#instantbird log on 09 03 2009

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00:40:41 <DGMurdockIII> I foind a problem
00:41:03 <DGMurdockIII> if someone has signed off and you send them a message
00:41:47 <DGMurdockIII> there is no message that come back saying the user is offline and will not recive your message
00:58:41 <Morian> ah
00:58:50 <DGMurdockIII> yeah
00:58:53 <Morian> but it is "normal" on some protocols
00:59:00 <Morian> it sends offline messages
00:59:13 <DGMurdockIII> yeah but on yahoo messenger
00:59:24 <Morian> I don't know yahoo messenger :)
00:59:45 <DGMurdockIII> they send a message back saying that the offline mesagehas been sent and will be sent when uses sign back on
00:59:45 <Morian> it may have some kind of offline mode, flo knows ^^'
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01:02:05 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.ymessengerblog.com/blog/2009/01/12/updated-version-of-90-now-available/
01:02:31 <DGMurdockIII> A new version of the offline message window. You’ll now find a distinction between offline messages from friends on your list and those that aren’t, as well as easier spam reporting
01:03:16 <DGMurdockIII> A new location for the typing notification message. When you’re in an IM conversation, you’ll notice that the “XXXX is typing a message” notification now appears inline with the conversation up above (rather than at the bottom of the IM window).
01:03:54 <DGMurdockIII> if i can find a picture of that not saying we should copy that i just think it could be a idea
01:04:53 <Morian> ok
01:04:53 <Morian> :)
01:07:28 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.ymessengerblog.com/blog/2009/08/04/more-video-and-photo-sites-now-supported-in-9-0/
01:08:12 <Morian> I'll read it tomorrow, going to sleep right now ^^
01:08:17 <Morian> bye all
01:08:26 <DGMurdockIII> will sms ever be added to instantbird
01:08:38 <Morian> one day probably :)
01:08:50 <Morian> but it's not a priority at all for now :D
01:09:16 <Morian> we still have a lot to do before thinking of protocol specific features
01:11:17 <DGMurdockIII> yeah
01:11:28 <DGMurdockIII> i can see that it starting to come along
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08:29:00 <instantbot> Welcome back flo, I missed you.
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11:31:29 <deOmega> Good morning...autohide tab issue resolved indeed.  beautiful
11:31:37 <flo> cool :)
11:33:10 <deOmega> now fingers vrossed on the tab drag :)
11:33:24 <deOmega> it never ends, huh?
11:33:25 <flo> deOmega: useless. Already fixed
11:33:32 <flo> will be in next nightly :)
11:33:48 <deOmega> lol.... simply beautiful
11:33:52 <flo> well, depending on which exact issue you call the "tab drag"
11:34:55 <deOmega> I mentioned yesterday... not just the  tab drag image, but on  windows Vista 32 bit here.. you cannot drag the tab  by clicking in the area of the name
11:35:12 <deOmega> you have to grab the edges of the tab
11:36:07 <flo> I'm not completely such, but that may be what we've just fixed
11:36:45 <flo> depending if "you cannot drag the tab" means that there's no visual feedback at all (what we have fixed) or that it really doesn't do anything (which would be an issue that we can't reproduce)
11:36:46 <deOmega> yeah, hopefully   addressing the dragging image will address that
11:38:29 <deOmega> i will just wait for  the update tomorrow to try again... it is not something i use much at all and even if i did, it is still  possible to do it,   but just nice to have it right
11:38:35 <deOmega> so, will let you know tomorrow
11:39:01 <flo> ok :)
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11:39:50 <deOmega> to be honest, i am just trying stuff that I know some people may use, though I may not use them myself
11:40:02 <flo> that's fine ;)
11:40:29 <deOmega> so do not ask me why i would want to do some of these things  LOL   I may not have an answer
11:41:00 <flo> of course you have one: "testing new features of nighlies" IS an answer
11:41:48 <deOmega> ah, I will copy that  for future reference  :)
11:42:32 <flo> hehe
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11:44:37 <deOmega> I am ging to be distracted in a few mins.. i think,  so a quickie...
11:44:57 <deOmega> are these  in teh works?   
11:45:17 <flo> these what?
11:45:42 <deOmega> 1.  typing notify on the taskbar, as opposed to just the message window
11:46:03 <deOmega> 2.  Minimize new message to tray
11:47:01 <deOmega> Buddy Icon on the task bar
11:47:05 <deOmega> those three
11:47:37 <deOmega> i am not sure that last one is clear, so let me  explain..
