, it will be you and Instantbird good advertisement.   ;) 
13:37:44 <Morian> yes but we can't reasonably start such a thing if we want a beta 1 before Christmas :)
13:39:50 <FAQ> Oh. If 0.2 Beta 1 will be released at the end of the year, after how many years will be released 1.0?  :( 
13:40:17 <Morian> it was just a comparison, beta 1 will be ready within a month :)
13:40:54 <FAQ> It has long wanted to ask you - how many developers are involved in the project?
13:41:11 <Morian> preference windows is on the way, and tab system is nearly finished
13:42:20 <Morian> flo is the main developer, he spends all his working days on the project, I am still a student I try to help and code some stuff from time to time.
13:42:50 <FAQ> Do you have sponsors?
13:42:54 <Morian> Eventreur helps too, but more on the server side (as far as I know)
13:43:16 <Eventreur> As far as I know too :)
13:43:56 <Morian> I don't know exactly if we have sponsors, you should ask flo ^^
13:44:40 <FAQ> I read it when chose "About Instantbird ..." 
13:44:40 <FAQ> Mozilla Developers and Pidgin Team
13:45:01 <Morian> Some other people like Mic help from time to time as well
13:45:57 <Morian> Mozilla provides us xulrunner, Pidgin provides libpurple, so yes they kind of contribute to the project indirectly
13:47:36 <FAQ> How do they relate how your project - as friends or as competitors (especially Pidgin)
13:47:52 <FAQ> ???
13:50:28 <FAQ> Morian, you here?
13:50:45 <Morian> ah yes
13:50:56 <Morian> I don't know :)
13:51:36 <Morian> Pidgin more as a project that is not serious
13:51:59 <FAQ> How to work with XULRunner?
13:52:04 <Morian> but well, first they ignore you, then they laught at you, then then fight you and finally you win :p
13:53:18 <FAQ> I do not understand, sorry
13:54:01 <Morian> what do you mean by "How to work with XulRunner?" ?
13:54:36 <FAQ> You want to say that they do not take you seriously?
13:54:45 <Morian> yes
13:57:19 <FAQ> In vain they do so
13:57:40 <FAQ> 	I want to slightly improve Chatzilla yourself, turn it into a powerful stand-alone application, Minimize to tray and sending a message to all the languages of the world (well, that is, almost all)
13:58:15 <FAQ> You could understand me?
13:59:14 <Morian> yes
13:59:48 <Morian> it is possible, perhaps it even already exist but if you want to do it it will be hard.
14:01:11 <FAQ> Why?
14:01:43 <Morian> have you ever written C++ / Javascript / XUL code ?
14:01:44 <instantbot> c++ sucks
14:02:59 <FAQ> 	No 
14:02:59 <FAQ> I want to try
14:03:58 <Morian> you should start with small patches, such a bug project is very hard.
14:06:22 <FAQ> And from what you started?
14:06:56 <Morian> fixing small bugs on bugzilla
14:07:26 <FAQ> You correct them?
14:08:07 <Morian> yes
14:25:39 <Mic> Do one line css patches cound as getting started with fixing bugs from bugzilla?
14:27:06 <Morian> yes ^^
14:27:17 <Mic> Cool :)
14:27:32 <Mic> One or two more of them and I get a level up on programming skills? :P
14:28:24 <Morian> I am not the "grade keeper", you should ask flo for level-related questions :p
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14:40:54 <flo> "levels" are only in your respective minds. They don't matter. Only the result matters :)
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16:57:51 <Chat> Hi
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16:59:01 <Chat> Hi
16:59:07 <Chat> Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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18:31:32 <Mic> flo: is the Instantbird project a sort of thesis?
19:25:53 <Morian> flo's away message is "à demain !" for a few hours ... :(
19:27:15 <Morian> Instantbird is the final project of his studies.
19:27:53 <Morian> (but he began this project before)
19:49:56 <Mic> I thought as much after reading the latest item in pastebin
20:09:15 <Morian> :)
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20:38:25 <Mic> cu
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