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09:15:05 topic changed by gravel.mozilla.org to "Ask questions about Instantbird here. Official website: http://www.instantbird.com. Latest release: 0.2a1. Read http://blog.instantbird.org/. Nightly builds are at http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/nightly/latest-trunk/ (for testing purpose only)."
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09:57:40 <instantbot> Welcome back flo, I missed you.
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13:53:06 <Mic> Eventreur: maybe add a link to the "just come talk with us" part of your new article
13:53:38 <Mic> to the contacts section of the 'related links'-article or to IRC, even though there's no support as handler for irc:// links yet
14:00:30 <Eventreur> You can do it :).
14:00:43 <Eventreur> I'm tired of writing in this wiki :P.
14:00:48 <Eventreur> Stupid documentation...
14:00:52 <Eventreur> ;)
14:00:56 <Mitch> THIS
14:00:58 <Mitch> IS
14:01:00 <Mitch> WIKI!
14:01:49 <Eventreur> oO
14:01:53 <Eventreur> He is mad.
14:01:56 <Eventreur> :)
14:02:13 <Mic> ok, then I'll do. I just didn't want to meddle with things that you were busy with. Seemed impolite to me.
14:06:20 <Eventreur> Well, it was not a bad way of thinking. But since it's a wiki... If you feel you can improve, just do it :).
14:06:57 <Eventreur> I've made my best to do something correct.
14:06:59 <Eventreur> Hope it is :).
14:09:55 <Eventreur> I just removed useless links from the menu.
14:10:23 <Mic> oh, it seems to be quite informative. Having so many pictures is pretty useful, I think. 
14:10:51 <Eventreur> Hope so.
14:11:00 <Eventreur> Was annoying to take them :P.
14:11:39 <Mic> Did you fix the go to/search box by the way?
14:11:54 <Mic> It's working while it didn't for quite a while
14:22:05 <Eventreur> Well, no.
14:22:12 <Eventreur> I've done nothing about it.
14:22:26 <Eventreur> But I updated mediawiki two or thre weeks ago.
14:22:31 <Eventreur> Might have done the trick...
14:22:36 <Eventreur> *three
14:22:39 <Mic> ok
14:24:43 <Eventreur> lol, I wrote "a leadt of the files" instead of "a list of the files".
14:24:48 <Eventreur> It hurts :P
14:25:23 <Eventreur> Correted :)
14:25:26 <Eventreur> *corrected
14:25:33 <Eventreur> Better now...
14:26:52 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de set the Resolution field on bug 195 to FIXED.
14:26:54 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=195 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO FIXED, Search / 'Go to' input-box doesn't work at all
14:28:31 <Mic> "Creating a language pack for Instantbird is a _though_ process for a lot of people."
14:28:39 <Mic> Did you mean 'tough' maybe?
14:34:54 <Eventreur> ^^
14:35:34 <Eventreur> Yes.
14:36:03 <Eventreur> Y originally "thought" instead of "tough" and I corrected only half the word by mistake... :P
14:36:09 <Eventreur> *I
14:37:52 <Eventreur> If you can correct that since you have it under your hand :).
14:38:19 <Eventreur> I'm grateful for your help in improving this guys :).
14:38:26 <Eventreur> It's hard to reread yourself.
14:39:48 <Eventreur> Well, at least the cool part is that we will never need to localize this page :).
14:40:08 <Eventreur> If someone who wants to help translating can't even read this one, no use :P.
14:49:07 <Eventreur> Well, I corrected the though -> tough
14:54:31 <Mic> yep, I found it changed when I reached the section
14:54:51 <Mic> "And whatever happens, NEVER, and i mean NEVER undo a change you have validated if you have sent it to us."
14:54:59 <Mic> That's a little unclear to me..
14:55:40 <Mic> Treat me as a beginner on that as I've just used hg to create proper diffs from Windows and never have submitted something
14:56:08 <Mic> Isn't validate/commit the process of sending the changes to the server?
14:56:39 <Eventreur> If you had read the summary on top of the page before you wouldn't ask this.
14:56:58 <Eventreur> # 2.4 Getting us your changes and checking your job
14:56:58 <Eventreur>     * 2.4.1 Save your changes
14:56:58 <Eventreur>     * 2.4.2 Retrieve recent changes from our servers
14:56:58 <Eventreur>     * 2.4.3 Send to us the changes you saved
14:59:29 <Eventreur> And the first paragrah of the section you talk about is pretty clear about this too.
14:59:57 <Eventreur> [...] The reason for that is that each time you save, you create something like a "restoring point" that will be sent to us. We won't only receive how your files looks like at the end when you send us your changes but every saving point in the middle of the process to get there too. [...]