11:48:01 <deOmega> If i am having a conversation with Flo
11:48:35 <deOmega> it would show your name on teh taskbar and teh instantbird icon
11:48:37 <flo> buddy icon in the taskbar means using the buddy icon of the buddy in the current tab as the window icon?
11:48:57 <deOmega> would be nice if it showed YOUR iicon and your name
11:49:32 <deOmega> yes
11:49:48 <deOmega> i will let you respond while i get some breakfast :)
11:50:32 <flo> wouldn't that be misleading if you see my name and icon flashing in the taskbar because my tab is selected, but actually it's your wife who is telling you something in another tab?
11:53:49 <deOmega> rotflol
11:54:10 <deOmega> but it is that way now anyway
11:54:31 <deOmega> if i am in  the flo tab and my wife sends me a  message, it would be flo that would be flashing
11:55:06 <deOmega> but when i look at the message window itself, it would  show me teh right tab that is flashing
11:55:22 <deOmega> and that seems to be teh case for all messengers I have used, if i a not mistaken
11:56:36 <flo> it's not because they are all broken that Instantbird needs to be broken too ;)
11:57:03 <deOmega> I like that :)
11:57:13 <deOmega> attitude
11:59:02 <Even> I concur about that. It's what happens on all IM that have tabs right now.
11:59:39 <flo> I don't think gmail does that
12:00:12 <flo> when you have new messages, it displays the name of the sender of new messages in the title bar of the browser.
12:00:15 <Even> Yes. But GMail does not change the windows name depending on the selected tab.
12:00:44 <Even> Since it has no tabs :P.
12:00:50 <Even> It tells you on which page you are.
12:00:54 <flo> ^^
12:00:59 <Even> And give you a count of unread messages when they are.
12:01:09 <Even> *some
12:02:03 <Even> But it might be a good way of doing that. Something like tabname - 3 unread - Instantbird
12:02:15 <Even> Or something like that.
12:02:36 <flo> I think the unread count needs to be at the beginning to ensure visibility in the taskbar
12:02:40 <Even> But you can't possibly add in the window name the names of all tabs having unread messages.
12:02:47 <Even> It's a window info.
12:02:55 <Even> Yeah, why not ?
12:03:00 <Even> Should be great.
12:03:10 <flo> maybe
12:03:21 <flo> I don't know. There's no taskbar on mac :-P
12:03:47 <Even> Yeah I know that...
12:03:54 <Even> But sometimes it actually is useful :).
12:04:00 <flo> and my unread count dock badge is completely broken :(
12:04:05 <Even> ^^
12:04:15 <flo> I need to fix it to work with multiple windows
12:04:30 <Even> I would like to see the MessageNotifier extension patched.
12:04:43 <flo> well
12:04:46 <Even> It's sad that it does not work anymore.
12:04:48 <flo> ask idechix, or do it yourself :-P
12:05:26 <Even> Yeah, I'll ask him to look at it. It's him who wrote NickServKiller too isn'it ?
12:05:37 <Even> I'll ask him to fix that one too if it's the case :).
12:06:08 <Even> I'll review them quickly if he does that.
12:06:36 <flo> he may not be very available these days though :-/
12:06:46 <Even> Yeah, I know that.
12:07:00 <Even> It might give him a chance to think about something else...
12:07:06 <flo> maybe :)
12:07:15 <Even> Might as well work as not.
12:11:12 <deOmega> so 1 and 2 in the works?
12:11:31 <flo> not really.
12:11:44 <deOmega> btw, i enjoyed  the dialog between the two of you just now
12:11:45 <flo> except if someone starts to work on it of course :)
12:12:13 <deOmega> lol, i heard that even is planning on working on them
12:13:09 <deOmega> dunno how true that is :)
12:13:21 <flo> that would surprise me :)
12:13:55 <deOmega> hehe
12:16:16 <deOmega> that minimize to to taskbar  of new messages  though is really  a big deal I think though...apart from guys  tryig to keep secrets from their wives...(I will show my wife this post)...  I would think it is a critical thing for guys that use  messenger on the job
12:16:54 <deOmega> imagine your boss standing over you right after you closed out yoru tabs to hide them, and a new messagecomes in... pops right up in your face
12:17:01 <flo> or during a video
12:17:35 <deOmega> rotflol...  powerpoint presentation
12:17:36 <flo> imagine you are enjoying a nice p... video, and a stupid message window pops up in the middle of the screen
12:18:04 <deOmega> a message from your wife, huh?
12:18:11 <deOmega> mood killer
12:18:24 <flo> deOmaga: so, really, you want a "boss protection" feature. Like "Press Ctrl+shift+H" and everything related to IMs disappear completely of the screen
12:19:00 <flo> Command+H does just that on the mac: "Hide Instantbird"
12:19:09 <deOmega> well, that would be nice, but I think that most importantly,  if you do that it wou dhave to suppress new messages also
12:19:19 <flo> most mac applications support that keyboard shortcut
12:19:27 <deOmega> I do not have a boss.. so, th eboss killer thing i have never needed 
12:19:54 <deOmega> I have never even looked into them, but that sounds nice forongoing conversations
12:20:04 <deOmega> the problem is new conversation windows popping up
12:20:22 <deOmega> and to  beat that or help, iwould say iminimize to taskbar
12:20:54 <deOmega> they would  see teh new messageflashing or highlighted, but would have to click on it to see its content
12:22:00 <deOmega> sorry, I do have a boss.. my wife
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14:27:10 <deOmega> come on instantbot,  post something to scroll my words
14:27:28 <Even> instantbot: post something !
14:27:32 <instantbot> Even: Sorry, I've no idea what 'post something' might be.
14:27:36 <Even> :p
14:27:41 <flo> well, that's already something
14:27:45 <instantbot> I have nothing to say... sorry
14:27:46 <Even> Yeah !
14:28:05 <deOmega> lol
14:28:18 <deOmega> instantbot:good morning
14:28:19 <instantbot> deOmega
14:28:46 <deOmega> hmm.. but now I know
14:28:53 <Even> :)
14:29:06 <Even> instantbot is nice :P
14:29:09 <instantbot> Even: Sorry, I've no idea what 'is nice :P' might be.
14:29:15 <flo> hmm, the right border on the nicklist looks useless
14:29:19 <instantbot> Not as nice as flo <3
14:29:42 <Even> True !
14:29:49 <flo> instantbot: is Morian bored?
14:29:51 <Even> flo has some use at least :P
14:29:52 <instantbot> flo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'is Morian bored' might be.
14:30:00 <Even> And he is not spamming me :P
14:30:15 <Morian> !8ball Do I look to be bored?
14:30:16 <instantbot> Morian: One would be wise to think so.
14:30:26 <Morian> k
14:30:40 <deOmega> LOL, this is truly amazing
14:30:53 <Even> Yeah, even more when it is right :P
14:30:58 <deOmega> looks liek   someone is putting in   codes as we go along though
14:31:10 <flo> deOmega: Morian controls it ;)
14:31:21 <deOmega> Oh   lol
14:31:32 <Even> The 8ball thing is automated I think.
14:31:38 <flo> it would be nice if someone could finish that completion patch ;)
14:31:39 <Morian> it is
14:31:47 <deOmega> the not as nice as flo was  slick
14:31:47 <Even> I had a good feeling about it :P
14:32:09 <Even> !8ball Is flo stupid?
14:32:10 <instantbot> Even: NO!
14:32:15 <Even> So good :P
14:36:09 <deOmega> lol
14:40:07 <Even> test :
14:40:14 <flo> Event: fail
14:40:18 <Even> !8ball Is flo stupid? 
14:40:19 <instantbot> Even: Unlikely.
14:40:24 <Even> lol
14:40:26 <Even> It works.
14:40:49 <Even> Let's try with one more...
14:40:57 <Even> !8ball Is flo stupid?  
14:40:58 <instantbot> Even: NO!
14:41:11 * Morian won't reveal the secret algorithm :p
14:41:14 <Even> There is a trim :P
14:41:31 <Even> Sorry Morian. i'm not stupid.
14:41:38 <Even> I found how it works right away.
14:41:47 <Morian> ah ? :(
14:41:47 <Even> Just I was wondering is spaces were trimed or not :P
14:41:53 <Even> *if
14:41:58 <Even> It seems to be the case.
14:42:10 <Morian> you looked into the module code source ?
14:42:12 <Even> (I sent my question with one space at the end and then two)
14:42:16 <Even> Nop.