15:01:27 <Mic> brb
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15:06:38 <Mic> So basically save = commit = validate = creating a restoring point on the local copy?
15:07:03 <vicnet> hi
15:07:06 <Mic> hi
15:08:14 <Eventreur> Mic: yes
15:08:31 <Eventreur> validate => validate the save
15:08:37 <Eventreur> I should ha ve put it more clearly.
15:08:59 <Eventreur> And I prefer to use the word "save" which is more user friendly than the word "commit".
15:09:15 <Eventreur> Even if the first one is not part of the "mercurial vocabulary".
15:12:36 <Mic> ok .. 
15:12:56 <Mic> I'll read the rest of it later
15:12:59 <Mic> cu
15:13:21 <Mitch> I call BS. Reusing "save" in this context is more likely to cause confusion.
15:13:44 <Eventreur> brb
15:13:54 <Mitch> Hah.
15:15:04 <Eventreur> Mitch: Don't know about that...
15:15:14 <Eventreur> Well, I'm going for 20 minutes or so :)
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15:19:37 <flo> hi
15:23:14 <Mitch> Welcome back, flo. I missed you.
15:23:55 <flo> Mitch: seriously... would you really like to be treated as a bot? :-P
15:24:32 <Mitch> Nope. I've heard rumours about what you do with yours.
15:24:45 <Mic> "Boten Mitch" :P
15:25:16 <flo> ahah
15:40:09 <Eventreur> re
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19:25:06 topic changed by gravel.mozilla.org to "Ask questions about Instantbird here. Official website: http://www.instantbird.com. Latest release: 0.2a1. Read http://blog.instantbird.org/. Nightly builds are at http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/nightly/latest-trunk/ (for testing purpose only)."
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20:37:42 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): is instantbird using the lastest pidgin update
20:37:52 <flo> no
20:38:21 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): will it becse they add yahoo japan to the protcal list
20:38:52 <DGMurdockIII> did you read the post here abot the update http://planet.pidgin.im/
20:40:46 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): or is there to many changes and it will take you a long time to update it
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20:41:59 <flo> it will take time
20:42:09 <flo> I'll maybe get to it this week. Not sure.
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20:58:33 <DGMurdockIII> ok
21:23:06 <Mic> flo: a question on filtering
21:23:33 <Mic> If I got it right, then TextModifiers are applied, but not filtered
21:24:13 <Mic> Beside the code itself, there's the comment: "// newly created nodes should not be filtered, be sure we skip them!"
21:25:06 <Mic> I think having the option to filter these nodes as well could be a good idea
21:26:48 <Mic> Maybe also a setting that allows to set a different strictness for them
21:27:59 <Mic> If someone e.g. writes an extension to apply text modifiers loaded from a remote place (e.g. for highlighting stuff in a game discussion chat) it could become a security issue as it is right now
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21:34:03 <instantbot> Hi master, it's nice to see you there again!
21:34:21 <Morian> instantbot: thanks, you are so cute..
21:34:22 <instantbot> Morian: ok
21:34:26 <Morian> -_-
21:38:12 <Mic> Morian: what do you think of showing a confirmation screen when closing a tab that has unread messages?
21:39:00 <Morian> sounds like "too many confirmation dialogs"
21:39:11 <Morian> the tab is already red
21:39:31 <Morian> but we might want it on the whole window
21:42:50 <Mic> Something on buddies: what about being able to drag them like tabs? (I'm a fan of dragging things ..;)
21:43:05 <Morian> lol
21:43:09 <Mic> From the buddy list to anywhere to open a conversation in a new window?
21:43:13 <Mic> To a tab strip?
21:43:20 <Morian> it will be possible but before we have to implement the "change group" feature
21:43:25 <Mic> A tab to the buddy list to add a buddy if he's not in the list yet
21:43:26 <Morian> ah
21:43:40 <Morian> would be nice yes :)
21:43:41 <Mic> such things
21:46:18 <Mic> Maybe one day :)
21:47:03 <Morian> certainly one day yes :)
21:47:50 <Mic> I think I got an idea how drag and drop is done by recently added code
21:48:09 <Morian> now there is a small cleanup on the new tab system, the new textbox, a few bindings on buddy list, perhaps some conversation improvements (on chats, etc...), the preference window and we are done for 0.2 :)
21:48:36 <Morian> drag and drop on the tab system is hard :(
21:48:49 <Mic> I've read the roadmap ;)
21:48:53 <Morian> the one in the account manager is simpler :)
21:49:21 <Mic> oh, there's still a copy of it with 'done'-checkmarks on my user space on the wiki
21:49:22 <Morian> I'm sure you will appreciate the new textbox :)
21:50:09 <Mic> I'm looking forward to it .. I just couldn't be bothered yet to add the changes to mine (diff's are doubleplusungood on Windows)
21:50:33 <Morian> yes there are a lot of changes :(
21:50:57 <Morian> for a "small" textbox ^^'
21:51:46 <Morian> what I would like is a system to prevent from resizing the conversation window to a size where the status bar is no more visible
21:52:00 <Morian> this "bug" is ugly ...