14:42:50 <Even> I asked myself how a stupid guy would write something complicated like that and the answer was obvious.
14:43:39 <flo> Even: s/stupid/lazy/
14:43:50 <Even> Yeah.
14:43:53 <Even> Better :)
14:44:51 <Morian> btw "secret algorithm" was ironicall since I have looked into the source code ;)
14:45:20 <Even> I knew that.
14:45:53 <flo> hmm
14:46:05 <flo> any idea of how I can resize that stupidly large splitter?
14:46:18 <flo> height: 1px !important; does nothing
14:46:23 <flo> the computed height is still 9px
14:50:02 <flo> ah, ok, min-height: 9px; is more important than height: 1px !important:
15:02:37 <flo> see you later!
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15:02:59 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/9879d69947f1 - Florian Qu?ze - Improve debug messages in purpleConvChat.cpp.
15:03:00 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/61392932a237 - Florian Qu?ze - Get rid of leftover tab drop indicators.
15:03:01 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/b5908a262291 - Florian Qu?ze - Connect nullprpl accounts even when offline in debug builds. r=Morian
15:03:02 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/bac61149abd8 - Florian Qu?ze - Follow-up to a3ea67f3841f: fix nicklist and topic bar brokenness.
15:03:03 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/f6fea53609e2 - Florian Qu?ze - Do not use the default cursor while dragging a tab.
15:03:04 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/a4161345eaff - Romain Bezut - Display tabs while dragging them. r=fqueze
15:03:05 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/af21fac64c3a - Florian Qu?ze - Various minor style improvements in conversations.
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17:21:17 <instantbot> Welcome back flo, I missed you.
17:54:46 <deOmega> instantbot: are they working on anything  right now or Napping?
17:54:50 <instantbot> deOmega: Sorry, I've no idea what 'are they working on anything  right now or Napping' might be.
17:55:46 <deOmega> instantbot: where is everyone?
17:55:49 <instantbot> deOmega: Sorry, I've no idea what 'everyone' is.
17:56:22 <deOmega> instantbot:where is morian?
17:56:23 <instantbot> deOmega: hmm... I think Morian is my master.
17:56:32 <deOmega> lol
17:56:41 <Morian> ><
17:56:54 <Morian> I am not working :)
17:57:02 <Morian> flo is away from keyboard, I don't know
17:57:21 <deOmega> ok, i just thought it was quiet is all
17:58:06 <Morian> 7 patches has been posted today already, to improve tab system
17:58:24 <deOmega> to be  in tonight?
17:58:26 <Morian> hope we approaching the end of the bug list concerning this ^^'
17:59:01 <Morian> they have already been pushed, (instantbot said Check-in:, that means pushed on the server and ready for the next nightly)
17:59:14 <deOmega> ohhhhhhhhh
17:59:26 <deOmega> I meantto ask what that meant
17:59:41 <deOmega> let me ask you if you have a minute
18:00:03 <deOmega> in  the about:config
18:00:07 <Morian> I am anxious to know if the bug you has on tabs (drag and drop) is fixed :)
18:00:10 <deOmega> what is that autocopy all about?
18:00:20 <deOmega> me too
18:01:03 <deOmega> clipboard.autocopy  false
18:01:09 <deOmega> i changed it to true
18:01:25 <Morian> mmmh, I don't know what autocopy is, have you took a look in all-instantbird.js? it may be documented there
18:01:31 <deOmega> I may have been  making teh wrong assumption as to what it does
18:01:49 <Morian> http://kb.mozillazine.org/Clipboard.autocopy
18:01:58 <Morian> it is linux related
18:02:19 <deOmega> ah, ok
18:02:25 <Morian> so it won't change anything on windows, and I suppose it is eve.n a mistake to have it on windows
18:02:29 <deOmega> i thought that is what it was for, but does not work  for me
18:02:32 <deOmega> ok, great
18:02:45 <deOmega> I do use the autocopy  addon in firefox
18:03:03 <Morian> it does what is described on the URL?
18:03:16 <deOmega> the autocopy  addon, yes
18:03:44 <Morian> I don't even know if this pref is really used on linux, autocopy works everywhere there
18:03:46 * Morian checks
18:03:57 <deOmega> http://foxyurl.com/to1
18:04:04 <deOmega> I use that  in FF
18:04:18 <Morian> it is set to true by default on linux :)
18:04:56 <deOmega> ah, ok,  and so set   to  false on windows.... ok
18:05:20 <Morian> but I don't know why it even (sorry Even :p) exists on windows
18:05:34 <deOmega> let me go turn it back off since it is no use
18:07:27 <deOmega> ok,   that  is handled :)
18:09:54 <deOmega> again, i am getting pretty comfortable with teh bird
18:10:07 <deOmega> have not had to run another messenger in a couple days now
18:10:59 <Morian> on this purpose, do you prefer the name of contact centered in their tab or aligned left?
18:11:02 <deOmega> Morian: forgot to tell you,   word has it that you will be working on a  minimize new message window feature
18:11:17 <deOmega> and that you will have it finished by this weekend
18:12:12 <deOmega> I think that  center looks  better, but, only thing is
18:12:21 <Morian> I don't like to work on things that doesn't work on all OSes :p, and I am far form familiar with the minimize to tray thing, flo is ^^
18:12:37 <deOmega> wait.. i was joking above :)
18:12:48 <deOmega> so  the thing about teh centering
18:12:58 <deOmega> seems like it may be best to have it on teh left
18:13:10 <Morian> ok
18:13:23 <deOmega> hmmm
18:13:26 <Morian> seems like I am the only one to prefer it centered XD
18:13:27 <deOmega> let me look again please
18:13:31 <deOmega> let me test something
18:13:46 <Morian> it will probably be back on the left in a few days ^^'
18:14:07 <deOmega>  center does look better, but was thinking  it chops teh name off prematurely if teh tab is small
18:15:06 <deOmega> ok, it does not seem to matter
18:15:16 <Morian> the name is cut the same way when it is centered or aligned left
18:15:29 <deOmega> right.. just realized
18:15:40 <deOmega> well  i just made teh assumption
18:17:03 <deOmega> so to me, i do not  know what to think :)   center looks better
18:19:22 <Morian> ok
18:22:30 <deOmega> having said that, i am also assuming, because I do not know  how it would  hit m eon teh left side
18:55:23 <deOmega> instantbot: am I learning anything?
18:55:26 <instantbot> deOmega: Sorry, I've no idea what 'am I learning anything' might be.
18:55:41 <deOmega> teh answer is no
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23:41:43 <Mic> I've experienced the "[NEED CONFIRM]"-bug on the tab-improvements list (or is that my report actually which would make my confirming it pretty useless?)
23:42:09 <Morian> mmh
23:42:15 <Morian> was it clearly visible ?
23:42:29 <Morian> we tried hard to reproduce it a few days ago on linux and mac and ... nothing
23:43:45 <Mic> yes, I think so
23:43:48 <Mic> I just tried it
23:43:58 <Morian> right now I try under windows, but it is soo fast that I can't say it clearly
23:44:23 <Mic> The instantbird chat tab flickers while two others (with no content/conversaion in it) don't
23:44:51 <Morian> mmmh, please post your details on the bug list :)
23:45:08 <Mic> I will.
23:46:45 <Morian> thanks :)
23:47:00 <Morian> i am trying to have an auto expandable textbox for instantbird ^^'
23:47:01 <Mic> hmm, content or not doesn't matter as it seems
23:47:16 <Mic> It's on chats/channels as it seems
23:47:56 <Morian> oh, we only tried with buddies, that may be the reason why we were not sure :)
23:48:14 <Mic> I'll post it
23:53:56 <Morian> I like this auto expandable textbox sooo much, hope that flo won't say "r- !"
23:53:57 <Morian> ><'
23:54:16 <Mic> What is it?
23:54:59 <Morian> the textbox (where you type) has now only one line when you open a conversation, and grows automatically depeding of the length of your message
23:55:21 <Morian> and when you post it, the textbox comes back to its "one line" height
23:55:34 <Mic> Will it move the content of the browser element?
23:55:36 <Morian> it's the way it works on Gmail, Gtalk, and Adium
23:56:28 <Morian> it will behaves exactly as when you change the height manually with the splitter
23:56:41 <Mic> (That's something that I don't like on Firefox: Notification will shift the content up and down, especially the auto-fading bar on fullscrenn view is annoying)
23:57:18 <Mic> well, the latter is no notification bar, but has the same problem
23:57:21 <Morian> yes this is the same thing
23:57:47 <Morian> but while you type you generally don't "read" the content above, well we'll try :)