21:55:52 <Mic> I think it would do to keep it from being resized so that none of the ugly graphical flaws appear ;)
21:56:11 <Mic> There's a bug about it somewhere (at least I filed a report)
21:56:19 <Morian> ah ?
21:56:24 <Morian> instantbot: resize bugs
21:56:28 <instantbot> Morian: Zarro boogs found.
21:56:42 <Mic> instantbot: graphic bugs
21:56:45 <instantbot> Mic: Zarro boogs found.
21:56:57 <Morian> mmmh, I'll look for it, I know a "way" to patch it
21:57:12 <Mic> bug 185
21:57:15 <Morian> but it conflicts with the textbox thing
21:57:15 <instantbot> Mic: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=185 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Drawing error on the conversation window (edited)
21:57:22 <Morian> ah thanks :)
21:57:47 <Mic> pff :P
21:57:56 <Mic> You attached a screenshot yourself ..
21:58:15 <Morian> ah
21:58:20 <Morian> I was not talking of this one
21:58:29 <Morian> about *
21:58:50 <Morian> I was talking about resizing the window itself, and the status bar disappear
21:59:07 <Morian> +s (my english is so bad tonight :()
21:59:10 <Mic> That's one of the possible cases
21:59:32 <Mic> but the stuff in bug 185 can appear as well
21:59:39 <instantbot> Mic: Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=185 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Drawing error on the conversation window (edited)
21:59:42 <Mic> ah, stfu
21:59:48 <Morian> ^^
22:00:32 <Morian> these are two different bugs, but yes it would be nice to have minimal widths / heights on the items in the conversation window
22:02:07 <Mic> two different bugs just in theory or do they have different reasons?
22:02:25 <Morian> they have different reasons
22:04:00 <Mic> ok
22:04:04 <Mic> seen flo
22:04:09 <Mic> instantbot: seen flo
22:04:10 <instantbot> flo was last seen 82 minutes ago, saying 'I'll maybe get to it this week. Not sure.' in #instantbird.
22:04:49 <Mic> The bot has a too long name as long as we don't have completion .. ;)
22:05:09 <Morian> I though of ibbot
22:05:20 <Morian> but flo prefered instantbot
22:05:21 <Mic> couldn't we just name it iBot (aware of the risk that Apple might sue the hell out of us;)
22:05:46 <Morian> we'll have auto completion :)
22:06:33 <Mic> I know .. it did a very simple thing once that allowed to complete nicknames and a short list of commands on irc
22:06:51 <Morian> :)
22:06:51 <Mic> we had lots of discussion how to do it properly
22:07:22 <Mic> I've no idea what the right way is to include it
22:07:33 <Mic> I think flo said something about making it a module
22:07:57 <Morian> auto completion a module ? you mean a js module ?
22:08:06 <Mic> I think so
22:10:10 <Morian> I don't know why we would need a module, the thing is pretty basic, just "intercept" the tab key, look at the cursor position and grab the text before it (until a space or the begining), then compare it with the list of participants (and a few other things if several match)
22:10:45 <Mic> wait a minute please
22:11:15 <Mic> https://wiki.instantbird.org/Brainstorm:completion
22:11:33 <Mic> have a look at "what to complete"
22:12:33 <Morian> "Add completion as selection and use enter to accept the suggestion " I don't like that, I used to type, push tab and go on typing
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22:13:08 <Morian> "Any word, using a dictionary created from the most frequently used words of this user (Do you want to distinguish different languages?) "
22:13:09 <Morian> wow
22:13:19 <Mic> that's flo's idea
22:13:26 <Mic> I guess he doesn't like typing ;)
22:13:38 <Mic> (beside 'TAB')
22:13:49 <Morian> he probably types twice as faster as me :-s
22:15:02 <Morian> I'll look at all the "smal stuffs" when the tab system will be ok :) ... if I have time to, back to school tomorrow ><'
22:15:16 <Mic> oh, ok ..
22:15:58 <Morian> and if no one else has already done it :)
22:18:55 <Mic> I think I'll be off now
22:19:05 <Morian> ok
22:19:08 <Morian> good night :)
22:19:46 <Mic> typing doesn't do any good tonight - my fingers hurt since I started teaching myself guitar a few days ago ;)
22:19:51 <Mic> nn
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